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BITE user comments - brunoteixeira

Comments by brunoteixeira

The Cotham Porter Stores, Cotham

Great cider and violently twitching locals. What a combination!

3 Jul 2007 20:54

The Scotchman and His Pack, Bristol

Thought this was a great pub with a little balcony area and a pool table. Reasonably quiet.

3 Jul 2007 20:53

The Eclipse Inn, Winchester

I love this little place. Charmimg, witty locals and staff, who are always ready to welcome and include newcomers into the (often surreal)conversation. Have spent many a glorious/afternoon evening supping in here, and always come out with more friends than I had when I went in. The prices are steep, but it's a sacrifice that I gladly make. Arthur is bang on the money. Check it out!

28 Feb 2006 23:33

The Old Fire House, Exeter

Ace Pub. Reasonable Prices. Subdued interior is conducive to concentrated drinking. Perfect.

9 Dec 2005 21:14

The Bellemoor, Southampton

Been using this place for about a year. I think I spent most of that time waiting for a drink. The staff in here are painfully lethargic. Beer's ok, food varies. Overview: "Intensely Moderate"

9 Dec 2005 21:11

The Green Man, Stamford

Great Pub - always an excellent selection of beers and ciders and a buzzing atmos. One of the best in Stamford, if not the best. Cheers.

7 Oct 2005 22:01

The Eagle Tavern, Exeter

Used to be awesome. Awesome. The ideal boozer - quite small, with a seemingly endless supply of knavish locals who drift in and out, providing useful and amusing banter. And they served Inches Stonehouse. What more can be said?

6 Oct 2005 21:26

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