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The Seven Stars, Chancery Lane

Best pint of Broadside I've ever had in London (and I do try). Fantastic place with lovely food and great beer. Like the Nag's they also have Aspall's cider on, which is always good to see.
I've yet to see what it's like in the week, but I expect it'll be great even when it's rammed.

26 Nov 2006 21:20

The Chelsea Ram, Chelsea

An excellent pint of Young's Special and an open wireless connection; I'm happy.

3 Jul 2006 20:52

The Anglesea Arms, Chelsea

The last time I was in there not only was the barmaid friendly, but so was her dog.

23 Nov 2005 17:03

All Bar One, South Kensington

Currently a building site. From the planning notice it looks like an Angus Steakhouse is going in. I was quite surprised that it could take a step down from an All Bar One.

16 Nov 2005 11:35

The Pigs Ear, Chelsea

The Pig's Ear from Uley is superb, and they do a pretty good Breton cider (by the glass or bottle).

16 Nov 2005 11:31

The Anglesea Arms, Chelsea

I find the staff very friendly. Particularly good as a lunchtime pub - when there are fewer suits in. And the beer's always well kept.

16 Nov 2005 11:29

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