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Comments by carterse9

The Crown, Blackheath

Beer OK but in need of some TLC....toilets awful, but it has improved, a bit since i last went there.

4 Jan 2010 17:42

The Railway, Blackheath

Like a few other pubs in the area it suffers from having little kids in there crying/screaming etc. No probs with the saff, just some of the customers who can't appreciate that a pub should be a place for adults...can't they take their kids to starbucks.

4 Jan 2010 17:22

The Princess of Wales, Blackheath

Decent pub, food good beer usually in good nick, BUT like a few pubs in Blackheath there are usually a fair share of small kids in the place along with their 'huge buggies, toys and in general daft of 2-12 yrs old really don't want to be stuck in the pub all day.

4 Jan 2010 17:18

The British Oak, Kidbrooke

Great pub, usually pop in here on the way to the Valley, good ales, service and never any hassle in here, not to far from the ground 20-25 min walk.

4 Jan 2010 17:12

The Mucky Duck, Brighton

Good fun place ale in reasonable nick to.

18 Jun 2007 11:12

The Heart and Hand, Brighton

Quality duke box and a decent pint well worth a visit on a crawl around the North Lanes, found the barmen very friendly and said if I couldn't here the duke box from where I was sitting that I could have my � back.

13 Feb 2006 11:29

Goose At Fenchurch, Fenchurch Street

Beer was off last time I went in there so went on the Becks, its cheap and the customers (in general) reflect this.

24 Jan 2006 09:18

The Magpie, Bishopsgate

Probably the best 'proper' pub in this part of the city, friendly staff, nice interior and decent beer (Landlord and Pride).

24 Jan 2006 09:14

The Evening Star, Brighton

Excellent beer and no sign of troublesome youths just a few beer snobs at the bar who were not to keen to let anyone near it to purchase.

19 Jan 2006 10:58

The Royal Oak, Poynings

Decent beer and classy barmaids, shame they let dogs in even if they were well behaved.

12 Dec 2005 14:34

The Hoop and Grapes, Aldgate

What difference does it make if the barmaid is eastern european?

10 Oct 2005 11:50

The Ship, Tower Hill

spot on there krylon.

6 Oct 2005 14:44

The Gloucester, Greenwich

Not a bad place (Greenwich Park and Grill), tastfully done up and a big improvement on the old Glouster.

5 Sep 2005 14:36

The Cinque Ports, Seaford

Nice enough pint of Harveys served by a very pleasent barmaid. Shame about the clientle, small town, small minded.

5 Sep 2005 11:48

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

Superb beer and a nice atmosphere well worth a visit.

9 Aug 2005 11:29

The Paternoster, City Of London

The bottle of Kew Brew was superb.

4 Aug 2005 11:12

King's Arms, Greenwich

Some of the earlier comments are a bit harsh but since then this pub has come under new management and has greatly improved.

3 Aug 2005 10:56

The Island Queen, Islington

Really nice place good selection of beers and the Angus steak burger was superb.

6 Jul 2005 08:51

The Old Parrs Head, Islington

Nice enough place shame the beer was a tad to warm (ale should be 11-13 degrees c).

6 Jul 2005 08:49

The George, London Bridge

Poor service and overun by large groups both tourist and office workers, also overpriced for the area.

30 Jun 2005 13:43

The Crown, Chislehurst

Spent a couple of hours here yesterday, very pleasent sitting outside in the shade and the Whitstable Oyster Bay beer was very good.

20 Jun 2005 12:06

The River Bar, Tower Bridge

Shame they have done away with the Northern Soul nights in the basement bar.

18 May 2005 13:26

The Bridge House, Tower Bridge

Only Adnams pub in London with the breweries full range of fine ales, for this it is well worth a visit on a pub crawl.

18 May 2005 13:22

The Bridge House, Paddington

Great burgers, (8oz Angus steak) a bit much for my wife but luckily I was feeling hungary.

16 May 2005 12:11

The Red Fort & Akbar, Soho

Expensive by Soho standards, service charge didn't help though, that said a cool place to relax for an hour or so.

4 Apr 2005 14:55

The Audley, Mayfair

This place has the worst bar staff in any that I have visited, waited an age to get served and simply told them to stick it when they finally offered to serve me. Go to the Grosvenor where the barman was polite, efficient and plesent and not so far up his own backside to notice that I was in need of a drink.

21 Mar 2005 09:21

The Victory Inn, Brighton

Nice pub, decent interior and the Theakstons was in good nick.

14 Mar 2005 15:22

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