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Comments by bomans

The Exchange, Bournemouth

VILE ! FILTHY ! DAMP ! the chain smoker DJ is still hear, music so loud its totally distorted, music still stuck in the 80s , toilets beyond use, shit & piss coverd, dancing cages that have been torn apart so must be a health & safety issue, how this place is still open is beyond me!

13 Dec 2014 18:37

The Swan Hotel, Alresford

dull as dishwater! no music , no late night opening, hence not many night time customers.

12 Dec 2014 21:21

The Ship, Alresford

quiet & run down, stinks like a ash tray! staff could clearly be smokeing in the kitchen so I shall avoid eating here!

12 Dec 2014 21:19

The Horse and Groom, Alresford

its been done up, but now is expensive, lacks FUN , dosent seem intrested in using its late licence!! has lost all its good atmosphere, back in 2008 this place was the place to be! ok It lost its way after the landlord and landlady who knew what they were doing left, but unless your a toff or dead will never be the place to be again, such a shame. this place had such promise, but is now a typical chain pub :-(

12 Dec 2014 21:05

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