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The Bank, Battersea

Only get down to south london once in a while to catch up with friends, but was taken to the Bank pub on northcote road for a leisurely sunday afternoon drink. Great range of beers, all seemed to be kept well, buzzing atmosphere, nice seating area out the front. couldn't have asked for more!

Ended staying later than expected so our friendly aussie waitress pursueded us to have dinner there as well, and considering the Aussies had just lost to New Zealand in the world cup earlier that day, she was hiding it well!

Good beer, nice food, fun staff, clean and tidy, buzzing atmosphere. A definite must if your south of the river and in the area!

17 Oct 2011 10:43

Fine Line, Bow

Secluded off the main road near St Pauls and Bank, not many would know it was there....but what a find! Warm summer evenings on the court yard drinking a good selection of beers and wines, plus the platters in the evening are great!

Can be a bit loud in there, but as it is in any other pub in the area.

Friendly staff and quick service top it off as "A GOOD FIND"

3 Jun 2010 20:25

The Leather Exchange, Borough

A quiet Saturday night but a great little place, had a nice chat with the new manager, and although Aussie, he is all ears open to what the general customer requires and desires.
Contrary to previous posts, the music was taylored to the level of custom, and the service was suprisingly personal from the bar maid.
I would quite happily walk the 10 minutes from London Bridge to remove myself from the pretentious rubbish that borders on the city.

Nice beer, nice people......GIVE IT A GO!!!!!

7 Mar 2010 02:33

The Fine Line, Canary Wharf

obviously raoulduke and pistbloke don't know anything about the wharf, and are too blindto see that there are 100,000 city slickers on the doorstep of the bar so is bound to be full of them!!!!! wake up guys!

of the bars in the wharf, it is at the better end of the scale, clean and tidy and fairly prompt service. good for a business lunch if thats what your out for.... but give it a go, i like it anyhow!!

21 Mar 2008 15:39

All Bar One, London Bridge

i completely agree t.o.rawnsleys, but i think you may be thinking of the All Bar One at tower bridge, as London bridge isn't open on Sundays!

28 Oct 2006 14:10

All Bar One, Tower Bridge

well yey another all bar one, but with adifference, fairly large, light and airy, fantastic range of beers all well kept.

a bit of a tourist trap especially in the summer and on weekends. great veiw of tower bridge while sitting on the enormous decking

a nice suprise all in all!

8 Oct 2006 13:35

All Bar One, Marylebone

had a great nite in here last week, cosy with great staff, plenty of choise of beers on draught and in bottles, all kept well.

the manageress is polite and welcoming and made all feel welcome

well worth a swift one if you're ever visiting selfridges!

8 Oct 2006 13:27

The Shakespeare's Head, Soho

visited here for the first and last time this friday, and was appauled.

the party in the corner of the bar seemed to be having a good time, a shame they were all beer/fruit flies, feasting on the fruit (destined for drinks) ans swigging on the spills of the filthy back bar

waited for 10-15 minutes for a drink with their first come last served policy, to then get the attension of the bar staff and be laughed at for asking to be served, and then ignored again

the filthiest pub i've ever been in, and having managed pubs and bars for 8 years, is quite an achievement!

the only positive thing about this visit was that i was in agroup of three, but on second thoughts i would have prefered to be in a larger group and refused entry!

8 Oct 2006 13:13

The Nags Head, Covent Garden

this funny little, old fashioned, qwerky pub, where the bar takes up 50% of the space, should be a no, but for all the reasons its wrong, it is very right! the beer is good, the staff are an array of nationalities, and what can u say about the management? original and unique is what springs to mind!
if you're passing, pop in and admire the wall paper over a pint of A.K.

7 May 2006 14:09

Slug and Lettuce, Canary Wharf

having worked for a rival company in the area, was always dubious and critical of the place, but to my suprise all the managers are great, friendly and accomodating and the staff, although some exceptions, are polite and helpful.
also having been refurbed in the past few weeks, and introducing Peroni on draught, well worth a sneeky lunchtime pint!

7 May 2006 13:56

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