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Comments by bellabee250

The Royal Oak, Brentford

clean friendly welcoming pub, great staff and landlady who have a good banter with all customers. away fans made to feel very welcome here. good selection of pumps and real ale was lovely and well kept, was happy to see that they sold thatchers gold, drinks prices are excellent after going from the griffin. the best of the 4 pubs would recommend it to anyone.

16 Oct 2011 13:21

The New Inn, Brentford

nice pub, nice beer and staff

16 Oct 2011 13:16

The Griffin, Brentford

after hearing so much about this pub i was very excited to find out that we would get to play brentford at home so that i could visit. i wish i had never bothered. the staff do not have a clue what is going on, they are old and miserable and not welcoming at all, the pub is small and stinks of urine, the landlord seems to only care about the money that goes in his till as he lets all the riff raff in who chant and make you feel uncomfortable as you are sure that a fight will be about to kick off, which explains why there is such a massive police presence outside the pub. to make matters worse i heard to local say to each other the the landlord puts his prices up on football days. and the service and the beer is not all that.

16 Oct 2011 13:15

Princess Royal, Brentford

as an away fan i found this to be a very rough and intimidating, you have to fight your way in to get through the front doors as everyone is outside them smoking and swearing. and then once inside everything gets worse, the pub is filthy the beer is horrible and the staff are not very welcoming.
would never come to this pub again, worse of the 4. do not go here

16 Oct 2011 13:08

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