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The Spotted Bull, Hemel Hempstead

Sorry, but to respond to 'Bonzodog' below you utter cretin.

What exactly is it about hard working builders have a relaxing pint after a long day thats is so offensive to you ?

No doubt its the fact thats its a 'proper pub' and not one of these poxy restaurant/bars.

Speaking as a normal person (and not a stuck up - im better than you type of thing), this pub is not bad at all, nipped in during one lunch and had a nice pint of the black stuff and a chat with the landlord and watched the cricket on the big TV, was nice and relaxing friendly atmosphere, I would have absolutely no problem going back to be honest.

9 Jun 2011 16:01

The Midland, Hemel Hempstead

Was pretty shocked when I was last in here, �3.70 for a pint !!! , outrageous.

I honestly don't know how pubs can survive when they are trying to hammer people for that much.
its a joke when you can get about 45 cans of beer from tescos for �20 (works out about 44p a pint).

Shame as its actually not a bad pub, just need to bring those crazy prices down.

9 Jun 2011 15:36

Crabtree, Hemel Hempstead

Im a bit torn about slating this place because the pub its self is actually very nice, it's decorated to a high standard and well maintained BUT the staff are completely rubbish !!
Was in there a few Saturdays ago and four of us ordered some lunch, my food was extremely poor, the chips were dark brown and my chicken burger was soaked with fat, it actually made me a bit sick looking at it, all of the others food was just as poor quality, we waited for a few minuets for Cutlery but it never come, so i went to the bar to ask for it - just as i was speaking to the lady she abruptly told me i was pushing in !!
after waiting for a man to order his 12 drinks !!! .... i was told to just take the stuff laying on another table .... by this point everyone had' had enough as our lukewarm food was now stone cold and we just walked out. I was so angry with the way they treated us, i don't think i would bother to go back.
Shame really because its actually nice inside but just run by complete idiots who really couldn't give a dame about the customers.

7 Nov 2008 15:25

The Old Chequers, Gaddesden Row

What a loverly place !
I don't agree with the comment about it being overpriced, I have absolutely no problem paying a little extra for FRESH homemade food, last weekend i went there with my partner and we had a loverly meal that including drinks come to �24 , to me that is very reasonably priced.
If you are looking for your �5 beer/burger/chips deal then this is NOT the place to come.
I do agree with the poster that said people here are friendly and there is never any riff raff in there that i have ever seen, seems to be a mix of country folk mixed with middle class towns people.

I have given this place a 9 out of 10, by far the one of the best in my area, but then again the more you venture out into the sticks the better these places tend to get.

26 Mar 2008 14:32

Jumpin' Jaks, Hemel Hempstead

You will all be pleased to hear the this shit hole has been closed

26 Mar 2008 14:21

The Old Bell, Hemel Hempstead

Sorry but this pub makes no sense what so ever !
I have been going to this pub at weekends and have come to the conclusion that the landlady is completely insane, take a couple of weeks ago - There was 5 elderly gents have a smoke out the back when the landlady marched up to them and said "If you don't shut up and keep your voices down i will call the police" , this was at 8:20 on a saturday night in a pub garden smoking area !
I had only had 1 pint of coke so trust me when i say they were not making much noise at all.

Then this saturday the landlady was screaming at some young lad who was leaving the place, her words were "My fackin kids are trying to sleep so keep the fackin noise down you bastard" , seems she is happy to take money off patrons but then seems hell bent on people being silent so he kids can sleep !! , seems she should try going into a new line of work !

26 Mar 2008 14:16

The Litten Tree, Hemel Hempstead

Bad place this, was in there at the weekend (afternoon) and there was a huge fight in there, funy because 3 months before i popped in there and it was actually the same clowns fighting again ! , there was large amounts of police turning up so i made my way out of there.

This is NOT a family place or even a place to take you partner, in fact i would only venture in her again armed with a least 10 large freinds !

26 Mar 2008 14:07

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