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Comments by bluebootycat

Lobster, Sheringham

Called in once, during a week in Sheringham. Only half the beers on an A-board outside were actually on. Had a pint of Wherry. It was warm and (I suspect) had been in the pipes since at least the last session: stale! It really disappoints me when landlords don't care enough about the quality of the beer they serve to pull off a pint at the start of a session. Retired, hurt, to the Windham Arms.

23 Jul 2011 18:42

Windham Arms, Sheringham

Spent most evenings of a week in Sheringham in the Windham Arms. Usually 6 real ales on, 1 or 2 of which were Woodfordes. All their beers will be locale now, I think there’s a sign up saying so, so don't expect to see anythign from miles away. I remember some from Wolf, Winters and a very nice stout from a Yarmouth brewery. All always in top condition. Didn’t have any, but food still looks as good as ever.

23 Jul 2011 18:38

Eyre Arms, Bakewell

For info: I'm sure this isn't closed. I've seen people in there when driving past.

26 Sep 2010 20:38

The John Bull Inn, Alnwick

If you want to drink, I concur: the best pub in Alnwick by a long chalk. Usually at least 3 real ales on, up to 6 at weekends. All top quality, as they shift so much, nothing has time to go stale! A big variety of beers on offer, from all over the country (EG Skinners, from Cornwall, when I was there). Usually, there are different beers for each session, as the turnover is so fast.

I calculated approximately 130 different single malts available. Barman seems knowledgable on the malts - the wife tried one on his advice, and loved it.

Not many many visitors (as it's a bit hard to find) but busy with locals every night. However, they are friendly here - more than I can say for some of the pubs in Alnwick! A great, old-fashioned (in a nice way) atmosphere. A real, local boozer.

If you are in Alnwick, do not miss the opportunity to visit this fantastic little pub. If only there were more like it.

Note: only open evenings (most days), and no food.

26 Sep 2010 20:35

The Boat Inn, Cromford

Visted yesterday, after a 6-mile walk around the Cromford area. Pub was empty bar us and one other couple - why?!

It was clean and attractive indoors, several specials boards, offering a nice selection of food. A lovely beer garden - in fact several different beer gardens! Service was good, on offer was Batemans XXXB, Abbot, and (I think) a Theakstons. We had the Batemans and it was nice beer. Sat out in the sun in garden, a pint had gone before I'd even got settled. Food was tasty and reasonably priced.

Reaction from work colleagues after hearing we'd been, "What, you went there?! It's terrible!". "No, it wasn't!" So it must have changed hands (as alluded to in the previous review).

Well worth a visit if you're in Cromford, a nice little pub, tucked away up a quiet side street.

28 Jun 2010 20:45

The Farmers Arms, St Merryn

It's had a bit of a makeover since we were last there. Seems to have been cleaned up and is a lot brighter and more welcoming inside. Now the other pub in the village is Mr Stein's, it looks as though this is where all the locals go. Also gets a lot of trade from the nearby caravan sites, I think. We didn't notice any bad language, but the bar area was full of what seemed to be locals.

3 St Austell real ales on, plus St A's cyders and the usual lagers & keg beers. Had 2 St A beers and both were good. A lot cheaper than The Cornish Arms down the road, too.

The carvery was doing a roaring trade, every table in use. Didn't sample the food, but it seems popular. Menu seemed average pub-grub type of stuff.

3 Oct 2009 15:46

The Cornish Arms, St Merryn

I don't think it's that popular with the locals! It was packed with seemed to be tourists when we went. More locals in the Farmers, up the road. Not the same pub it was before Mr Stein took it over, very commercial now: in, eat food, out. Obviously, being associated with Mr S, it now gets very busy for food.

Interior is very like his chip shop in Padstow, bare wooden tables and benches.

Beer was good, and (unexpectedly) not overpriced.

Didn't try the food, but prices were not overly expensive.

3 Oct 2009 15:39

Paris Hotel, Coverack

The only pub in Coverack! A typical cornish house, with a theme based on ships and particularly the Paris, a ship wrecked on the coast nearby.

Beer quality good and average prices. Now a St Austell house, I think.

Food quite good, too, and not badly priced.

Gets quite busy, need to book for food.

3 Oct 2009 15:29

Perranporth Inn, Perranporth

Seemed a bit of a soul-less place when we went. Deserted apart from two girls who seemed to be mates with the barman.

Beer was disappointing, probably because they hadn't sold any all night. Flat and stale.

3 Oct 2009 15:24

The Bridge Inn, Calver

The decor is a bit artificial, yes, but the beer was well kept. Definitely worth a visit for drink.

Food is the usual pub-grub type, nothing fancy.

A nice big beer garden, by the river, but also by a main road.

Plenty of parking.

1 Oct 2009 19:58

The Devonshire Arms, Baslow

For BITErs information, this place has changed hands, in August 2009, I think. Not been in since then myself, but the outside looks a lot cleaner and more inviting and they have put up advertising for special deals. So a change of attitude, I think.

Worth popping in, as the rather dreary reviews below might not be applicable now.

I heard a rumour it might be being run by the Thornbridge Brewery.

1 Oct 2009 19:54

The Golden Fleece, Wells next the Sea

The pub is rather spartan, it's like going back 20 years. Bare wooden floors, rickety tables and chairs. Woodfordes Wherry plus on other real ale on when I called. Had the Wherry and it was a nice pint.

However, go around the back of the pub to the 'crab shop' (not sure if this is part of the pub or not). Absolutely fantastic fresh local seafood at reasonable prices. Best meal of our holiday.

20 Jul 2009 18:48

Lobster, Sheringham

Went in on the first Saturday night of our stay in Sheringham and the offerings were Adnams Bitter and Abbot - that was it. Had an Abbot and it was a nice pint, but you can get that anywhere. (I looked in again later in the week and just the same) I spent the remainder of my beer tokens in the Windham Arms.

20 Jul 2009 18:42

Windham Arms, Sheringham

Very good beer, probably the best in Sheringham now. Two from Woodfordes on, plus two/three more from other local breweries; I can only remember the name of one, Wolf. All sampled during my week in Sheringham and all very good.

Food is also very good.

20 Jul 2009 18:39

The Pack Horse Inn, Beckingham

Seems to have changed hands. Food offerings not as good. Beer down to two of the usual pubco offerings: John Smiths and Black Sheep. Had a John Smiths: quite a nice pint.

20 Jul 2009 18:34

The White Lion Hotel, Great Longstone

Just for info, both the landlady and the (very good) chef have now left the White Lion.

26 Jun 2009 08:47

The White Lion Hotel, Great Longstone

This review dates from 30 Dec 2008 but it mysteriousl;y disappeared.

We have been back since our first visit and again, we were very impressed with the food. I'd agree with Barney680: it is now better than the nearby Monsal Head or Crispin.

The atmosphere is friendly, and with a real coal fire, warm!

There's also lots of special events for families EG a halloween evening with fancy dress for the kids and Santa Claus visited one afternoon at Christmas.

26 Jun 2009 08:45

The White Lion Hotel, Great Longstone

This review dates from 4 Sep 2008 but mysteriously disappeared.

The White Lion is near to us, but we haven’t been for a while as we found it rather disappointing. However, a new landlady has taken over in the past couple of months so we gave it a try.

It has changed dramatically, for the better. The menu style has changed, going back to more traditional pub-style food EG cod & chips, steak & ale pie. But there are a few more ‘exotic’ dishes. The quality of the food now is – I would say – difficult to better. It is really good and reasonably priced. This pub now rates in our top 5 for food and we will undoubtedly be returning.

And to get to the point of the site: beer – sadly this is still a disappointment. Completely uninspiring – not because it was badly kept or served, I hasten to add. I think the landlady is rather stymied before she starts. If only she could do for the beer what she’s done for the food!

26 Jun 2009 08:45

Flying Childers, Stanton In Peak

A really old-fashioned place - I loved it!

Black Sheep, Copper Dragon(?) and something else on when we called. Very nice Black Sheep.

Food: limited, but unusual and very tasty good EG pheasant cob, game casserole.

Be aware of 'odd' opening hours though.

30 Dec 2008 11:14

Rutland Arms, Bakewell

I think this has changed hands. The atmosphere has changed, anyway. We got the impression drinkers were no longer welcome. And the bar has been tarted up.

It was a lunchtime, but the beer quality was poor - no where near as good as it used to be - and not as good a selection, either.

30 Dec 2008 11:11

Grouse and Claret, Rowsley

A bit of a soleless place - more like a MacDonalds or a Little Chef than a pub. Overwhelmingly concentrates on food.

That said, if that's want you're looking for, the food is reasonably priced and quickly delivered. It's the typical fast-food-pub-type stuff, nothing fancy.

Nice clean environment, and a big car park. Next door to the retail village at Rowsley.

4 Aug 2008 20:37

The Anglers Rest, Millers Dale

It’s not that bad! OK, the landlady(?) can seem a bit offhand but she’s never been rude to us (over 4 visits in last year or so).

We like this pub. It serves nice food at a reasonable price. The chips are especially good, I think they are actually made there rather than bought. Never had a meal we didn’t enjoy. A fairly standard menu, but usually there’s a few specials on to liven the choice a bit.

The beer has always been good. Usually a choice of 2, varying, real ales plus the usual stuff.

Not being walkers, we’ve always been in the ‘best end’ which is comfortable, has plenty of room and an open fire.

4 Aug 2008 20:32

The Pack Horse Inn, Beckingham

We came across this place whilst en-route on the A17 and looking for somewhere for lunch - it's only a minute from the A17, a major road that doesn't offer many good eating places.

A really nice, old-fashioned pub. Well patronised, even on the Monday lunchtime, which must say something. Bar staff were friendly and obliging.

Two lovely pints, one of Adnams, one of Batemans - both were spot on. Well kept and just the right temperature. It was a hot sunny day and they went down a treat.

The food was good, a huge plateful and reasonably priced. We had two meals, three pints and it came to just over Ł20. Not certain they do food all the time, please check.

A little gem and somewhere I'm sure we'll call at again when in the area. Well worth a visit for both the food and the beer.

4 Aug 2008 20:25

The Red Lion Inn, Litton

We live a couple of villages away from Litton and the Red Lion is our favourite eating out pub. We’ve never had a meal there we didn’t enjoy. There’s usually some specials on as well as the standard menu and some of these can be quite interesting. As has been said, even a chip butty is a delight. It’s not cheap food, but we feel you get what you pay for – it’s quality food and enough of it to fill you.

Very small and cramped for space – if you’re going at a busy time, I’d advise booking to reserve a table.

Beer is always good, usually a choice of at least 3 real ales. It’s well kept and changes often, though you usually find one from Barnsley Brewery(?) and one from Abbeydale on. After walking there, there’s nothing to beat downing a pint of real ale that’s been well made and well kept.

4 Aug 2008 18:15

The Red Lion Hotel, Cromer

Yes, one of the best in Cromer (it does have some grotty pubs). This one is very ‘faded splendour’! A lovely location, near the pier, at the top of the cliffs, with sea views and the entertainment of cars ignoring the ‘dead end’ sign and having to reverse out.

Menu seemed reasonably priced, nothing exotic but interesting enough. Bar snacks or full meals. When we visited, we DID have the crab sandwiches and they were good.

Staff were pleasant and efficient.

Selection of 3 real ales (along with all the usual drinks). The 2 pints I had were nice beer.

4 Aug 2008 18:07

Windham Arms, Sheringham

Not visited for a few months now, but when we did go, we were impressed. The new owners had improved things (it did used to be a bit of a dump).

Did Greek food as a speciality (one of owners from Greece?) and it was very good. Also the usual pub grub style offerings. Food is reasonably priced.

Had a good selection of beers, and both I had were a nice pint.

In contention for the best Pub in Sheringham now, I'd say, as the nearby Lobster seems to have lost its way.

4 Aug 2008 17:04

The Peacock, Bakewell

Changed hands, in first half of 2008, I believe. Now not as good as it used to be. Food isn't as good, in respect of the choices on offer or the quality served.

Still does a nice pint though, usually an interesting selection and normally in good condition.

4 Aug 2008 17:00

The Monsal Head Hotel, Monsal Head

Still a lovely location, but the new owners don't seem to want the 'low end' of the market. Prices have really jumped. The adjacement cafe is busier than its ever been!

Undoubtedly good beers: a good seelction adn well kept - but at a price!

4 Aug 2008 16:58

Lobster, Sheringham

I’d agree with plenum’s review: the Lobster used to be a great pub, for both food and drink. It’s now merely ordinary, for both. It looks really run down inside and out and it needs a revamp: the premises, the menu, the service and the attention to detail.

The beer selection was no better than average, and served warm. Some beers seemed stale to me. The food is overpriced, in my opinion; it’s nothing exceptional now. It all sounded fantastic on the menu, but was a bit of a disappointment when it arrived.

We enjoyed the Wyndham Arms, a few yards down the road, much more. Better kept beer and some very good food at reasonable prices.

4 Aug 2008 16:56

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