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Comments by blackgander

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

Yes, that chap should enter a Home for the Bewildered.

'We want the new owners to'.....

I don't agree with anything the 'sawus expert' says and everyone has their own 'interesting beers' - and views on how a pub should be run. By its OWNERS.

Let Nick continue his good work - and if the 'sawus expert' doesn't like it, he should make his expertise available at another pub in the area.

17 Jun 2014 10:32

The Ship, Croydon

Gam - the last poster - usually types about closed pubs, or those that may not be trading when he visits.

A very odd habit which, sadly, he has brought to our fine Ship - and one which BITE has been advised of.

In Reigate, the Nutley Hall pub shut about 18 months ago - yet Gam thought it worthy of a review. And the Blue Posts etc. etc. etc.

13 Jun 2014 23:14

The Dolphin, Betchworth

The lovely location and character of this pub means that it'll always do well - particularly in the Summer. Youngs also spend a lot of money doing a tasteful refurbishment/extension.

However, its hard to understand why such low calibre management and staff are now in situ - precipitating a downturn in food and beer quality. I've stopped going in - but pass by on my way to the Red Lion.

Rarely is there a place left in the Dolphin's large carpark. The sub 5 rating is accurate; however, the place has the potential to improve - and return to its high ranking of old, as one of the best pubs in East Surrey.

28 Mar 2014 13:54

Beerwolf Books, Falmouth

A lot of pubs close after slerpy has visited from Croydon; I hope this old place escapes.

Good 'wether' Steve?

17 Sep 2013 23:36

The Tower, Redhill

Opening by the end of August, after refurb.

15 Aug 2013 16:16

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Greensand IPA and Greensand Way, to be accurate.

30 Jul 2013 14:10

Stanley Hotel, Eastham

Why do you ask?

6 Jul 2013 14:47

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

147 - the village idiot returns.....

18 Jun 2013 12:20

The Grapes, Sutton

Pity the 147 child has to bore so many, so often. A better utilisation of its time would be a wash....

14 Jun 2013 14:51

The Tower, Redhill

Work has stopped; it'll be a while before it opens.....

13 Jun 2013 13:38

The Wyvern, Church Crookham

Poos joined this site today to rubbish this above average pub - after being barred. Its a sad vindictive world. Init.

13 Jun 2013 12:33

The Bulls Head, Reigate

That Chas bloke seems to have moved on - and the pub now sells Peroni on draught. Good little boozer, probably the best in town - although there is a clique aspect to the place.

16 Apr 2013 11:18

The Red Cross Inn, Reigate

Yep, I've seen this monster of a dog in here. His owner stategically places him in the most inconvenient spot for customers and staff just don't care, just like the dog's owner.

16 Apr 2013 11:03

The Angel, Reigate

In the Allsop auction - mid March. Sale/reserve price £240/260k.

7 Mar 2013 10:42

The Junction, Redhill

For a fine buliding in a prime position, this pub is sad. No effort is made and the place seems to be run by two middle-aged bores, one of whom can be quiet loud.

6 Mar 2013 13:51

The Abbot, Redhill

Open again, after a paint job - looks well......

6 Mar 2013 09:11

The Tower, Redhill

No - the refit has started by a building firm from Gosport and seems to be moving fast. A new D&D for the summer?

4 Mar 2013 12:31

The Tower, Redhill

To owen/ocean; I have seen staff/team meetings held in the bar - in sight and earshot of punters like me, a local Estate Agent.

No, not chats....

4 Oct 2012 22:39

The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

Put simply, a pleasant place with good beers - like most pubs, not perfect.

4 Oct 2012 22:26

The Inn At Kew, Kew

Pubs are for adults? Tell that to the largest pub group in the country. With about 900 outlets, an excellent share price and a turnover of over 1.1 billion - JDW must be doing something right! All in only 30 years. Open from 8am to 1am - they are taking the dated UK pub game for a ride.

As oak said, most pubs open at noon. I think he also said - if you don't like the rules of a pub (like Spoons), don't go in. I don't - but their profile in the industry is unprecedented. Remember, blokes were saying not long ago - food was wrong in pubs, go to a restaurant! Food's high GP keeps most pubs alive now. Come into the real/business/competition/ world - unlike, say, CAMRA who want a friendly face, to talk about beers and to live in the past.

Go to Brighton/holiday seafront pubs; service is excellent, because time is money and bonuses are paid on turnover - and the smiley bar persons don't give a monkies.

Just like your friendly/failed bank....

4 Oct 2012 22:05

The Admiral, Reigate

Good new manageress, Dawn, has given the place a lift - and there's usually something going on, entertainment wise.

16 Sep 2012 13:40

The Gardeners Arms, Lewes

I just could not agree more with the last poster: I do not understand why customers put up with this sad and rude barperson. We, Lewes locals, have voted with our feet a long tine ago and now use the nearby John Harvey Tavern where good/prompt sevice is given with a smile. It there was a competition for 'East Sussex Barperson of the Year' - the GA lady would come last!

16 Sep 2012 13:10

The Silver Cross, Whitehall

Jack, this is clearly illegal - thanks for the warning!

What is the company's name?

16 Sep 2012 12:53

The White Hart, Dorking

Out of 6 posts in the past 4 years, just one negative one - which I disagree with. A no frills, no food pub - with TV sports, newspapers, pool table, internet (rare!) and a friendly owner/manager (Andy), with good natured customers. Not posh - a real old syle boozer; the last poster is spot on.

16 Sep 2012 12:44

The Blue Anchor, Reigate

In less than a week, thirst4beer is the third 'new poster' to comment favourably on the Blue Anchor; obviously the same person using an old/tired method to drum up business for this awful outlet.

Run by a holding company after numerous failures, the Blue Anchor is well on the way to becoming a West Street residence. The people of Reigate are wise enough to avoid it.

23 Sep 2009 09:33

The Kings Arms, Saffron Walden

bertie2...this place is awful. If it wasn't for its location, nobody would dream of entering this sad hovel where the 'management' is constantly drunk. Prices! See the 25th May post; he got off lightly!! 1/ 0/10 possible here?

20 Aug 2009 15:21

The Lord Nelson, Poole

Poole would not be what it is without the Nelson; its the town's busiest and best venue - the competition pales into insignifigance.

18 Aug 2009 12:36

The Lord Nelson, Poole

FlyBoy (an apt name) chooses to insult a fellow poster - with whom I totally agree. The is Poole's best venue and the landlady is a star. Beer quality could not be better and the music is class.

12 Aug 2009 20:37

The Tower, Redhill

The long awaited refurbishment seems further off that ever. No date has yet been set - but the fact that the heating has totally packed up make things a bit more critical!

3 Aug 2009 10:35

The Blue Anchor, Reigate

Sadly, the new management has brought little. He has had a very sucessful personality bypass and she - sadly - a broken foot! Playing sudoku and on the laptop behind the bar, the new landlord seems to have little interest.

The Blue Anchor overlooks a fine cricket ground and has a great beer garden - but it seems us Reigatians will have to wait (yet again!) for a management to capitalize on this pub's obvious potential.

3 Aug 2009 09:57

The Robin Hood, Egham

Almost two years since the last post - and has'nt this place changed dramatically for the better! Friendly staff, good atmosphere and beers. Very busy on our visit with a cross section of locals and visitors. Now, maybe Egham's best?

29 Jul 2009 14:27

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Simply awful! Jack Beecham, the wealthy owner of Market Taverns has lost interest (or faculties?).

Under every heading, this place is very low. Even the gigling/weekend bouncers (why ARE they needed?), are so bored that they take the piss out of middle aged punters - like me - by chirping 'we won't need to see your ID then!'

Jack, OK the Market Porter is great - but the Hotel has the lowest rating in East Surrey. Please go and bring your cheap staff with you m8.

12 Jul 2009 19:24

The Royal Sovereign, Brighton

Yes - one of Brighton's most expensive and mediocre outets. The last poster is correct on the prices quoted - and, in fact, a double V & O at the world famous Grand Hotel down the road is only 5.20. But the RS continues to rip off locals and tourists alike...

12 Jul 2009 14:02

The Bulls Head, Dorking


7 Jun 2009 13:44

The Red Cross Inn, Reigate

My post of 7 April said it all. This place is now closed.

4 Jun 2009 10:00

The Kings Arms, Saffron Walden

This is a tired little place that survives only because of its town centre location; it has a little clique that live there. But, with good management, it could be one of the town's best. Its not cheap, but the previous poster's experience smacks of rip-off. Pity that things have now come to this, but years of low calibre management [like the present] have had their toll. 2/10 is generous.

26 May 2009 13:18

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Making almost 30 posts in a year on this pub, slerpy's bias is obvious. Virtually all posts were extremely positve - 'can I give 12/10 ?' The Claret is fine, but certainly not exceptional; it seems clear that free beer is probably relevant to slerpy's bias - as he feels he has to be its constant BITE frontman and hardly ever mentions a fault (there are many!)
Retire from BITE slerpy, for not being truthful - or, indeed, in the real world.

29 Apr 2009 13:41

The Red Cross Inn, Reigate

My view on this place was recorded in April. For nickdavies (a BITE groupie!) to say that other reviews should be ignored - is typical of said groupie - who seems to think he/she owns BITE. An every day visitor, sadly.

22 Apr 2009 14:43

The Red Cross Inn, Reigate

This place reminds me of a staff room; the very poor bar staff - and their loud mates - use the pub (off duty and on) to socialise, eat, play pool/fruit machines and use their PC's. When a customer arrives, there is a dash from the entertainment to the bar - and the service is fast, to allow for a quick return. Management is none existant and the only hope for this fine old pub is a complete clear out; the staff are easily the worst bar staff in Reigate. The word 'dreadful' has been used in the three previous posts; that's generous!

7 Apr 2009 10:29

The Junction, Redhill

Tried to go for a pint here yesterday (about 6pm on Sunday). Place was shut - no signs or opening times.

6 Apr 2009 10:42

The Claret Free House, Addiscombe

Slerpy, your post of 7th March confuses me.

'worst fears are coming to fruition'...'the rumours do not bode well'...'things may turn out better than anticipated'...'events of Thursday were merely a prelude'

What is happening ?

9 Mar 2009 13:01

The Green Man, Putney Heath

Although I'm new to the area, I got this one wrong, very. Lunchtime today, the service and food were unacceptable, just not good enough. Staff not really interested. When I posted last, I mentioned a backlash (which from previous contributors is normal for this pub). Guess what, arctral tells me (in a private message) I can say what I want! Thank you. I will. 4/10. But will return, after the rugby at the Telegraph next week.

8 Mar 2009 18:13

The Telegraph , Putney Heath

New to Putney, we visited the Telegraph last week on our initial crawl and were glad to discover another fine pub. The decor is different and the beer quality and choice is excellent. Staff were friendly but very busy. This will be our venue for the rest of the rugby.

7 Mar 2009 11:31

The Green Man, Putney Heath

On a recent crawl around Putney, we came across this pleasant pub with friendly staff and regulars. Beer quality was excellent and we found it difficult to fault the place. But having then read the contributions here, I doubt if we would dare fault it for fear of a vitriolic backlash from some apparent customers who don't appear to accept even the mildest of criticism. The pub is not perfect but fairly close. It should come into its own during the summer. 7/10, only as we haven't yet tasted the food. Will review again later this month.

7 Mar 2009 11:16

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