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Fez Bar, Cheltenham

Golden rule here for the youngsters....
Never go anywware they need to employ bouncers - probably not the kind of place you'd want to go to anyway.

13 Aug 2007 07:13

Bell Inn, Cheltenham

When I remeber this place, a dozen people filled it - talk about a 'freindly' boozer!

13 Aug 2007 07:01

Doggetts Coat and Badge, Southwark

Reply to Lucy M

Anyone who wants to pay with a card for anything costing less than a tenner desereves what they get.
People who do so are a pain the arse, taking up so much time in such a cash-only environment. It costs the proprietor for use to use the card - so you get to pay the difference. Convienient for you, but costly to the end user.

8 Jul 2007 05:15

Doggetts Coat and Badge, Southwark

Answer to last entry - because you are prepared to pay it!!
Vote with your feet young man.

8 Jul 2007 05:08

Founders Arms, Bankside

I'm so glad that after all these years things have been ironed out. When I fist started using this place in the late 70's - soon after it opened, the staff couldn't give a shit. On one occasion after we'd been asked to leave a few minutes after closing time in such a brutal an offensive manner, we all went outside and threw the 'garden' furniture into the Thames!

8 Jul 2007 05:02

Beehive, New Eltham

Aye to the last remark - I left town, and I went as far as Montana in the Pacific North-West of the United States.

7 Jul 2007 04:08

Bass House, Cheltenham

Excellent boozer in my Cheltenham days, and with a bus stop right outside. What more could one ask?

14 Jan 2007 04:15

Ye Olde Greyhound, Eltham

My Grandfather used to drink here in the 1920s' when it was simply "The Greyhound" a few doors from Mellin's the Chemist.
Even I can remember drinking in this place in the late 70's and finding it very tranquil.
I'm glad it's closed now from what I've read. It's had it's day, and those around now don't deserve to enjoy what it used to be.

14 Jan 2007 04:05

Beehive, New Eltham

I left New Eltham in 1982. Even then, as now, it was the only pub in town, unless you wanted to hop onto a 21 or 21A bus, going either way to Sidcup or Eltham. Tuning in now, all these years later, what a dissapointment it is to find that it's still the same shithole it was back then. And I thought things would have improved by now, especially as they are still the only contenders in town - but maybe that's because they are.
Hop on the bus still...........

14 Jan 2007 03:49

The Railway Bell, Crystal Palace

A lovely 'drinker' from my days living in the area during 1983-88. Managed by Mick Durose and his wonderful wife. She used to cook up a wonderful Cottage Pie along with other daily hot meals. Mick used to run yearly visits to the Young's Brewery in Wandsworth for the regulars - everyone got wrecked!
Fantastic ambiance, and Mick always kept the 'badderns' out and the regulars in. Most Sunday's was a raffle and the prize was a joint of meat.
Halcyon days!!

6 Jan 2007 04:33

The Gipsy Hill Tavern, Upper Norwood

I haven't been to this place in 20 years, but I note with regret that nothing has changed. I inhabited the area (1983-88) and it was always considered the last place you'd want to drink in - even then.
I suppose that there has to be a refuge for those less fortunate then most of us.

6 Jan 2007 04:21

The Old Kings Head, Borough

Bit of a monolgue here, and nothing to do with what the place is like now - but in 1979....
No TV, but the best drawn Courage Ales, and a REAL atmosphere with only a 'juke box' to enliven things.
It sounds dreary, but it was the 'crowd' that made the difference, especially at lunchtimes, which were were mainly from Post Office Telephones.
Even in the evenings then you could still bump into the 'old crowd'. We really felt then that we 'owned' the place.

1 Jan 2007 08:10

The Oast House, London Bridge Station

I remember this place in the late 70's though I can't remeber if there was a loo.
I've since migrated to the US, and I find it hard to imagine that you can run a boozer without a loo.

1 Jan 2007 07:38

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