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Moon Under Water, Cradley Heath

same soulless wetherspoons as any other offering not too great beer do yourself a favour buy a decent pint from another decent pub !

10 Apr 2013 17:50

The Waggon and Horses, Halesowen

I visited this pub on the 9/4/2013 good pub but ales are expensive unfriendly locals ! beware !

10 Apr 2013 17:45

The Bar On The Corner, Weymouth

this is the orange bar i visited on 6/6/2012 not bar on the corner !

9 Jun 2012 11:57

The Bar On The Corner, Weymouth

i visited this bar with my wife as we both are cider drinkers on the 6/6/2012 & was looking forward to it as the review underneath was good anyway we both tried the cheddar valley cider & my wife commented to the barman that it was a bit tangy immediately he called the owner of the bar ,the owner asked if there was a problem my wife replyed no just that your cider is a bit tangy & it maybe going off.the owner then got very angry & said that he tried the cider before it was poured.i know this was not true as the cider had a bad tang to it,the owner then took both of our ciders & threw our money on the bar at which point two men grabed me & threw me out the bar & i had no even done anything. They then continued to verbally abuse me & my wife on the street and even threatended to call the police at which point i said i wanted them to call the police as i was going to have them for assult. The did not of cause as we hadn't done anything wrong.

On later telling some of the other local bar owners of the trouble we had had, they confirmed that this pub is not well liked in the area and does not have a very good name.

i would certaintainly not reccommend this pub to anyone!!

9 Jun 2012 11:47

Railway Inn, Lye

plesant pub worth visiting sells very good thatchers cider cheap prices ! can get very busy recomended !

15 Jan 2012 12:49

The Full Moon, Dudley

this is the worst wetherspoon pub ive been in for many reasons bad food,toilets are a disgrace,beer not great,staff dont wipe bar & tables often.i do not recommend this pub !

24 Nov 2011 12:18

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