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Mathers, Edinburgh

Popped in mainly to ask for directions to Easter Road and catch the 2nd half of Arsenal v Man City.The barman was very friendly and gave me good directions to the stadium and the Deuchars was in excellent form.

20 Sep 2014 01:40

The Halfway House, Edinburgh

Always a nice ale or 2 on and the Cullen Skink was outstanding.Not much personality from the lad behind the bar who seemed content to gaze up at the TV when not serving.TV's in pubs should only show Sport or News not some crummy Thursday afternoon quiz show.For this reason the pub must be marked down.

20 Sep 2014 00:55

The Guildford Arms, Edinburgh

Lovely looking Victorian pub which has apparently being in the same family for over a 100 years.If you're a real ale drinker this must be one of the best pubs in the city.About six mainly Scottish beers available.I was gutted I only had time for one before doing the short walk to Waverley station to catch my train.Will certainly stay for longer next time I am in Edinburgh.

20 Sep 2014 00:50

The Guildford Arms, Edinburgh

Lovely looking Victorian pub which has apparently being in the same family for over a 100 years.If you're a real ale drinker this must be one of the best pubs in the city.About six mainly Scottish beers available.I was gutted I only had time for one before doing the short walk to Waverley station to catch my train.Will certainly stay for longer next time I am in Edinburgh.

20 Sep 2014 00:50

The Betjeman Arms, St Pancras International Station

Expensive beer and it tasted awful.The Youngs Ordinary had being around too long and the Junction ale was revolting as well.At the prices this place charges they should get it right.Think 4 ales are too many for the volume of trade this place has.Only good thing was the staff were friendly and efficient.

20 Sep 2014 00:24

The Lammies, Fauldhouse

I enjoyed this pub when big John was there but he has now gone and the pub didn't seem to be as good as when John was here.

17 Sep 2014 12:28

The Grange, Fauldhouse

Easily the best pub in Fauldhouse.The landlady is dead nice and the regulars were very friendly on the Thursday night I was in there.If you're a stranger to Fauldhouse this is certainly the pub to go to.

17 Sep 2014 12:21

The Black Jug, Horsham

An atypical gastro pub.Very food orientated and very expensive both for food and beer.Staff were friendly and efficient but this didn't seem to stop the manager coming down and quietly giving out to two of them while I was there.Get the impression he is a 'James Blunt' to work for.If you want a proper pub in Horsham go to the Stout House.

17 Sep 2014 12:18

Ye Old Stout House, Horsham

Nice looking,clean,traditional looking pub.Sussex Bitter in good nick and great to see a bar billiards table in a pub in 2014.

17 Sep 2014 12:10

The New Inn, Brentford

Went in here after a midweek Brentford game not expecting much after reading a view or 2 on here but I liked it.Friendly guvnor and barmaid and 2 well kept cask ales (admittedly only Youngs London Gold & Doom Bar) but I had Doom Bar and my friend had the Gold and they were both perfect.There was a ladies darts league match going on (great to see Darts in a pub) and plenty of screens for the sport,as one expects in an Irish pub.Out of the 3 pubs I went in to I would prefer the Griffin,but this pub is a great alternative and a lot better then the woeful Princess Royal.

29 Aug 2014 11:06

Catch 22, Turnpike Lane

Sadly,I must withdraw my previous recommendation for this pub.Jack has gone due to a falling out with his business partner.She is a simply dreadful harpie who,several people have told me is anti-English in her outlook.She only wants the pub to appeal to Irish people.There is even a picture of a convicted IRA terrorist on one of the walls.Avoid if you have any kind of accent other then Irish.

5 Nov 2013 20:52

Goodman's Field, Whitechapel

Came in here on a Friday evening at around 7.Couldn't believe how quiet it was.No more then 20 in,which for a City pub at that time on a Friday is terrible.Three staff on looking very under utilised.Decent pint of Timothy Taylor's Golden.

28 Oct 2013 21:47

The Woolpack, Southgate

No longer a pub.A bar/restaurant type establishment now.

17 Oct 2013 14:29

The Occasional Half, Palmers Green

Been coming here on the (very) odd occasion for many years.Get the feeling after the dreadful homogenisation and excessive price hike at the Springfield that I'll be coming here a lot more often.Only 1 ale on but it is a well kept pint of Courage Best at the mega cheap price of £1-95 a pint.It is a very traditional working mans pub with a dartboard and a pool table,as well as racing on the TV.Sadly they got rid of Sky Sports but with the ludicrous prices Sky charge pubs I can't criticise the owners for this.Staff always seem nice and the regulars seem ok,if maybe a bit rough around the edges in some cases.I was also impressed they had free wi-fi.

17 Oct 2013 14:23

The Cardiff Arms, Hirwaun

The boss here seems like a reactionary right-wing thug.As well as being very uptight.Think he could do with a joint.

16 Oct 2013 11:29

The Osidge Arms, Osidge

Very different to how it used to look.Being refurbished very nicely with random bric-a-brac ranging from ornate mirrors to old fashioned trunks to a parrot in the corner ! Barman was excellent,the music was just right and while I didn't eat there was an excellent looking menu with mainly Turkish dishes on it.It's just sad that there was no real ale available and the Guinness was poor.Kind of funny they spend all this money on refurbishing the pub and I would imagine a lot of cash on the kitchen facilities but then drop the ball on the beer front.I will not be returning to here unless they bring in real ale or i hear the Guinness has improved.

5 May 2013 16:46

Catch 22, Turnpike Lane

This pub has reopened as a good traditional pub.Reverting back to its' original name of the Wellington.The lease is held by Jack the ex-guvnor of the Springfield in Bounds Green so if you know that pub expect similar here.Darts,pool,televised sport will be staples of this pub as will good value food eventually.

13 Apr 2013 00:29

The Bank, New Southgate

Pub closed and said to be earmarked for flats.Another pub bites the dust.

6 Apr 2013 13:37

The Royal George, Euston

Had a quick half of London Pride and got served by a sullen tatooed girl " 2 pound" she barked.Returned 2 hours later after my appointment and had another half of Pride.This time it was 1-90.Strange.Many better pubs in the area compared to this poor excuse for a pub.

17 Aug 2012 12:56

The Salmon and Ball, Bethnal Green

Ego trip 'Mother123' ? Cocaine trip more like.The older of the 2 managers is a serious cokehead.Crap pub.

18 Jul 2012 11:40

Weavers Bar, Barnet

Crap beer crap people crap pub.

25 Nov 2011 17:36

The Old Monkey, Manchester

Met a cousin of mine for a couple of hours here before getting my coach from across the road.Overall i'm glad i did.A very efficient barmaid served me an excellent pint of Mild at a mere 2-43 (ish).Nice bustling atmosphere too.Only drawback,as previous posters have written is that Holts really botched up the modernisation.I don't even remember how it looked before but i could instantly tell it was blander then it once had been.

24 Nov 2011 15:09

Henleys Bar, Wood Green

Closed-Not expected to remain as a pub.

13 Nov 2011 17:02

Cambridge Arms, Redland

Had Sunday lunch in here (9th October) and very nice it was too.I had Pork & my partner had the Beef and both were excellent.It is a very 'gastro-ish' pub,TWG is correct in saying this style of pub is very common in the South-East. The London Pride was the best i had had in a long time (and i live in London and drink a lot of Pride).There were loads of children in here-if you don't like children i would recommend not venturing in here on a Sunday lunch.

12 Oct 2011 15:40

Bristol Ram, Bristol

Decent enough pint of Youngs but i didn't really like anything else about this pub.Along with a pub near Waterloo in London (also,strangely a Youngs pub) this is the blandest pub i have ever been in.Bland decor,bland staff and bland atmosphere.What has gone wrong with Youngs ?

12 Oct 2011 15:31

The White Lion, Bristol

Loved this pub.Great real ales,superb location to see Bristol go by and an interesting mix of people coming in and out at the weekend.Also had a friendly atmosphere and the barman was nice.Only quibble was at 10:30 on a Saturday night the barman was on his own,no sign of management about.If a manager can't be around late on a Saturday night when is he/she around ?

10 Oct 2011 14:02

The Shipwrights Arms, London Bridge

Popped in here for a quick pint and to watch the cricket.This was my first 'proper' visit to this pub (only previous visit was on a Saturday lunchtime when i was the sole customer) and i was fairly impressed.Excellent pint of Deuchars (3-50) and the 2 girls working behind the bar were exceptionally friendly and efficient.I didn't eat but i saw several dishes go past and it all looked very good indeed.They had no TVs' as such just 2 'big screens' which don't really work for me in the daytime as they can be hard to see.Didn't see anything of the supposedly obnoxious landlady.Maybe next time.

15 Aug 2011 12:48

The Prince Arthur, Brighton

Sadly Spoonography apart from the man being behind the bar being friendly this pub appears to be as bad as when you were here.The first thing that hit me was the smell,i have never smelt anything quite like it in a pub in my 25 years of pub going.Secondly i was in there over half an hour and my friend and i were the only people in there the whole time,and this was 7:30 pm on a sunny Sunday July evening.The final dreadful thing about the pub was the bitter was cloudy and poor tasting.
Strangely the decor was nice-it has being refurbed realitively recently and so was clean and the toilets were fine.There was also a nice conservatory area but i cannot imagine ever going near this pub again unless it changes ownership.

11 Jul 2011 11:43

Bow Street Runner, Hove

Walking up Western rd after a day at the cricket i happened to spot this pub on a side street off the main drag.Glad i went in.A proper no frills locals pub of a kind getting rarer by the month.Nice relaxed atmosphere,friendly barman and a good pint of Harveys.Only negative for me was this was the only real ale available.

11 Jul 2011 11:12

The Lazy Toad, Shoreham by Sea

Only popped in because i had 15 mins before the chip shop next door opened up,glad i did.Great range of ales,friendly landlady & customers.a pleasant & traditional pub.As other posters have said it can be easy to miss-but try not to as this pub is certainly worth a visit (or 2)

3 Jun 2011 15:02

The Halfway House, Earlsfield

Popped in for a half and to ask directions.Very friendly East European girl gave me perfect directions.The bitter was good too.But i left wandering do Youngs have any traditional pubs left ? Or have they all gone gastro/upmarket ?

14 May 2011 13:53

The Alma Tavern, Wandsworth Town

Nipped in for a quick half and to ask for directions.Very friendly barstaff tried there best to help me,one of them even taking out his iphone to look at a map for me.Have to mark them down for not having any Youngs ordinary on.Surely a Youngs pub should always have there ordinary bitter on ?

14 May 2011 13:46

The Three Stags Heads, Wardlow Mires

That's funny Lyndi,reading your review has made me want to visit this pub even more.Nice to see a publican sticking to principles and not kow-towing to oddballs who put lime in real ale.

27 Mar 2011 21:00

Robinson Crusoe, Stoke Newington

great pub,if you like pubs where half the clientele look like a photofit from crimewatch and are off there heads on cocaine.New guvnor might sort it out,if he lasts that long-most don't.

23 Mar 2011 11:37

The Springfield Bar & Grill, Bounds Green

Mmmm,very suspect 'ccfc10' you join this site the same day you criticise this pub and haven't posted about any other pub.I have seen this happen on BITE before, you have either been barred and have an axe to grind or you run or work at a nearby rival pub and are running down a competitor.Either way you are one sad individual.Nothing that you say about this pub rings true

10 Mar 2011 16:00

The Rocket, Euston

Despite what some previous posters have said i found the staff to be friendly & efficent.The pool tables are a disgrace,they both have massive multiple stains,the only remaining couple of cues were knackered,there was no chalk and not even any triangles to set up the balls with ! The gents were their usual fragrant aroma and still no real ale in the place for reasons i cannot work out.If you are a student you may like it,otherwise there are several better options around this area.

30 Dec 2010 02:40

The Highway, Hoddesdon

Closed-Likely to be converted to another use.Probably housing.

19 Nov 2010 01:03

The Boars Head, Hoddesdon

Pub closed-Future uncertain.

19 Nov 2010 01:02

The Bulls Head, Manchester

Was in on a Tuesday lunchtime and there was all of 8 people in the whole 2 hours i was there.I would have expected a few more office workers in considering the area.I have to agree with previous posters on the prices here,3 for a pint of bitter from the Marstons stable of beers is taking the p somewhat.I shan't bother with this place again.

19 Nov 2010 00:50

The Peveril Of The Peak, Castlefield

An unspoilt gem of a pub,with many original features.Run by the same family for many years.Long may this pub continue for many years to come.

15 Oct 2010 02:35

The Royal George, Euston

In a breathtaking act of vandalism by the company who own this pub (spirit group/Punch taverns) the original 1930s wood panels on either side of the 2 old fireplaces have been removed.Not only is this crass vandalism but they were actually listed and were not allowed to be removed.Not sure whether this was ignorance or arrogance on Spirit/Punchs' part.Having worked for this outfit in the past either is possible.North London CAMRA have reported this to Camden Council but Camden want to see photos of when they were up.If anyone happens to have any photos of them please send them to North London CAMRA or PM me.

15 Oct 2010 02:17

The Jolly Angler, Manchester

Had an hour to kill before my train back to London,ventured in here and i'm glad i did.Outstanding trad boozer 2-10 for a cracking pint of Hydes,very friendly barman and i chatted to all the locals who were in there (ok it was early evening Thursday and there were only 3 of them) and they were all dead nice.Will certainly be my first/last stop before boarding train from Piccadilly in future.

18 Sep 2010 14:43

The Prince of Wales, Falmouth

I like this pub,great pint of Trib,very efficent staff and i'm told Jane is a great guvnor who won't take any crap.Also a very handy location if you are about to take a boat trip from Falmouth harbour just across the road.

18 Sep 2010 14:37

The Royal Standard, Flushing

This pub is now very food-orientated and verging on the gastro.For a proper pub in Flushing go to the Seven Stars.

18 Sep 2010 14:33

The Lemon Arms, Mylor Bridge

Excellent pub,good beer,long-established guvnor ( 15 odd years) i am told the food is good also although the menu hasn't changed in over a decade !

18 Sep 2010 14:31

The Front Bar, Falmouth

Was in here at 11:30 AM so only person in here but i liked what i saw,several cask ales available,had an excellent pint of Heligan Honey.Friendly guvnor and barman.Will certainly make a point of going in next time i am in the town.

18 Sep 2010 14:28

The Seven Stars, Falmouth

Wonderful,unspoilt pub and long may it continue.But my pint of Sharps Special was not good-rather flat tasting.My father who lives near Falmouth tells me the beer is often like this.Living on its reputation perhaps ?

18 Sep 2010 14:24

The New Brunswick, Highgate

This pub is available at time of writing on a long lease for 250,000.Is there anyone on the planet that daft ?

7 Sep 2010 14:52

Henleys Bar, Wood Green

Wish someone would put this pub out of its misery,the owner tried to sell it a few months ago but it didn't even meet its reserve price despite the fact the price included the flat above.Sums the place up.

18 Aug 2010 23:56

The Good Mixer, Camden

Hadn't been in this pub for a couple of years and was delighted to see it unchanged.Decent real ale,top juke box,reasonable prices for Camden,the gents are decent now after years of being repulsive.Got chatting to one of the regulars who was very friendly.Nice to see a traditional unchanged pub in Camden (i think the only other one is the Dublin Castle).The only 2 downsides were 2 pool tables (the pub really isn't big enough for them) and the obnoxious Aussie barmen who were making fun of England football chants (England were playing 1st friendly since world cup).Ye boys like 'Aussie Aussie Aussie oy oy oy' is a far superior chant i guess ? Dicks.

18 Aug 2010 23:47

The Cardinal Wolsey, Hampton Court

Can't help but notice the last 5 posters all registered on this site and gave a glowing notice to this pub without saying a word about any other pub or visiting the site since,obviously the owners/staff/regulars have been trying to big up the place.I can see why,bitter was fine if expensive,there were no pictures on the walls giving the place a strange spartan feel,the plastic flowers on the mantelpiece looked like something out of the 1970s and the food menu was limited,dull and unimaginative.Nothing made me want to go back ever again.

18 Aug 2010 23:24

The Bank of Friendship, Highbury

Nice basic traditional boozer-but how they can justify 3-40 for a pint of London Pride is beyond me.

9 Aug 2010 13:19

The Edinburgh Cellars, Newington Green

Pub now closed-Future uncertain.

9 Aug 2010 13:15

Clarendon Arms, Cambridge

Lovely chracterful back-street local,friendly staff & guvnor.Had a good lunch there and was pleasantly surprised to find mild on,which was in excellent condition.Wide range of newspapers available. I don't live in Cambridge but if i did i would certainly make it one of my main haunts.

25 Jul 2010 18:42

The White House, Highbury

What time does this place open ? Tried to get in at 12:45 pm on a Wednesday lunchtime to find the doors locked !

15 Jun 2010 17:36

Camden Head, Camden

Nice to see this pub go back to its' original name (what the hell was 'Liberties' supposed to mean anyway ?) good decor nice range of furniture and staff numerous and efficent.No real ale on which was a blow and my 2nd choice of beer (Hoegaarden) was "off until monday" ( 3 days away).So must be marked down for this.

23 May 2010 19:15

The Black Heart, Camden

Not usually a 'bar' person much preferring pubs but this one gets my vote.Great decor,very much like the Mexican cantinas i went to when in Mexico,an excellent range of beers and they even serve real ale which is unusual for a bar.Friendly staff and prices average for Camden.Recommended.

23 May 2010 19:09

The Worlds End, Camden

Pub for tourists who know no better-Avoid.

23 May 2010 19:04

The Royal George, Euston

Ok for a pint or 2 but better pubs around.The tubby aussie barmaid was giving the shortest measures i have ever seen in my 24 years of pub going,i was gobsmacked the other half dozen people getting served there in my 15 min stay didn't say a word.But thats the English for you i guess

23 May 2010 19:00

Cornish Arms, Hayle

Hey 'Bash' can't help but notice you joined this site & gave this pub a good review ( after it receiving several bad reviews from various people),a very bad review of a nearby rival pub and now nearly 6 months on you don't appear to have gone near this site.You are obviously connected to this pub in some way,if you feel you have to do things like this to drum up trade i pity you,your family & anyone unfortunate enough to walk into your pub.

23 May 2010 18:50

Jude The Obscure, Oxford

Went in here a Saturday afternoon in March and found it to be a very pleasant experience.Good range of real ales (unusual for a Greene King pub).An intresting mix of people,young & old,male & female,local & student which sadly seems to be getting rarer these days.Nice decor with lots of intresting -looking pictures.My 2 companions were very politely asked for id as they are both young looking,good to see such dilligence and they even let one of them stay and just drink orange juice when he couldn't produce id.Will certainly pop in next time i am in Oxford.

2 Apr 2010 15:26

The Roundhouse, Covent Garden

Went in here last Friday (March 26th) for the first time in a few years.Nice to see it's thrown off the hateful regime that is Punch Taverns and is now a Fullers pub.It had obviously just been refurbished and even smelt new.The barman told me it was only the 3rd day open since it re-opened.It has quite a traditional look,dark wood etc with a high proportion of those 'high' tables with stools.An excellent pint of London Pride with ESB,Discovery & Chiswick also being available.Now it's a Fullers pub i'll probably start going in there every now & then.

2 Apr 2010 14:39

The Ellan Vannin, Ramsey

Pub currently closed-Future uncertain.Potential structural problems too.

16 Feb 2010 16:38

The Prince, Wood Green

Possibly the friendliest pub landlord i've ever seen,but i'm unlikely to return because a) there is no real ale and b) they were showing music videos on the tvs,and i can't stand that.

17 Jan 2010 13:00

The York Arms, Whetstone

Nickthefish,did anyone tried to force cannabis on you ? If not then SHUT UP.Intolerant muppet...

17 Jan 2010 12:49

The Commercial Inn, Fauldhouse

Did a pub crawl of all 4 pubs in Fauldhouse and this is the worst.While not hostile the locals were a bit on the unfriendly side ,don't know if they are like it with all strangers or just because i'm English it's impossible to say.Mediocre Guinness.If you're a stranger to this town you are better off in the Grange or the Heatherbell.

30 Nov 2009 14:05

The Grange, Fauldhouse

Did a pub crawl of all 4 Fauldhouse pubs and this is the best one in my opinion,a friendly welcome,Tracey is a great landlord and the staff are also very welcoming.A good pint of Guinness as well.

30 Nov 2009 13:58

The Sir John Oldcastle, Farringdon

Have to agree with previous poster,the manageress has a very abrupt manner about her,totally wrong kind of person to be running a pub.

13 Aug 2009 13:45

The Comedy, Piccadilly

Was in here last saturday afternoon about 3 o'clock and there were only 3 people in here.No real ale,usual bland chain-pub interior,if you want a drink in a pub go next door to the Tom Cribb.

19 Jul 2009 23:41

The Flying Pig, Cambridge

No Regis,it hasn't closed down.For some reason they don't open until 7pm on saturday & sundays.A top boozer mind.

13 Jul 2009 00:34

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

After reading several posts on here concerning rude/weird barstaff i was wary.I need not have been the 2 girls & 1 bloke couldn't have been nicer.The lager even went off & i find myself talking to 1 of the girls for a couple of mins while it was been changed,she was extremely pleasant.Furthermore i can't work out why some posters on here have a problem with it appearing to be an 'olde worlde' pub whilst it's only been a pub since 1996.SO WHAT ? Would you sooner it had become an all-bar-one ?.I also must say i found the beer fine (i had the wheat beer).Only complaint i would agree with is the plastic glasses,they should only be used in an emergency if the proper glasses have run out.

12 Jul 2009 20:14

The White Horse, Soho

Why do all non-London Sam Smith pubs serve real ale but only a minority of their London pubs have it ? Also why the policy of no pork scratchings ? I can only surmise the people who own this brewery are oddballs.

28 Jun 2009 01:47

The Earl of Lonsdale, Notting Hill

Nice enough pub,food fairly good & cheap for the area.I like the way they've put back the old partitions,MORE PUBS SHOULD DO THIS !My only gripe is the lack of real ale.What is it with Sam Smiths London pubs ? Why do the majority of them have only keg beers on offer ? Can anyone enlighten me ? Ex-employees tell me the owner is an oddball.

18 Apr 2009 02:24

Cornish Arms, Hayle

hey awooga,if you don't like a pub fair enough but a one word description smacks of ignorance.

16 Jan 2009 00:10

The Queens Head, Harringay

went in here & seeing no real ale on ordered Guinness but was told it 'wasn't running through' !

13 Jan 2009 01:46

Fox & Hounds, Comford

mmmm,looks kind of suspicious,sam 0171 registering on this site on July 1st passing 1 comment of hare & hounds at same time and no activity since.So 'Sam' is it your pub or do you just work there ?

29 Aug 2008 02:38

The Doric Arch, Euston

sad to see fullers reducing the range of beers. went in last thursday and there was only 1 non-fullers beer on.I am disappointed in Fullers,i will not be using the arch half as much from now on.

15 Aug 2008 19:54

Sun, Southgate

You're both right tuppence & strongers the staff at this pub must think us BITE contributors are really stupid,i mean 6 people joining the site in the space of 3 days and only giving the one glowing review to the same pub.YOU SUN STAFF ARE A BUNCH OF SADDOES !

12 Aug 2008 17:27

Maze Inn Bar, Oakwood

cant help thinking it slightly suspect when someone has been a member of this site nearly a year and has only ever reviewed the one pub,on 3 occasions.Closely connected to this pub possibly ?

12 Aug 2008 15:05

The Angel, Tower Hill

I remember this boozer in its last couple of years,was a nice traditional city pub (so few left now sadly).A kiwi barman told me the landlady used to go through a 1.5 litre bottle of brandy every week or so ! Judging by the look of her nose i could well believe it !

10 Aug 2008 12:26

The Rovers Return, Douglas

is it true bushys have sold this pub to the people who have the pub around the corner ?

30 May 2008 13:42

The Springfield Bar & Grill, Bounds Green

Good frendly if basic boozer.Does what it says on the tin.Looked better in the 90's when the bar was in the centre of the pub mind.

27 Apr 2008 00:08

The Halfway House, Edinburgh

fantastic boozer,the only place to wait for a train to/from waverley.landlord is a great guy and the range of ales is always good.If eating try the wild boar sausage 'n'mash,very tasty

26 Apr 2008 23:50

The First And Last, Sennen

excellent pint of skinners,good sandwiches,pleasant atmos,friendly staff-only gripe is the company who own the property are the same company who own the hideous tourist trap that lands end now is.

19 Apr 2008 19:38

Fox & Hounds, Comford

Good beer gorgeous barmaid but dont eat in here unless you have money to burn-10.50 for a lasagne !

18 Apr 2008 15:39

Tremenheere, Penzance

no atmosphere,terrible pint of elgoods bitter,average pork baguette the kind of place i would go in to once in a blue moon

18 Apr 2008 15:36

The Crown Inn, Penzance

cosy little pub just off the main drag,superb skinners beer,some of the best pizza you'll ever have (in this country anyway),and the couple who run this pub are super-nice.

18 Apr 2008 15:30

The Ellan Vannin, Ramsey

hey kevramsey & bradmerret,how come you've not reviewed any other pubs ?

15 Dec 2007 21:50

The Porterhouse, Covent Garden

Been in this pub a dozen or so times in the last few years and always found it to be good.A great selection of draught and bottled beers,the wrasslers 4x stout makes guinness taste like water.The food is a cut above the average pub as well

1 Oct 2007 07:46

The Admiral Mann, Kentish Town

Good traditional boozer,long may it stay this way.

25 Sep 2007 22:21

Moray Arms, Finsbury Park

according to shopkeeper next door this pub has closed down

25 Sep 2007 22:17

Henleys Bar, Wood Green

dont come into this pub during the day or early evening unless you like drinking in a glorified betting shop

23 Sep 2007 23:26

The Camden Eye, Camden

the pub is a vast improvement on its halfway house days except for the fact they cant seem to look after the real ales,i was in a month back & the deuchars had gone sour so i had it changed for a bombardier which was ok-just.I then went in last night to find the deuchars rather tired tasting and when i went for a 2nd pint it had finished but the bombardier had turned sour.someone there needs lessons in how to look after real ale

2 Sep 2007 12:44

The Evening Star, Brighton

excellent beer,great atmosphere,one of the best pubs i have ever been in

27 Jun 2007 14:55

White Lion Of Mortimer, Finsbury Park

went in this pub for the 1st time ever on saturday 23rd June-never again the decor hurt my eyes the clientele seemed like neanderthals and i waited for 10 mins seeing the barmaid with 'flame' tattoos serve people who had come in after me.I left in disgust without buying a drink.

25 Jun 2007 16:29

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