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Comments by blond_40

The Old Portelet Inn, St Brelade

Absolutely love it here! Have many fond memories - dining here is a must when on the Island of Jersey - great location, fab views, nice food - hope to return again someday & wish your establishment the best for the future.

22 Mar 2011 17:15

The Weir Hotel, Walton on Thames

Sadly not able to make it !

22 Mar 2011 17:08

The Smugglers, Milford on Sea

Couldn't fault this joint, apart from being popular hense it's location.Usually you can tell if you'll get a table or not by judging the amount of cars in their carpark - food good so happy to write you my opinion.

12 Mar 2011 17:04

The Happy Cheese, Ashurst

This pub is always busy,busy,busy - good for business for them but not good when you've been travelling & hungrey & can't find a table for adam. Diddums I knw - unfortunately why bother anyway as quite frankly the food isn't that much. This was a Vintage Inn pub so maybe it still is or maybe they've changed hands even so we won't be returning in a hurry.

11 Mar 2011 15:34

The Swan Inn and Lodge, Claygate

It is a shame to read that The Swan is not much cope. They were giving it all for when it first changed hands. That's young bar men for you - only interested in themselves & the wonger!

11 Mar 2011 15:10

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