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The Wrestlers, Highgate

Best pub in Highgate.

4 Feb 2011 16:02

The Crown Inn, Wrinehill

Despite being well located and looking like a decent boozer, it is in fact pretty disappointing.

The food is just heated up in a tiny kitchen out back, and there is little or no cooking going on here. Indeed, the menu is standard tired old fare, with little inspiration to be found at all.

The locals, on each occasion we've been, just prop up the bar relentlessly and show no inclination to move from "their spots" when you're trying to get served.

Some of the prices for mixers seem to be made up on the spot and the manager is a bit of a moody git as well.

Try the other pub just further down the road, its much better.

4 Feb 2011 15:59

The Gunmakers, Marylebone

Went here to watch the footy one evening, and it's a pefect venue in that regard. Good beers available, decent atmosphere, nice decor. Didn't try the food, but the menu looked alright. Would go again.

8 Sep 2010 15:06

The Gardeners Arms, Hull

A great pub when I was at Uni, although one you'd tend to have a few starters in during the day, rather than ending up at for the night. The sports bar at the back had several pool tables, as well as an 'L' shaped table for a time. The beers were fairly standard, with nothing to write home about, but all in all a good boozer.

14 May 2010 15:11

The Goat, Berkhamsted

Always seems to be busy at weekends, where they have loud music playing and bouncers on the door when I've walked past. I've only ever been in on a Saturday afternoon to watch footy on their TV's (of which there are many); the pub is perfect in this regard and the barman was very accomodating for us putting on a second rate game we wanted to watch on one of the TV's when there was a bigger European game on anotehr channel. However, there isn't much to get excited about beer wise.

14 May 2010 15:07

The Angel in the Fields, Bond Street

I really like this Sam Smiths pub. Aside from the cheap/good beer equation, which always makes sense; its well located to be just far enough from the hustle of Oxford Street that it remains fairly devoid of tourists and the like. There's also two cracking eateries on the same road, 'The Golden Hind', which is a great Fish & Chip place and 'The Relais de Venise' which is a must try French Steak & Frites joint.

14 May 2010 15:02

Cheeky Monkeys, Hull

During my student days, 10 years ago, we once visited this pub (and it was only ONCE, never again!) simply because it was the first drinking establishment you see when you come out of Hull train station and curiosity got the better of us. Upon entering one night, we quickly found that we were the only people in there, with the exception of a few barmaids and a DJ. During our stay, which was for one drink, the DJ blasted out ridicolously loud music and shouted over the Microphone for the barmaids, who were in their 50's I would say, to get their tits out. Classy. The beer tasted like piss, and you needed a pair of Welly's to trudge through the inch of urine on the toilet floor. I find the review below about the trouble in this bar hard to believe, if only because I can't accept that this place would ever attract enough people for trouble to actually take place there. Avoid, Avoid, Avoid!

14 May 2010 14:54

Durty Nelly's, Hull

Great pub. As referred to below, look out for David Elf, who can literally play any song you like on the guitar. The pub also has one of the best barman I've ever been served by, ginger haired fella with a ponytail. Never too much trouble for him to pour your Guiness and bring it over to your table for you to save you waiting at the bar.

14 May 2010 14:47

The Mill at Worston, Great Bridgeford

I've been coming to this pub with a friend, who practically lives next door to the place, for years. It's surprising to read some of the "good for family" reviews below, as whilst there are plenty of families who frequent the establishment, and I'm sure have a good time; for me and a group of friends its a place where we've had some raucous nights over the years and unfortunately we've probably offended a great many attending patrons. The beer is ok, not great. The food has never been particuarly good, but I think some people gloss over that given the nice countryside location etc.

14 May 2010 14:45

The Boat, Berkhamsted

Fullers pub, with Honeydew etc. at the bar. A good all round pub really, nicely situated beer terrace overlooking the Grand Union canal, which gets ultra-busy when the sun comes out. Inside a pleasant, but unfancy decor. Good venue to watch sports on the big screen; but also a decent place to grab a bite to eat, albeit that the fayre is fairly hit & miss - e.g. the burgers come from a brilliant butchers, Eastwoods, over the road and are great, but some of the other things on the menu are lacking.

14 May 2010 14:39

The Rising Sun, Berkhamsted

Lovely old fashioned proper pub, that serves steady if unspectacular ales. Brilliantly situated on the Grand Union canal, which is lovely on a summer evening. The Landlord and indeed staff are very friendly. It's been refurbished, or probably more appropriately described as "de-furbished" - owing to the removal of some of the dated carpeting to reveal wooden floorbaords beneath; as well as taking away some of the older and more knackered furniture. They also let you takeaway ale in milk cartons as well, which can't be bad!

14 May 2010 14:35

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