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The Spyglass Inn, Overcombe

Sorry got two reports mixed up there but they both say the same thing 0/0

22 Jan 2012 17:34

The Spyglass Inn, Overcombe

Well all I can say to lovepubsportland I can understand all what you have said, We went there tody for a Carvery never again fatty gamon dried up turkey and some brisket the "roast" pots were cold and the rest of the veg either boiled to mush I will repeat lovepubsportland's words food is as offensive as the staff.
Basically a beautiful pub has been turned into a place of nightmares. keep away.

22 Jan 2012 17:23

The John Gregory, Weymouth

They have reopened the food is one of the best in the area the beer is well kept and I wish them all the best, I will be going back again and again.

29 Aug 2011 20:21

Bar 2012, Weymouth

summer 2011 all boarded up no longer open

21 Aug 2011 11:23

Excise House, Weymouth

Now closed, thank god

18 Apr 2011 21:38

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