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Comments by bonnie.n.clyde

Original Bay Horse, Horwich

Still the best place to go ... lot of new faces

11 Jun 2012 16:15

The Bowling Green, Horwich

returning to horwich has been a joy - bowling green under new management and it's back to being a great little pub again! Hear there's proper music on and am looking forward to it! Need it after closure of white horse.

11 Jun 2012 16:04

Albert Arms, Horwich

going up on our 'like' list! comfy seats and all that and the beers arent bad. staff could do with being a bit more friendly and more smiles wouldn't go amiss!

2 Sep 2011 12:32

Original Bay Horse, Horwich

always a top place to go - whether at the end of the night or in the middle. friendly bar staff and good beeers ... will always vote at the top for this one! last saturday was a quiet one and sunday's music night was fun.

2 Sep 2011 12:29

The Bowling Green, Horwich

called in for a quick pint on saturday. beer was naff and someone told us the turnaround on different beers is staggerin! singer was equally bad. used to be a top pub - such a shame!

2 Sep 2011 12:25

The Pheasant Plucker, Bolton

At the moment tis shut! However, lights been seen on and car parked out back so maybe we'll see some life in the old place soon ... hopefully for the better!

2 Nov 2010 13:57

Original Bay Horse, Horwich

Classic pub as ever ... still the best in Horwich! Great Halloween party last Friday ... loved the cheeky devil DJ.

2 Nov 2010 13:53

The Courtyard, Horwich

really like the courtyard - they've been very artistic with the outside space and the interior is much nicer than before, however ... don't get too comfy ... the prices are exorbitant so make sure it's not your round when you get there ... Oh, and don't spend too much outside unless you want to stink of woodsmoke - great concept with the open fire but really need to use smokeless fuel!

2 Nov 2010 13:51

Albert Arms, Horwich

great to see it open again ... needed a pub en route to the top end of horwich ... no riff raff, bit pricey but not as bad as the bridge ... hope it goes well!

2 Nov 2010 13:46

The Pheasant Plucker, Bolton

Went in the other day and there were two people at the bar and no bar staff behind the bar so didn't stop!

2 Feb 2010 15:28

The Pheasant Plucker, Bolton

in here on Saturday nite ... grim!

8 Dec 2009 16:17

Original Bay Horse, Horwich

congratulations on 20 years as landlady Eileen - great night on Sunday - band was brill ... cheers ...

8 Dec 2009 16:16

The Courtyard, Horwich

have to say that the band on Saturday was foot stompingly good - we had a great time! was really busy and couldn't get to the bar earlier on but had a great night.

8 Apr 2009 13:49

Bridge Inn, Horwich

Quite a few people we know drink in the bridge so we wandered up there for a drink t'other night just for a change of scene ... twas very busy, the staff were friendly, but afraid the drinks are far too expensive ...

1 Apr 2009 12:44

The Pheasant Plucker, Bolton

Agree with anonymous, they do really need to change the name back to the Saddle. Stayed for one on Sunday and the music wasn't bad but we prefer the clientele at other pubs ...

1 Apr 2009 12:38

The Courtyard, Horwich

excellent band on as usual on Saturday - very busy ...

24 Mar 2009 15:40

The Bowling Green, Horwich

Very quiet evening on Saturday - not many people out anywhere in Horwich.

16 Mar 2009 13:43

The Pheasant Plucker, Bolton

more karaoke - going to keep clear til they change the record

5 Mar 2009 14:00

Original Bay Horse, Horwich

Love this pub. Good beers and most of the time, good company. Met many a now true friend over the Bank Top. Wandered in on Friday and felt immediately at home - lots of buddies in so had a lean on the bar for a while before heading home.

5 Mar 2009 13:57

The Courtyard, Horwich

love this pub - the bar staff are really friendly and the timer heating outside is a great improvement ... we aren't regulars but know a lot of them ... prefer not to go in on Saturday nights but great music last Saturday night so couldn't walk on by ... took three songs to get to the bar ...

27 Feb 2009 12:33

The Bowling Green, Horwich

great singer on Saturday night - great voice, we'll defo come back to hear her again ... lot of cogitation over good old Flat Cap and entertainment watching the wobbly people - step forward, step forward, door, down step ...

27 Feb 2009 12:29

The Pheasant Plucker, Bolton

more commonly known as the saddle, is now in the hands of Paul, who has been here for a few months ... busy busy from Thursday to Sunday but please, please can we have a night without the karaoke!

27 Feb 2009 12:20

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