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Comments by bendyboo

Mr Pickwicks, Whitechapel

First time I have been here for so long. The name has changed and I can trust my boyfriend with the landlady (unlike the last bitch) nice and clean, a different pub altogether althpugh a bit boring.

5 Apr 2011 13:24

The Cannon, Cannon Street

the Loose Cannon is a gem.
My friends from the banks drink in their and rave about the poker?>
I dont like the back bar, looks to 1970s for me but the staff are all friendly and its a very weird kinda place when everything shakes because a Cannon Street train is running overhead.

5 Apr 2011 13:20

Mary Janes, Aldgate

I like it , I must be the only one lol

23 Mar 2011 14:47

East India Arms, Fenchurch Street

nice ouide, too busy to get in on Friday though

23 Mar 2011 14:44

The Peacock, Tower Hill

god this is a dead hole. Thank god we only have to meet up here after work , I would kill my self if I had to stay here for more than 15 mins.

23 Mar 2011 14:40

The London Stone, Cannon Street

cave...monsters behind the thank you.

14 Jan 2011 20:15

The Bolt Hole, Cannon Street

its expensive, but worth it.
Hiding away down stairs , very good staff.

14 Jan 2011 20:13

The Vintry, Cannon Street

stood at bar for 3 mins waiting for blonde bimbo to finish her fooking convo.
Decided to put my cash in some other till.
Expensive , and fooking rude!

14 Jan 2011 20:11

The Britannia, Monument

fantastic location., worst staff in the world, customers all Henrys, and loud . worst pub ever , but still at least its not as bad as the Peacock on the Minories.

14 Jan 2011 20:05

The Monument, Monument

been closed since xmas!!!!!! refurb ?

14 Jan 2011 20:01

The Porters Lodge, Monument

I suppose its a great place if you like your boss spending ooodles of cash on wine and food so we can play darts ??? teambuilding is such fun.!!
To be honest, its ok, lots of dartboards.
I dont think I will return, unless my boss takes me out for drinks again, but cant knock the place.I have never seen so many dart boards.

14 Jan 2011 19:57

Charlie's Bar, Tower Hill

what to say?, I only come here when Im too drunk to know better. The staff are a bit reserved, the whole place is underground. Im sorry, but I dont like it lol.

14 Jan 2011 19:48

The Fine Line, Tower Hill

expensive and poncy........fantastic though.

14 Jan 2011 19:44

The Peacock, Tower Hill

Not the worst pub in the area , but very very close.
Nice if you squint your eyes, hold your nose and try to think happy thoughts.
I suppose if the staff tried to lift their heads out of their magazines and thought about cleaning the tables, or low and behold serving the waiting customer and her friend , then it would pass for at least a half decent dirty dump!

14 Jan 2011 19:39

Ye Three Lords, Aldgate

charming, old, sexy, bit noisy, clean glassware,
not too expensive, overall I would like another drink please Malcolm ha ha .

14 Jan 2011 19:33

The Bended Elbow, Albury

nice...if you like your beeeer at minus 50 lol...

14 Jan 2011 19:29

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