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Comments by brucelambert

The Red Lion, Chelwood Gate

This place is under new management and has apparently been taken over by Mark Raffan who was a Chef at Gravetye Manor a very select upmarket Restaurant/Club not far away.
This explains the very excellent food which although not cheap is no more expensive than many other pubs in Sussex and is certainly of a higher standard. I cant comment on the beer as I didn't have any.
The pub was recommended to me by several people and I will definitely be going back.

18 Mar 2011 00:08

The Buxted Inn, Buxted

I have eaten twice here in the past few months.
Excellent service, good food with generous portions and very reasonably priced.
I just hope they keep up the standards and keep the prices down.
So many places get above themselves when they become popular. I recommend this pub for a good meal esp Sunday lunch.

17 Mar 2011 12:25

The Dolphin, Haywards Heath

I go quite often as my wife really likes this place.
Generally very friendly, busy with reasonably priced food - not always of high quality but fair value for this part of the world.
It is somewhat better than you might expect considering it's part of a chain and they always have Harveys beer.

17 Mar 2011 12:14

The Talbot Inn, Cuckfield

Agree with previous reviews.
Overpriced and pretentious gastropub.
Apparently taken over by the same people who run The Half Moon in Warninglid hence the atmosphere of a commercial enterprise rather than a village pub.
You pays your money but you dont always get what you pay for.

17 Mar 2011 12:10

The Cat Inn, West Hoathly

Popular, nice atmosphere, good Beer, well managed.
Food is also good but as with so many other places in West Sussex overpriced.
I would go again.

17 Mar 2011 12:00

The Half Moon, Warninglid

I cant understand why this place is so popular.
It used to be good when it started but has become overpriced and the service has deteriorated.
I recently went for Sunday lunch with a large group. We were charged 24 for a birthday cake which we brought ourselves to the restaurant. When one of us objected she was told she was now barred. The Manager was so unpleasant that none of us will ever go back again.
The food was good on this occasion (if overpriced) and the service fair but the previous two meals I have had there were dreadful and I only went this time because our Walking group wanted to meet there. One to avoid.

17 Mar 2011 11:57

The Ginger Fox, Albourne

I have been to this place 3 times in the last couple of years.
Its more of a restaurant than a pub.
Its not nearly as good as the original Gingerman in Hove which is part of the same group.
Like many similar establishments in West Sussex, it is expensive and in my opinion considerably overpriced but the food is quite good.

17 Mar 2011 11:48

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