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The Grosvenor, Westminster

As a group of students studying nearby we tend to choose this pub on special occasions and for good reason. Quiet without being dead, it's cosy, welcoming and reasonably-priced. In summer, the barbecue outside is free for punters to make use of, and the table tennis table is always in action. Overlooked by flats out the back which is less than picturesque, but the interesting bits and bobs decorating the interior make up for this.

A good place to spend an evening with friends.

11 Dec 2008 11:47

The Crown, Chislehurst

Other than the (gravel pit of a) beer garden, there's precious little in the way of seating at this pub. It seems to have sacrificed most of its space to its ill-attended 'gastropub' section. I have had mixed luck with the food here but as a pub it's so-so. It's quite dull, to be honest. Unimaginative interior - they've got a sofa to mix things up a little, but that's about it. The ubiquitous Sky Sports hovers Big Brother-like in the centre.

Comedy value provided by the guy who hops over the common to try and flog his pirate DVDs to outdoor punters every Friday night. It's harmless enough, nothing big to complain about, but no distinct good points other. Average.

11 Aug 2008 01:19

The Bickley, Chislehurst

A huge amount of work has been put into revamping this place and with great success. We visited one warm summer evening to find a huge, spacious beer garden, atmospherically lit, which grew popular as the evening progressed. Inside it's very open, perhaps with a little bit too much room.

The food is on the expensive side but the quality backs up the heftier price tags, which is a nice surprise in an area where pubs are not known for their high-quality fare.

The staff are friendly enough, no cause for complaint even if one or two youngsters seemed a little inexperienced - this happens everywhere.

Goes to show what considered time and money can actually do for a place if the right changes are made. Will be going back.

11 Aug 2008 01:13

The Sovereign of the Seas, Petts Wood

Abysmal. How is it still here? The shady dealings and the frequent fights were almost enough to get it closed down, but, inexplicably, it bounced back.

It's very, very grubby. They had a refit recently but aside from perhaps cleaning the floor and adding a chair or two I can't see what's changed. The smell of the whole place is suspect and the toilets are hideous.

The food is awful. It's a Spoons so it would always have been awful anyway, but it's PARTICULARLY awful here. Clearly their microwave is largely ineffective. The staff are miserable (I would be too if I worked here), and the punters are a hearty combination of aged drunks, rowdy and embarrassing teenagers, dodgy dealers and lecherous "starers".

The best thing about it? The quiz machine. Just wash your hands after you've touched the screen. If it's half as mucky as the rest of the place you're in serious danger of contracting something nasty.

11 Aug 2008 01:08

The Ramblers Rest, Chislehurst

As a young local this is my pub of choice for a cosy night catching up with friends. The most picturesque and traditional pub in the area, there's a low-ceilinged copper-tabled upper tier and a more spacious lower section leading out to a small pleasant beer garden. Out the front is a huge grassy verge for those lazy summer evenings. It's a pub that appeals all year round: in the winter it's warm and comfortable, while in summer the outdoor space is used to its full advantage.

Staff are generally pleasant, there's still very much an everyone-knows-everyone-else feel but this doesn't mean first time visitors are treated any differently.

Bit of a nightmare to drive down to the minute carpark so I'd recommend testing your handbrake and parking on the road at the top of the little valley in which the pub nestles.

11 Aug 2008 01:00

The Hoop and Grapes, Aldgate

Love this pub. Gorgeous building that ensures it retains its character. Great ever-changing ale selection, clued-up friendly staff and plenty of space to accommodate the huge numbers it can attract on weekday nights. The manager's a no-nonsense nice bloke who I've seen deal well with the odd drunken city boy trying it on. Good food too, the sausage tasting is worth a go. Overall a great place to spend an evening.

11 Aug 2008 00:48

The John Snow, Soho

Love this pub. It gets insanely busy, and that's not just because of the cheapness of its (quality) SS drinks range, it's because the atmosphere is consistently appealing. It seems to go on forever, with plenty of seating upstairs when you can't find a slot in the more cramped downstairs area (or if the pavement outside doesn't appeal). The staff are friendly, the clientele are a mixed bunch but it's always relaxed, bustling and generally a pleasant experience.

11 Aug 2008 00:43

The Palm Tree, Mile End

I know it looks a bit grim from the outside. But anywhere with foil wallpaper and lurid orange interior lighting is special in my book. Upsides aplenty: live jazz old-man band, good ale selection, healthy mix of punters, good outdoor space and nice canal-side location.

Downside: why the hell do they refuse to sell tapwater? And yes, the landlord is occasionally a bit hard to handle. Overall though a nice feel to it. Enjoyed many a summer evening laying out on the grass with a few pints, enjoying the music from the little old guy on a mobility scooter parked under one of the trees, who brings his tapedeck with him for all to enjoy. Lovely.

11 Aug 2008 00:34

The Florist, Bethnal Green

I like this pub, small, scruffy-chic, with a nice atmosphere. Interesting mix of old-timer Eastenders and the cool young crowd. Bit pricey but not ridiculous. Good friendly quiz night and the core staff are great and make a real effort, with a cheeky charm that adds to the chilled-out vibe.

But off-peak the staff seem to be ever-changing and pretty poor, and the service has definitely slowed in recent months. Tonight I was waggling a fiver at a deserted bar for about ten minutes while seemingly both bar staff were outside having a fag. This lets down an otherwise pretty nice local.

11 Aug 2008 00:30

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