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The Woolpack, London Bridge

Had a few drinks here on a Friday night. The place gets very busy but service was quick considering. Great beer garden with heaters, and very tastefully decorated inside. Food was great too - the twice fried chips were spot on to accompany a Friday night beer - and was freshly prepared: better than your average pub-grub though this is reflected in the price. Does a nice drop of Guiness too, if you're so inclined.

13 Mar 2012 21:59

The Greenwich Union, Greenwich

I'm a big fan of Meantime beer (not such a fan of the prices, mind) and this place is a great place to go and try some of the range. Indeed without prompting the bar maid offered us a taster (I'd never tried Yakima Red before and it's pretty good).

Nice little garden out the back, though it was too wet for that so we enjoyed the conservatory to the rear which is very light and airy even on a cloudy day. The bar is quite small so I imagine this isn't the best place to go at busy times, but during the day it's very pleasant.

Going to go back for lunch soon so I will report back on food. If you've never tried Meantime beer, try this place and you'll love the stuff.

28 Mar 2011 18:17

The Ship, Borough

Spent a few hours here a couple of weeks ago on a Friday afternoon, drying off after a long walk in the rain. Very pleasant pub, decent beer kept fairly well. Welcoming staff when we visited, and was a great place to relax.

28 Mar 2011 18:13

The Royal Standard, Blackheath

Ignore my previous review. After a couple more visits and experiencing the rude and unwelcoming staff, I won't be going back. Not worth it.

5 Feb 2011 22:36

The Duke Of Wellington, Hackney

Nice enough atmosphere for a mid week drink, though recent comments about the clientele are accurate. Beer was ok, but not brilliant. Suggests that its not been kept well - the porter had an unusual aftertaste. Didn't try the food so can't comment.

What really let's this place down though is the bar staff - absolutely useless. Saw one barman measuring Laphroaig with the bottle cap! Took forever to get served while the other barman ignored is in favour of the more pretentiously dressed.

31 Dec 2010 12:39

The Royal Standard, Blackheath

Went here for a pre Christmas drink with some friends having got fed up of the rubbish pubs in the village. This place is much better - its the first time I've been here so I can't say anything about its past, but if the other reviews are accurate you can tell a lot of effort has been put into improving the place. Decent (if small) selection of ales including a fine beer from the Acorn brewery in Barnsley, and its cheaper than pubs in the village too, presumably because of its location. The food was good too - decent pub fare at reasonable prices for the area. Would definitely recommend, though if you go on a cold day don't sit near the door opposite Barclays as it sticks open!

31 Dec 2010 12:24

The Gate Clock, Greenwich

Not bad in comparison with other Wetherspoons, but the only reason to go there is the cheaper drinks. The staff aren't the brightest - one thought my request for a pint of "Old Rascal" cider and a coke would be best served combined in a single glass! - but they were polite and friendly. I was slightly horrified to see the poor quality inkjet printed label for "Old Empire", which put me off from ordering any ales!

15 Oct 2010 16:17

The Grove Ferry Inn, Upstreet

This pub is in a lovely riverside setting, perfect for a sunny afternoon. Beer was ok, but not brilliant compared to normal Shepherd Neame standards. I wouldn't recommend ordering food, however, unless you're extremely patient and have time to kill. They have a rather complicated ordering system where you have to order your drinks at the bar, then order food at another counter, but if you're paying on card you can only pay at the bar. The food itself, though tasty, was over-priced, took almost an hour to come out, and wasn't as described in the menu (in the case of 3 out of the 4 meals we ordered!). Its the food side that lets this place down, hence the 5/10.

8 Jul 2010 13:30

The Oxford, Kentish Town

Decent pint of Young's bitter. Decent enough atmosphere for early on a Saturday evening, not too busy. The menu isn't your standard pub-fayre and thats reflected in the prices, so I didn't sample any to comment on. Was decent enough for a quick pint on my way to the KT Forum.

3 May 2010 16:08

Dirty Dick's, Bishopsgate

Popped in here for a couple of pints early Saturday afternoon. Given that its a Young's pub, the pint of Young's bitter I was served wasn't great. The London Gold was a lot fresher tasting. Service was friendly but slow. Decent enough pub, but pricey as you'd expect from this area.

3 Jan 2010 16:58

The Crown, Otford

Popped in whilst passing through Otford yesterday. Similar to another review, the place could do with a little care, especially the beer garden which was looking a bit neglected.

That said though, the beer and the real cider were both good and the landlord was very knowledgeable about what he was selling which is always a nice touch. Would definitely come back for a longer stay next time.

7 Aug 2009 09:22

The Tattersalls Tavern, Knightsbridge

Had a pint here one Wednesday evening to join some friends. Although the pub wasn't packed, there were a lot of people waiting to be served and the service was pretty slow. There were a few staff members who didn't show any interest in serving, instead leaving all the work to two barmaids. This was made worse by the fact that the barmaid had the annoying habbit of asking the next person to be served what they would like BEFORE she had finished serving the last person. In the time I was waiting, she mixed up orders, and then when it came to my turn it took almost 5 minutes for me to be served my pint, which when it came was ok but certainly not worth the wait. I can only assume that this is some tactic to make people think that they're being served quicker, but trust me, it doesn't work.

7 Aug 2009 09:19

The Blue Anchor, Hammersmith

Decent pub - tried all three of the ales on offer (which judging by a previous review don't change all that regularly). Kept fairly well, although the Adnams Explorer was far too warm. Decent interior, but its main asset is its location right on the river by Hammersmith Bridge. If its a nice day and there's a seat outside this is definitely worth a visit, but be prepared to pay a premium for your drinks.

6 Aug 2009 09:46

The Hare and Billet, Blackheath

I've been here a couple of times recently having just moved back into the area. Its a decent enough pub inside in terms of style and decoration - not pretentious, and not run-down either. The beer is ok, when they've got any! Talking purely about ale here, but they have three pumps and very seldom have three beers on. Often the only chioce is the ubiquitous GK IPA which didn't exactly taste fresh. On my last visit, to their credit, they did put another couple of beers on which tasted much better, but this seems to be the exception rather than the rule.

Food wise - don't bother! The fish was tasteless, too few chips, and the mushy peas were more like lumpy pea soup.

If you're just going for a quiet drink and want to get away from some of Blackheath's busier pubs, then its a pretty safe bet. If you're after an evening of drinking and want to eat, maybe reconsider.

30 Jul 2009 09:53

The North Star, Ealing

Beer was ok but not brilliant for the price. They do a good range but I've had much better Wadworth 6X before. The food was pretty good and its got a very down to earth atmosphere.

2 Apr 2009 00:00

The Bunch of Grapes, London Bridge

Went in there on a Saturday evening. Beer was good but despite the fact they had lots of staff behind the bar the service was shocking.

1 Apr 2009 23:58

The Southwark Tavern, London Bridge

Pretty good pub compared with a lot of the local offerings. Good range of ales and a comfortable atmosphere. Not cheap but where is around there!?

31 Mar 2009 20:04

The Yacht, Greenwich

Nice pub with a lot of seating available looking out onto the river - very pleasant in the evening. The beer was ok, but the food really let the place down on this occasion. A few of us had the fish and chips, and although it wasn't frozen as in a previous review, it was luke-warm at best. Staff weren't particularly competent either, especially given there were only about 10 people in the entire pub!

31 Mar 2009 20:03

Waxy O'Connors, Piccadilly

Terrible place. Went there to meet some people on night after work (it was their choice). The beer was incredibly overpriced and not very good, and it was so busy we could barely move. There are so many different pubs in the area that there really is no need to go here.

7 Feb 2009 14:53

Mabel's Tavern, Euston

Good selection of Shepheard Neame beers, friendly atmosphere and not too expensive either for the area. Food not great, but it was more than made up for by the good pint in my hand. Bar staff weren't the most friendly and the toilets were poor, but the service was quick. Would definitely go there again when in the area, and great for Euston / St. Pancras.

7 Feb 2009 14:48

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