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Comments by brownieathome

The Duck and Drake, Leeds

Echoing the last review slightly.
Spent an afternoon discovering some of the "trendier" real ale pubs in Leeds
i.e..Mr Foleys and A Nation Of Shopkeepers.
However you simply can't beat this gem of a pub , tucked away behind the
Corn Exchange. Fantastic well kept ale , full of "characters" and decent live music.
Keep it up guys.

12 Nov 2010 11:34

Courtyard, Leeds

Has now changed its name to A Nation Of Shopkeepers.
Quite trendy and lovely outside area.
Good selection of ales however quite expensive - Leeds Pale @ �3.95 wow !!

12 Nov 2010 11:30

The Town Hall Tavern, Leeds

Lovely place with cracking selection of Timothy Taylors ales however due to its
location (near to many of the law firms in the area) was full of besuited idiots
chatting loudly on mobiles and trying to outdo each others gelled mullets !
Nice place , shame about the lunchtime clientelle maybe.....

12 Nov 2010 11:27

Mr Foley's Cask Ale House, Leeds

Nice place to sit and while away an afternoon.
Good selection of ales.

12 Nov 2010 11:23

The Shipley Pride, Shipley

Now sellling real ale and could be soon giving Fannys Ale House a run for its
money especially as the outside area is more accomodating.
However would seriously advise people use both establishments as we need
to use 'em or lose 'em.

2 Aug 2010 10:29

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