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Escape Bar, Chorlton cum Hardy

Went in today for a coffee while waiting for a bus and was surprised to see three handpumps on the counter. Spoke to the new owner who took over a month ago who turns out to be a knowledgable real ale supporter, one time cellarman for Tetley's and lover of Robinson's ales. He plans to have one cider, one permanent choice and guest beers including Robbie's seasonal beers on Draught. Also a load of Belgian bottles visible. Early Dylan was playing while I was there which I suppose goes with the beer.
Good news if you like this kind of thing as it's the only drink oriented bar at the Bus Station and had gone a long way downhill recently.
More info when I visit again for a beer.

6 Jan 2012 22:37

Joshua Brooks, Manchester

Wandered in to see United-Arsenal game. Atmosphere no worse than usual for this Londoner in voluntary Lancashire exile. Was pleasantly surprised to find a decent - if slightly too cold - pint of Bombardier for £2. Will check again if this special offer or permanent fixture, especially as I have gone off the Lass of Gowrie which has become very expensive.

8 Sep 2009 23:45

The Lower Ground Bar, West Hampstead

I also went for the jazz.

This place would make (is?) a really nice intimate music venue. Decor and atmosphere are fine.

The only problem is that everything else definitely isn't. Beer crap and expensive. Still, flies seem to like the place judging by the swarms of them in the Gents.

22 Jul 2009 16:01

The Horse and Jockey, Chorlton cum Hardy

The make over has been carefully done - unlike many refurbishments - so that the character of the building has remained with a large bar, low ceilings and odd corners, one with unobtrusi9ve tv, plus a large outside area overseen rather charmlessly by two bouncers when I was there on a Friday night. The only problem is that inside the echoing stone floor and the unnecessary music (just at a level where you can't really hear it anyhow) made it very difficult to hold a conversation with someone sitting about two feet away.

I found the staff helpful - barmaid offering tasters of unknown guest beers, food service good - so perhaps it's only the manager who has a problem.

Beer was fine - wide range. Food fine if not startling, though to be fair I did choose a pub standard - bangers and mash - and it was tasty.

Will make this my main beech Road local, I think.

22 Jul 2009 15:55

Escape Bar, Chorlton cum Hardy

Oops - my last remark was about the Horse and Jockey. Not sure how it got here. Please ignore.

I use escape when I have a long wait for a bus - a fairly regulasr occurrence with Stagecoach cuts.

5 Jun 2009 16:30

The Nose Wine Bar, Chorlton cum Hardy

Marmelade now no longer exists either. Place empty. Credit crunch struck.

5 Jun 2009 16:28

Escape Bar, Chorlton cum Hardy

Has had a total makeover - both physically and in terms of what they have on offer. Also plans for a microbrewery. Though (or because!) i live in Chorlton I haven't been there in years. Will investigate and report back.

5 Jun 2009 16:26

Canal 125, Caledonian Road

This looks like it used to be the Swan where I spent many happy lunch hours in the late 70s drinking Charrington IPA and eating cheese and ham toasties. A down to earth pub with friendly owners and appealing to everyone from BUPA consultants to locals with office workers such as myself in the middle.

How are the mighty fallen! Typical of London pubs today - create something expensive and crap nobody wants to go to and then refurbish regularly.

5 Jun 2009 16:15

The Unicorn, Manchester

I have been visiting the Unicorn regularly for over ten years now for Thursday night meetings of the Manchester Jazz Society in the upstairs room (all welcome;)) and I donít think the comments here do it justice.
Firstly, it is one of very few pubs in central Manchester to have kept its original features (inter-war island bar with several small rooms) and to retain a traditional pub atmosphere. The staff are friendly. There are quiet corners if thatís what you want and the seating is comfy.
As for the beer, I have found it generally to be of good quality. Certainly I have not had any problems with Copper Dragon Challenger IPA or Orange Pippin in the six months or more that itís been on. Perhaps Al just hit a bad pint though periodically in the past when I have drunk the Bass it has been inconsistent - perhaps because of low sales.
There are usually two or three real ales available Ė Boddyís and Bass plus the two Copper Dragon at the moment. They did have a spate of problems with supply a year or two ago but there hasnít been a recurrence recently.

11 Dec 2008 14:25

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