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Comments by arkman43

The Cock Inn, Stowe By Chartley

Staff lost interest in us when the found we only wanted a drink and weren't eating

30 Nov 2012 23:47

The Spittal Brook, Stafford

New landlord now in, much friendlier atmosphere, beers in good condition, stupid notices that were meant to be funny & weren't have gone. A much improved pub.

30 Nov 2012 23:34

The Rifleman, Stafford

Now being converted for residential use so another Stafford pub gone

30 Nov 2012 23:30

The Holly Bush, Stafford

Re-opened this week as a Titanic Brewery pub with an emphasis on food.

30 Nov 2012 23:23

Cock Inn, Beamhurst

This pub closed in 2008

30 Nov 2012 22:54

The Yorkshireman, Colton

Really a restaurant, the very small bar area and two stools are usually occupied by people waiting to their table. Beer fine but not really somewhere to go for a drink

22 Oct 2012 23:31

The Toby Carvery, Etruria

Not very happy that I only wanted a drink not a meal last time I was there

22 Oct 2012 23:15

The Tap and Spile, Stafford

Beers not always in top condition recently

22 Oct 2012 23:13

The Robin, Stone

Closed since 2010, doesn't show signs of opening anytime soon

22 Oct 2012 22:58

Picture House, Stafford

Its a Wetherspoons. Good ones are like hen's teeth but this isn't too bad

22 Oct 2012 22:51

The Old Swan, Uttoxeter

Typical Wetherspoons -soulless barn cheap food & cheap beer - cheap in every sense of the word

22 Oct 2012 21:05

Junction Inn, Norbury Junction

Has a "house beer" brewed by Coach House Brewery.

22 Oct 2012 20:55

The George and Fox, Penkridge

Punch have now sold it to Sainsburys to convert into a Sansbury Local store

22 Oct 2012 20:46

Cock Inn, Beamhurst

Closed in 2008

22 Oct 2012 20:39

The Chicago Rock Cafe, Stafford


22 Oct 2012 20:37

The Bonnie Gem, Walton

Now demolished and houses being built on the site

22 Oct 2012 20:31

Black Swan, Uttoxeter

The Black Swan is not the same pub as the Old Swan and both are still open. The Old Swan is the wetherspoons

22 Oct 2012 20:28

The Plough Inn, Woodseaves

Friendly pub, good beer

27 Jun 2012 21:48

The Bonnie Gem, Walton

Currently closed.

27 Jun 2012 21:47

The Swan Inn, Stone

A beer drinkers pub rather than a pub goers pub

27 Jun 2012 21:45

The Royal Exchange, Stone

Excellent pub. Interesting co-operation between Titanic and Everards gives a good range of beers which are kept in fine condition. Friendly.

27 Jun 2012 21:43

The Woolpack, Stafford

Good food, good beer, pleasant company

27 Jun 2012 21:40

The Waggon and Horses, Stafford

Reopened as a pub after a period of closure

27 Jun 2012 21:38

The Telegraph Inn, Stafford

Closed and now an accountants office.

27 Jun 2012 21:36

The Surgery Bar, Stafford

Refurbished and reopened as the Stafford Ale House. Back to the best days of the Pie & Ale, some very good beer.

27 Jun 2012 21:35

Star and Garter, Stafford

Refurbished and reopened under new ownership

27 Jun 2012 21:21

The Spittal Brook, Stafford

The landlord is leaving so that things might improve at this pub which should offer so much and doesn't

27 Jun 2012 21:19

The Rose and Crown, Stafford

Nice refurbishment. Fine if you like Joules beers

27 Jun 2012 20:58

The Rifleman, Stafford

Still boarded up and an application in for change of use

27 Jun 2012 20:56

Red Lion, Stafford

Re-opened, after a period of closure, with new owners

27 Jun 2012 20:54

Lynton Tavern, Stafford

Closed permanently

27 Jun 2012 20:48

The King's Arms, Stafford

Good little boozer

27 Jun 2012 20:46

Joxer Bradys, Stafford

One of the better town centre pubs

27 Jun 2012 20:45

The Holly Bush, Stafford

Closed, converted to an Indian restaurant but recently purchased by a consortium of local people and should be re-opening as a pub shortly.

27 Jun 2012 20:42

The Hogs Head, Stafford

Should be re-opening later this year

27 Jun 2012 20:38

Greyhound, Stafford

A lot of beers but the range is poor, mostly strong, pale, golden or blonde beers. Often noisy in the public bar and the noise carries through into the lounge. Best smoker's area in Staffordthough

27 Jun 2012 20:36

Clifford Arms, Stafford

Good pub, friendly staff & customers, good beer and the food is fine. Why is it listed under Stafford instead of Great Haywood?

27 Jun 2012 20:26

Boat Inn, Stafford

Not sure why this is inthe Stafford listing rather than under Penkridge with the restof the Penkridge pubs. Beer fine but most of the emphasis is on pub grub type food. Does attract the younger element at times

27 Jun 2012 20:22

The Bird In Hand, Stafford

Re-opened again after yet another closure. Same people have got Chambers which should re-open later in the year. New management.

27 Jun 2012 20:18

Apres, Stafford

Now Butlers Bell, a Wetherspoons Lloyds No1 bar

27 Jun 2012 20:16

The White Hart Inn, Penkridge

Along with the Horse & Jockey and the Star one of the three dependable pubs in the village

27 Jun 2012 18:43

Railway Inn, Penkridge

Up for sale and currently being run (down) by a management company. Nothing to go in for, so lets hope someone buys it and turns it into the pub the building deserves

27 Jun 2012 18:40

Horse and Jockey, Penkridge

Still two rooms but a better bar layout in the lounge. Often 4 beers and at the moment 4 ciders as well. Food at lunchtime. Friendly & welcoming

27 Jun 2012 18:35

The George and Fox, Penkridge

Well it was quite a good Indian restaurant for the first month or so, then it went downhill. In 18 months it has been Basmati, Indian Spice and Indian Garden, now it is boarded up.

27 Jun 2012 18:04

The Barley mow, Milford

A Greene King "Eat Inn". Seems popular with people wanting a meal

27 Jun 2012 17:55

The Anchor, High Offley

JimmyRibble said it all two years ago and the pub hasn't changed. Good beer, good company, great pub, what more could you need

27 Jun 2012 17:50

The Swan, Forton

Still as good as the last two reviews suggest

26 Jun 2012 16:29

Drake Hall, Eccleshall

Is this a correct entry? The only Drake Hall I know at this location is a womens' prison!

26 Jun 2012 16:16

Doxey Arms, Doxey

Closed 2009, planning permission granted for conversion to multiple occupancy accomodation

26 Jun 2012 16:13

The Red Lion, Dayshill

Small single bar pub attached to a farmhouse, flagstone floor, big fire.

26 Jun 2012 16:11

Seven Stars, Brocton

Gastropub it isn't but the food is always good, the staff are friendly, there are usually 2 beers on & in good condition. Do you need more for an quiet meal?

26 Jun 2012 16:06

The Crown, Aston

This pub has been closed for several years and is now a private house

26 Jun 2012 15:43

The Old Bramshall Inn, Bramshall

Visited the Old Bramshall several times in the last few months. Always a warm welcome, the food is excellent. The choice of beers often includes Pedigree, Landlord, Doombar and something from local brewers such as Titanic or Slaters, and always in good condition. Significantly better than under previous licensees.

11 May 2012 16:18

The Surgery Bar, Stafford

Now the Pie and Ale House. Does what it says on the label. Usually 6 ales on handpump and a menu that features a lot of pies.

15 May 2011 21:48

The Spittal Brook, Stafford

Not good when we visited. The regulars gave the impression that we were not at all welcome in their pub and two of the beers were decidedly tired. Didn't try any others and moved rapidly on to much better pubs in the area.

15 May 2011 21:31

The Malt and Hops, Stafford

Now called The Island and up for sale.

15 May 2011 19:13

Dog and Doublet, Stafford

It has now been taken over and refurbished by the Lewis family who already own the Moat House, Acton Trussell and the Swan, Stafford. Expect something similar here.

15 May 2011 16:29

Horse and Jockey, Penkridge

The pub is currently undergoing a full refurbishment. Usually 3 beers on handpump, often from Banks's Mild, Hobgoblin, GK St Edmunds, Pedigee, Banks's Bitter.

15 May 2011 15:55

The George and Fox, Penkridge

Quite a good Indian restaurant now. Unfortunately the former clientel are now roaming around the other pubs in the village.

15 May 2011 15:45

The Cross Keys, Penkridge

Banks's Bitter & Mild are cask ales dispensed by metered electric pump rather than handpump, actually guarantees a full pint of real ale. Clientel divided between lager drinkers from the local estate and real ale drinking boaters which means ales can be a bit tired out of season when throughput is low. Food basic but good.

15 May 2011 15:42

The Vaughan Arms, Lapley

As far as I know, the pub is closed and converted into a private house

15 May 2011 15:27

The Star Inn, Copmere End

It has been in the GBG 13 times, including 2009 & 2011

15 May 2011 15:04

The Castle Tavern, Stafford

Confirm that this has been a Greek restaurant for some time now.

15 May 2011 14:52

The Holly Bush Inn, Salt

Agree with Graham H. Tables crammed in so tightly it's difficult to move. Beer is ok, but I doubt anyone goes there just to drink. Packed solid with eaters on a Thursday evening and no chance of a table within a reasonable time.

5 Oct 2008 19:49

The George and Fox, Penkridge

The young peoples pub in the village, and definitely "lively" at weekends

15 Dec 2007 21:58

The Chetwynd Arms, Brocton

The pub has now been opened out into a single, large restaurant - in spite of a spirited campaign by locals to retain the small drinkers bar.

15 Dec 2007 21:54

The Vaughan Arms, Lapley

Was consistently good, but much more variable since it changed hands some time ago.

10 Oct 2006 21:54

The Hartley Arms, Wheaton Aston

Food has awlays been good when I've been in there, and some of us don't like our beer covered in foam. I tend to avoid it in the summer when it can be very busy with boaters

10 Oct 2006 21:46

Railway Inn, Penkridge

Fairly recent local CAMRA pub of the month, and I can't say that I've ever had a bad pint there. Food is ok. Live music most Tuesdays.

25 Aug 2006 20:59

The Swan, Whiston

Well worth finding. Food excellent, beer very good - usually Holden's Mild & Bitter plus a guest.

25 Aug 2006 20:54

The Spread Eagle, Gailey

No coaches allowed is a plus as far as I am concerned. Food range is more restricted than it was a couple of years ago, and fewer specials, but still better than a lot in the area. Beer has been ok whenever I have visited

25 Aug 2006 20:50

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