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The Queens Head, Chislehurst

after 13 years in the pub trade you really do need to employ more staff or train the ones you have to serve a bit quicker ,for Christ's sake to hear from a bar maid your my 2nd your my 3rd your my 4th while waiting for a drink is pathetic I felt like I was in a dinner queue and I'm supposed to feel grateful. Had it not been for a mates birthday I would have walked out.

22 Jun 2015 21:44

The Cock Inn, Halstead

oh dear just read its got a 0 star food hygene rating by the council,think ill give this one a miss

10 Jun 2015 11:29

The Toby Carvery, Bexleyheath

love the carvery although does get very busy but after visiting 3 times now we always find this carvery consistent quality and worth the wait.found the lady with the blonde hair, sorry I don't know your name very friendly she was greeting people when entering and taking bookings.defo be back.

26 Dec 2013 12:34

The Red Lion, St Mary Cray


13 Nov 2011 14:26

The Broomwood, St Pauls Cray

ha ha ha well done macdonalds

13 Nov 2011 14:23

The Fox and Hounds, Romney Street

took my family there for sunday lunch after reading all the reviews sorry to say was very dissapointed.waited an absolute age for the food bearing in mind the place wasnt that was ok but not worth the wait.after my wife was chewing on string she found in the roast beef which i mentioned to the staff no apology was forth coming which would have been fair enough.wont be going back im afraid.

13 Nov 2011 14:16

The North Pole, Wateringbury

oh dear what has happened maybe it was a one off this time.i found the service very slow and not once during our meal was we asked if we would like anymore drinks .i ended up going to the bar myself throughout the meal.hope this was a one off as we have been there several times and service was never this bad.

13 Nov 2011 14:09

The North Pole, Wateringbury

went there last sunday with the family tried the carvery.was one of the best carverys ive tasted in a long time.will definateley be back .

30 May 2011 17:09

The Bulls Head, Chislehurst

used to work there as a cellarman/assistant manager.sorry to dissappoint you real ale drinkers out there but everything is filtered back into the 36 galon barrells of bitter once a couple of gallons has been sold out of it so people dont notice.i was encouraged to do this by the manager.the quickest way to get rid of this (dodgy brew )was to sell it through the function room at the back as a wedding party or any large function would soon empty the barrell.yes i do have a grudge against youngs as we were treated like shit by them.but im only telling the truth and the way it was when i worked go there and make your own decisions.happy drinking.

6 Dec 2010 17:17

The Broomwood, St Pauls Cray

what a kaazi just change it to a macdonalds itll be for the best the low life scum who drink in there.

9 Nov 2010 21:45

Corner House Inn, Portland

could anyone tell me please is this pub still run by peter and alison brooks?

2 Jan 2010 19:30

The Alma, Sidcup

miserable landord .....need i say more

1 Jan 2010 14:05

The Crown, Bromley

yes its crap not even decent carvery.waitress kept saying your welcome.....god thats so irritating.

12 Jul 2009 11:37

The Wanderer, St Pauls Cray

yes its closed

1 Jan 2009 03:41

The Partridge, St Pauls Cray


1 Jan 2009 03:40

The Blacksmiths Arms, Cudham

went there for alovely sunday roast with the mrs and kids couple of weeks ago.made to feel very welcome (thanks dot}.was looking at other food other than roast being served had i not been so full would have even eaten that aswell looked delish.will definateley be back to try other stuff.

27 Oct 2008 15:48

The George, Beckenham

first time i went in here couldnt fault the place.went there about a month ago my wife and i were totally ignored and not even acknowledged they just looked straight through us (be with you in a minute)wouldve been nice.i find the staff ignorant and if thats the way they want to run a pub STAFFor should i say glorified barmaids need to find some manners.still theres no way we will be going back anyway.sod the lot of you ignorant lot in there.

27 Apr 2008 15:59

The Bull Inn, St Pauls Cray

used to be my local about five years ago.paid a visit while i was back up here to see a is full of chavs and drug pushers now.

23 Apr 2008 20:39

The Priory Tavern and Refectory, Orpington

my mates went in there had one pint then left,due to it being overpriced.(i was supposed to meet them there)but they decided to leave before i got there.from what i heard about the place i may be wrong,but trust me i will visit

17 Apr 2008 20:40

The Robin Hood and Little John, Bexleyheath

yes i cant stand the place.went there with my wife for a drink and some food.waited nearly 40 mins for food (it wasnt busy).how long does it take to do a toasted cheese sandwich and chilli con carne ? not 40mins im sure.sorry if ive upset people who have followed the trend of this pub great food etc etc but my experience was not good.

10 Dec 2007 17:05

The Rose and Crown, Halstead

visited this place three times very good would recommend burgers and sunday roast.staff and landlord very friendly and attentive.

12 Nov 2007 12:29

Two Brewers, Shoreham

went there with my wife couple of weeks ago.found the place very friendly although not busy for some unknown when served after some wait was absolutely superb and plentiful.cant fault the place to be honest,will definately visit again.

12 Nov 2007 12:21

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