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The White Hart, Sherborne

Hello Mickey Mouse

Your reviews on this pub are a bit harsh my friend.
A pub is how you make it if you dont come over friendly then you deserve the same back. I wonder if you came in when i owned the pub i would love to know. The Digby Tap is a lot bigger than the White Hart but, no comparison. It was both restaurant and bar when i had it and it worked very well, i made the back room into a restaurant and did very well.
As for the people they were very friendly. don't know about bar staff, perhaps they have had a bad experience over strangers at the bar, that order and then run off without paying who knows! Anyway give it another try and put your views to the staff.
Take Care

Brenda Martin

Brenda Martin

24 Jun 2009 11:24

The Abbey Hotel, Romsey

I have stayed in this pub many a time and find it is very nice the landlady is lovely and John aint bad either. i even run it whilst they were on holiday
remember me Brenda.

keep it up Di And John one day i will see you both

Love to everyone

1 Jun 2009 12:20

The White Hart, Sherborne

I was the landlady of the White Hart in 1985 and was then a lovely pub full of nice people, i had the skittle alley built whist there although i dont think its there now we used it as a restaurant as well and the pool table was housed in there. The back room was named as Brendas room and was opened by Rick Wakeman and his wife Nina Carter (page 3 Girl).
Perhaps somebody will remember me and would love to here from anybody
I do here from Debbie and Celia and Len now and again, but would like to here from Steve Dyos and Terry and Dino with there news please pass this on to any one who knew me GOOD PUB

1 Jun 2009 12:03

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