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Comments by andrewjames2004

O'Neills, Sutton

Oh wow, u HAVE to love the guy who does the Sunday night cover songs. What a friendly place to be drunk in too.

7 Mar 2005 13:45

The Sutton Arms, Sutton

Lovely place, only been there a few times.

30 Dec 2004 18:57

The Grapes, Sutton

Eww, they have mirrors on the Urinals in the mens. Gaydar set to on.

30 Dec 2004 18:57

The Spring Grove, Kingston Upon Thames

Great place for after work drinking and the lunchs. Nice friendly staff.

30 Dec 2004 18:56

The Ram, Kingston Upon Thames

I LOVE THE RAM, Nuff said. A drunken gathering on a Summer evening

30 Dec 2004 18:55

Woody's, Kingston Upon Thames

Expensive, but definite plus I saw one of our project managers getting a kicing in here.

30 Dec 2004 18:55

O'Neills, Kingston Upon Thames

Slightly tacky, good filling burger tho.

30 Dec 2004 18:54

The Kingston Mill, Kingston Upon Thames

Great place, great fruit machines. Good service.

30 Dec 2004 18:54

The Kings Tun, Kingston Upon Thames

A good old weatherspoons, cant fault em IMO

30 Dec 2004 18:54

The Cricketers, Kingston Upon Thames

Lovely upstairs room, poor choice of girly drinks tho.

30 Dec 2004 18:53

The Cocoanut, Kingston Upon Thames

Oh right, is that what this place looks like. Came in here once while watsed about a year ago, to get even more wasted. Great footy machine, great service. 9 stars

30 Dec 2004 18:52

Bar Ha Ha, Kingston Upon Thames

I was in here once completely out of my head, stayed for about 5 mins before leaving to find some place to go and puke. But overall opinion is a lovely place. 9 stars

30 Dec 2004 18:51

The Faraday, Epsom

2 4 1 after 9pm, AFTER 9pm, ok this is got to be a good thing surely

30 Dec 2004 18:49

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