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The Woodstock, Bond Street


4 May 2014 19:49

Coach and Horses, Mayfair

Closed on the day we visited

4 May 2014 19:48

The Aldgate Exchange, Aldgate

Very much shut

4 May 2014 19:46

The Coach and Horses, Covent Garden

I was hoping this would be a fine pub. A group of 13 of us needed our half pints here for a monopoly pub crawl, unfortunately this is a pub that didn't want to serve beer in large numbers. A very sad policy. I'm not sure my group of friends could be any more friendly. A quick drink and we would have been off. The barman had poured half the drinks before he announced the policy, therefore discarding good beer. Pretty pathetic. Nice pub but watch out.

4 May 2014 19:32

The Globe, Covent Garden

Rude and surly, the reason being that they don't rely on regulars and the business is on their doorstep. If they provide bad service it matters not as they don't need repeat custom. Poor pub

4 May 2014 19:19

The Marquess of Anglesey, Covent Garden

Visited this pub as part of the monopoly pub crawl. We rocked up in the early afternoon and asked for out drinks. When the the young man behind the bar realised I was going to need 13 half pints he informed me the policy of the pub is not to serve large groups. He then poured the drinks away he had already pulled. A crazy policy which this pub and all the others on bow street had. (the only pubs we encountered this issue on) This shows the pubs are food focused and can afford to refuse service to people needing a small libation. The group of lads I was with could not be any more friendly, a terrible policy which I would like the landlord to explain. I concur with other reviewers, d├ęcor straight out of 'rent a pub' soulless with a transient clientele. I heartily recommend the lyceum on the strand for all people needing a drink in the area.

4 May 2014 19:09

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