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Comments by bicknell

The Old Wheatsheaf, Enfield

Nice boozer run by a decent Landlord who is a big supporter of the local football team Enfield Town with a well kept stock of ale as well as more mainstream fare. good to watch the football and rugby and miles better than the Witherspoon round the corner.

28 Feb 2014 22:03

The Wonder, Enfield

Popped in for a quick pint and ended up staying for a few more! Made to feel at home as soon as I came in and well kept ale. Utterly charming barmaid who was a student but who obviously knew all who came in or made time to get to know people.

This is quite an overlooked pub but beats the local Witherspoons hands down in terms of clientele and customer service - one to revisit in the very near future I think......

28 Feb 2014 21:59

Moon Under Water, Enfield

Awful pub that could be so much better. Popped in at the weekend fora saturday lunchtime a pint and was completely ignored by the bar staff who watched a whole crowd get fed up of waiting and leave and then served a group of underage drinkers before me which was of real concern as I teach some of them! Plenty of decent pubs in the not so immediate area a pub best avoided!

4 Jun 2012 19:43

The Horseshoe Inn, London Bridge

A dreadful pub that gets worse particulary with an obnoxious landlord. Toilets are filthy and a complete disgrace even the long suffering locals no longer go. You can expect expensive poorly kept beer if it is on at all, filthy toilets and customer service whcih is almost non existent. Best avoid this ub whcih is off the beaten track so it is quite easy to not go. Far better pubs in the local area.

4 Sep 2011 23:31

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