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Barry West End Club, Barry

Formerly a Labour leaning club but they saw the light and became a members social club. A selection of real ales which are kept very well by the steward. A range of bar snacks are available, hot and cold along with a good range of keg ales etc. Special real ale festival weekends are run a couple of time a year with entertainment included. Also regular music groups are engaged for the weekends which prove very popular. Forget any inhibitions you may have about members clubs, this place is different.

16 Nov 2016 16:04

Castle Hotel, Barry

Agree with Blue Scrumpy. The Castle is now run by yet another holding company and is now only one bar. It seems, from the noise last weekend, that the pool table and juke box have been moved to the kitchen area. For a Saturday night a lot of the regulars were missing and as regards atmosphere there wasn't any. The quiz is still running thanks to the work of the Mel the quizmaster and if it ceases then the pub will surely die. A shame as it was a great pub. Things went downhill when the long standing tenant, Graham, moved to a Cardiff pub a few years ago and it has been run my management companies ever since. Was my local but now it is an occasional visit.

16 Nov 2016 15:59

The Rose and Crown, Nether Stowey

Went there yesterday (Saturday) to find it closed. Apparently it was short notice and no one could tell me why other than it is advertising for a new operator to run it.

24 Apr 2016 18:08

Mumbles Alehouse, Mumbles

This is the first micropub in Wales and is great. The beer range is real ale and real cider, no lager, no shots, no alcopops etc. No amplified music or tv. Fantastic place to enjoy a pint of decent ale and have a conversation without shouting over the music.

8 Jan 2015 11:51

The Mayflower, Rhoose

This pub is now closed and has become a Tesco Extra.

15 Nov 2014 17:57

The Weavers Real Ale House, Kidderminster

Made a visit 1st November 20014. Centrally situated and with parking on street. Inside the atmosphere was fantastic. Really friendly. Décor was great and the ale was tops. After traveling some 115 miles to visit this alehouse all I can say is that the travel was well worth it.

2 Nov 2014 13:54

Farmers Arms, Pontardulais

Well they soon quit. Not surprising after finding out how they were treated by the owner. Pity as they had good ideas.

4 Mar 2014 17:39

Farmers Arms, Pontardulais

Under new management from 11th November. David and Maxine who have been running pubs in the area have taken over the Farmers Arms. Open all day every day with meals available. Let's hope they do well in this one as they have in their others

9 Nov 2013 13:15

The Ship Inn, Oldford

Been sold and is a curry house or similar

11 Nov 2012 11:54

Castle Hotel, Barry

Change of plan from last post. The Castle is being run by holding managers until further notice. A lot of regulars ave ceased attending. You can actually get a seat on the Saturday night quiz if you arrive late

11 Nov 2012 11:52

Cross Keys Inn, Glanamman

The Cross Keys Inn closed its doors on Sunday 9th September 2012. The apathy of locals is unbelievable, there just wasn't any support for the owners. From live music to karaoke, films to disco, live Swansea football on big screen, bingo, quiz, wii games. Real ales, quality keg lager and beer, It was all there But no one cared.
The notice in the window said it all:
"Use it or lose it the saying goes. Well you didn't and now you have"
Good luck to Dave and Max in the future. Hope you end up with customer base that appreciates all the hard work you do.

14 Sep 2012 15:42

Castle Hotel, Barry

Shock news. The Castle will close in September 2012. Understand a lot of repairs are needed and the brewery (Brains) have decided to demolish it and build flats instead as it is the cheaper option. What a loss! Where will we all go?

1 Aug 2012 13:25

Cross Keys Inn, Glanamman

The Cross Keys is a traditional drinking pub with some great beers and real ales.

1 Aug 2012 13:23

The Perrivale Inn, Ammanford

This pub is now closed and available for leasing The tenants took over the Old Cross in Ammanford and the new oweners, presume on a short lease, seemed to have given up. Everytime I passed it there did not seem to be anyone in it.

8 Apr 2010 14:44

Cross Keys Inn, Glanamman

This pub was closed for 18 months or more and re-opened October 2009. The new tenants have been busy with internal alterations and it is very user friendy. There are a number of activities planned but until the alterations are complete, which is shortly, they are saying nothing. Good thing really for the Amman Valley tend to distort any info and it turns into gossip.

8 Apr 2010 14:42

The Highwayman, Rhoose

Understand this has reopened. Will be checking it out soon.

31 Aug 2009 18:48

The Mayflower, Rhoose

I first used this pub when it was run by Dennis Reardon, brother of Ray the snooker player. Dennis was a boxer and won gold medals in 30's which were displayed casually on the bar. After he left the pub was never the same and every time I went there it seemed to be worse. Agree with it having the longest refurb. Went there last week and lounge and snug were shut and the skittle alley was opened into the main bar. Taking into account the noise made by the amatur skittle players I decided not to stay and listen to inane screeching and left. It is unlikely I shall return until the refurb is complete and then I shall check it out again.

31 Aug 2009 18:47

The Old College Inn, Llancarfan

This pub is in Barry and not Llancarfan.
(The Llancarfan pub is called the Fox & Hounds.)
This pub has gone downhill over the yeards. Yes I do realise that it is situated on the top of a hill!!!
The small outer wall of the pub is the original school wall from when it was the Barry Boys County Grammar School. (It was a teachers training college after that) and the red brick wall further along the road surrounding the houses is also an original wall (partly built up in places) which surrouned the playing fields. The car park used to be the quad. Happy days? One wonders. However standing in the bar and thinking 'I never thought I would ever be drinking a pint in the music room'!

31 Aug 2009 18:43

Castle Hotel, Barry

Great pub with a great group of regulars.
Real ales are a permanant fixture and beside the static sellers guest ales are on offer and change on a regular basis.
The Castle has won the Vale of Glamorgan Best Pub a couple of years running and 'mine hosts' - Graham & Brenda - continue to maintain the high standard.
Snooker and skittles are available as well as darts and pool. The Folk Club meets every Wednesday and live bands are featured Friday evenings. Quiz night is Saturday and the place is packed. Get there early to play and bag a place to sit.

31 Aug 2009 18:32

The Royal Oak, Frome

Sham that Pam and Bren left. However as they explained the pub was losing money and the brewery were not very helpful. Still we are still in touch and look forward to meeting u[ with them again.

23 Aug 2009 17:51

The Pack Horse, Frome

Was reaslly surprised that the landlord, Dave Mills, left so suddenly. He said he had been trying to sell the pub on for the past thirty years so I expectr he was regarded as a fixture. Quite a surprise when we found out he had moved. Trouble is I have misplaced his phone number to keep in touch!

23 Aug 2009 17:50

The Ship Inn, Oldford

It is understood that S&N have now placed The Ship up for lease, £25,000 for 5 years. Rather a lot for a short time and the amount of work that needs doing. Good luck to anyone who takes it.

13 Mar 2009 12:38

The Ship Inn, Oldford


The Ship at Oldford featured only recently in the Somerset Standard closed at short notice last Sunday 25th January.

David and Maxine Andrews, the managers, said that they were told Friday lunchtime by the owners, Scottish & Newcastle, of the decisionto close.

"It appears that with the credit crunch and cost cutting by Scottish & Newcastle the absorbing of the high start up overheads was no longer viable." said David.
"We are devastated at the decision just when trade is increasing and we were to start serving meals from next week. I can only apologise to those who have booked functions at The Ship and now have to find alternative venues."

Maxine went on to say "We would like to thank all those who have supported The Ship when we re-opened and especially to the Somerset Standard for its support. Today's decision underlines the problems faced by pubs outlined over the last several weeks by the Somerset Standard in its weekly feature on Frome pubs. We wish the best for those remaining open and hope that our next posting will see as friendly a bunch of customers as we have had."

23 Jan 2009 15:13

The Highwayman, Rhoose

With regret the owner has closed and mothballed this pub. Mainly due to being told to remoe road signs which council say are illegal but have been in place since before he bought the place many years ago. A loss of a good watering and feeding hole. Due to the location road signs are needed but as usual the local council..............

29 Dec 2008 11:36

Royal Hotel, Barry

Has been closed for a long time and is for sale with planing permission for flats. We will not see this pub again

29 Dec 2008 11:34

The Ship Inn, Oldford

Well the Ship has re-opened but no food until kitchens are upgraded in new year. Things are quiet as most people thought pub was not opening until January. Bad time to re-open as most people have arranged their christmas activities and holidays. Good luck for new year.

29 Dec 2008 11:31

The Vine Tree, Frome

Seems to be lacking in atmospheare

12 Dec 2008 13:24

The Ship Inn, Oldford

At last The Ship is to re-open on Thursday December 18th about 4.00pm

12 Dec 2008 13:22

The Royal Oak, Fishguard

Maybe the below mentioned complaints are a result of the crabby old bloke called Dave who owns it. A very odd person indeed. Cough loudly at night outside the pub and you get banned on the pub watch.

6 Dec 2008 17:59

The Badgers Hill, Frome

Following my first visit it has become one of our most frequented bars. Service is friendly, bar prices are friendly and overall the regulars are friendly. Just what this industry is all about. Quiz nights on Monday, Bingo on Sunday and other events throught the week. A great place to enjoy a pint.

3 Dec 2008 13:28

The Griffin, Frome

Following a news article in Western Daily Press we went to the Griffin to taste their real ale. We only had one pint, The Usual, which we thought bland for a 4.1 abv. There was no bite or aftertaste but overall it was a nice beer. The reason we only had one pint was that we found the place lacking in atmosphere. There were six people in the bar on our arrival, and six when we left. It seemed that as two came in two would leave! Walking from the bar to a window seat I had to negotiate randomly placed stools (could the staff not replace them when quiet?) and baggage belonging to one customer who had blocked the walkway and made no attemt to move his stuff. Pushing it out of the way with my foot, as I was carrying two pints, whilst making the comment 'do not worry I shall move it for you!' brought no response except that he did move it about 5 minutes later as he wanted to get to the toilets. Talk about ignorant.
The bar servery had no lighting just a bland background but I have heard since that there is supposed to be a stained glass mirror being installed.
However whilst being served I tried to make conversation with the barmaid, as I usually do when visiting for the first time, but I was cut dead. I was presented with two pints of The Usual with 'northern heads!' The barmaid returned to the corner of the bar and continued her loud conversation with two regulars, who seemed stuck to the bar stools, discussing road accidents whilst stuffing her face and drinking.
On leaving we returned our glasses to the bar and as we opened the door to leave she came back to planet Earth and shouted 'thank you, goodbye'.
Not a very good welcome for two obvious first time visitors.
This pub in Frome is definately off our visiting list.
Marks for atmosphere = 0
Marks for bar service = 0
Marks for being made welcome = 0
Marks for the real ale = 8
This is the worst comment I have ever made about a Frome pub.

3 Dec 2008 11:48

The Ship Inn, Oldford

Another missed date. Safety work has to be carried out.

1 Dec 2008 11:04

The Ship Inn, Oldford

Provisional re-opening date is November 27th 2008. The brewery (scottish & newcastle) are going to refurbish the cellar before then.

6 Nov 2008 16:37

The Farmers Arms, Spring Gardens

As of October 2008 this food led house has closed.

18 Oct 2008 17:14

The Ship Inn, Oldford

The Ship Inn, when it re-opens (end of November?) will be the start and finish point for a lovely Mendip Walk of approx 4 miles.
This short and easy going route is at the very eastern end of the Mendips, starting from The Ship in the hamlet of Oldford on the outskirts of Frome. It encompasses country lanes, the River Frome, a scenic golf course and a fine old country mansion built in 1858. The surprise of the circuit is the small church tucked away on an island in Orchardleigh Lake. The walk then follows the southern edge of the lake until meeting a Victorian built temple and an ironwork bridge and returning to the Ship Inn.

12 Oct 2008 12:39

The Bell, Standerwick

Agree with all other comments, but think the beer is over priced. £3.20 for a pint is outrageous, even though it was first class.

12 Oct 2008 12:30

The Ring O Bells, Frome

And I forgot to mention that the Butcombe was almost as bad as the one I had in the Old Globe

12 Oct 2008 12:28

The Ring O Bells, Frome

What an unfriendly pub. No atmosphere, not even a good evening or hello from the bar maid. Glasses left uncollected on the tables, barmaid more concerned with chatting top regulars. Will not be going there again.

12 Oct 2008 12:27

The Royal Oak, Frome

Very friendly pub and a good friendly atmosphere generated from the customers. Mine hosts, Pan and Bren made us feel very welcome on our first visit. This is what the trade is all about - encourage the customer to come back.

12 Oct 2008 12:25

The Pack Horse, Frome

A very friendly pub from the govenor, David down to the newest member of staff. All friendly and make you feel welcome. Making several return visits when in the area.

8 Oct 2008 17:47

The Old Globe Inn, Frome

Went in there last week and we ordered three pints of Butcome Ale. The worst Butcombe we have ever tasted. Landlady comment was 'It only went on today, it'll be better tomorrow'
We left the remains and left. Not even an attempt at an apology. And being three licensee's and familiar with cask ale we knew what we were talking about. By now she may have found out who we were but we shall not be back.

8 Oct 2008 17:46

The Ship Inn, Oldford

Well The Ship is ready to open except that the brewery have a few things to do and I have refused to open until they are done and we want variations to the license so it looks like mid November when we open. In the meantime we can cut back the shrubbery and grass, weather permitting.
For your info the pool table will be where the darts were, alongside the bar. The darts now are in situ by front windows, where they used to be, juke box will be reinstalled in centre of bar but speakers are being laid slightly different. Why such a complicated set up on tv and sound wiring..who knows. BUT we are not intalling a tv system until it is feasable.
Additionally, no bikers, no gyppo's, no riff raff. This will be a family pub again.
Watch this space for an update.

8 Oct 2008 17:42

The Ship Inn, Oldford

Have no fear Dryvillie, it will be open end of September 2008. Going in next week, as managers, to spend two weeks at least on clearing it out and getting it ready to re-open. Pop in and introduce yourself.

11 Sep 2008 20:39

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