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Comments by bint123

The Angel, Welshpool

how a modern pub should be fine ale fine food and good staff

30 Sep 2010 14:27

The Red Lion, Caersws

totaly unfriendly atmosphere will not return to this village again

30 Sep 2010 14:24

The Unicorn Hotel, Caersws

poor beer poor food and poor caersws will give this village a miss in future

30 Sep 2010 14:19

Angel, Newtown

what a turn around this pub has had i havent been in for 2 years and was pleasently suprised to find how much it had changed back to a real pub run by real pub people.
too many false landlords are around to-day just waiting to serve crap beer with no comebacks at least here you see the landlady and landlord mixing with customers and are available to talk to.

30 Sep 2010 14:16

The Buck Hotel, Caersws

most popular pub in the village. suits everyone from 18yr -98yrs. pool,darts,dominoes, sky tv available for all. excellent staff & good value for money on
drinks. landlord miserable but you cant have everything!! will definately stay again...

16 Jul 2008 18:43

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