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La Brocca upstairs bar, West Hampstead

not bad, decent enough music (apart from usher, wtf!?) guiness was fine. agree with previous poster about the wall of photos of the owner, well amusing, particularly the photo with martin johnson looking like he's just been slapped across the face.

11 Aug 2011 14:30

Alice House, West Hampstead

stupidly expensive. nice decor. no decent beer. outside terrace decent if a little cramped. our australian waitress was super friendly and looked after us well.

that's about it really, nothing special but not a disaster, and at least they were welcoming.

11 Aug 2011 14:28

The Castle Inn, Ealing

decent enough boozer. worth going for the weekday thai lunch deals. need to frequent there a wee bit more to have any more of an opinion about the atmosphere. i work across the road and am looking forward to watching the footy here. beer ok.

11 Aug 2011 14:21

Red Lion, Ealing

this is my work local, just started here and went for food and drinks last week. beer good and a cosy pub, service just fine. as other people have noticed it is expensive, but then if your mate drinks peroni (yeah, peroni!) then i guess you just have to take it on the chin.

food portion (fish and chips) was really generous, but while the chips and peas were good, the (huge!) piece of fish was a little flavourless, and the batter was too thick - crispy on the outside but soggy on the inside. being a greedy bastard i nevertheless scoffed the lot, but felt a little queasy afterwards.

this won't stop me from returning though.

11 Aug 2011 14:15

The Duke of Cambridge, Islington

excellent meal here yesterday lunchtime. beetroot soup was awesome, and 'eco warrior' pale ale was well kept and very tasty.

my second visit and wouldn't hesitate to go again.

oh - i've never seen this before - i ordered an espresso for after lunch and got a whole hob-top espresso machine full of great coffee. very good value and a really different way of serving.

20 Jan 2011 16:31

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