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Rogues Wine Bar, Guildford

A very friendly pub which is getting better and better. I'm not usually too keen on wine bar type establishments, but this one is the exception. A pint of Otter is regularly available and keeps me happy. Good chat around the bar or plenty space out towards the back if you want it quieter.

They've been doing mulled wine for the last few weeks which has smelled glorious.

16 Dec 2013 13:14

Rodboro Buildings, Guildford

For me, Wetherspoons establishments fall into one of two categories: they can be very good; or pretty appalling. This one is very good. There is always a good range of ales (if not on the bar facing the door, then try the bar at the side) which are generally well kept and always at a good price. In keeping with most Wetherspoons they indulge in the practice of keeping the pump clip facing front long after the ale has finished, but that's my only gripe.

The pub gets busy and has a MUCH younger clientele at night especially at weekends, but you can see that before you go in. A good score from me.

16 Dec 2013 13:01

The Rowbarge, Guildford

I've been back a few times since it has reopened. It's good to see that the real ale is still up to scratch and that a lot of the innovations made by the previous landlord have been kept going. There are few enough decent pubs in Guildford to afford to lose this one.

16 Dec 2013 12:44

The Royal Oak, Guildford

This is a very well run pub with interesting, well kept beers. I'm starting to go here regularly now. Bar staff are friendly and knowledgeable. It does good standard pub fare if you want to eat. It's in a quite unusual location for a pub and as building seems the wrong way round! Coming in off the street you enter by what looks the back door, but should be the front and you pass the beer garden as you go downstairs. Then the "front" door looks out over the graveyard. It all adds to the intrigue of a fast improving pub.

16 Dec 2013 12:39

The Horse and Groom, Merrow

Fancy new refurb, but beneath it all it is still the same mediocre pub.

I had an uninspiring pint of TEA. 3 taps, but one of them not on. 3 taps have been removed in the refurb so less choice, but even at that the only 2 on were nondescript. And with so much spent on refurbishment I would have thought that the beer tap would be in working order - according to the barman it had a leak and required muscles of steel to actually manage to draw any beer with it.

Given the comments below I didn't try the food, but the people on the next table were singularly unimpressed so maybe a bullet dodged.

The staff make everything look like a really big effort. I smile and some cheerfulness would go a long way!

I'll come back after the festive season when hopefully things will have settled down.

27 Dec 2010 18:48

The Royal Arch Bar, Broughty Ferry

I tried a beer here on Saturday. It's Good Beer Guide listed, but going by my Saturday pint I really don't know why. The beer was labelled as Ossian, but I have my doubts. Whatever it was it was long past its best.

The pub itself is pretty nondescript.

10 Nov 2010 16:00

The Fisherman's Tavern, Broughty Ferry

Enjoyed a few ales in here on Saturday night. The beer was good with a wide selection. It wasn't just Scottish ales - there was Black Sheep and a beer from Ilkley brewery as well as a couple from Inveralmond. The ones I tried were all excellent.

The pub was busy, but not heaving. Good atmosphere. I think the low ceilings and seperate rooms all contribute.

Well worth coming back to.

10 Nov 2010 15:58

The State Bar, Glasgow

I spent a pleasant Friday night here. A good selection of well kept ales and a very lively crowd - probably something to do with the students being back in town.

Despite the crowds the bar staff were attentive and served promptly.

This place has some fierce competition in Glasgow from the likes of the 3 Judges, Blackfriars and the Bon Accord. The solution though is simple - you just have to go around them all!

7 Oct 2010 14:05

The Ben Nevis Inn, Glen Nevis

This pub is at the foot of Ben Nevis and is an excellent place to quence your thirst after an ascent. It's bare boards and refectory style make it very walker friendly. I had a beer from the Cairngorm brewery which was very good. Unfortunately it was the only one on, but that is probably an indication of teh tourist season being almost over. I'd certainly rather have 1 good ale than have to cope with 2 or more which are stale.

A pub which well worth the trouble to find.

7 Oct 2010 14:01

Grog and Gruel, Fort William

This pub was the venue for my celebratory drink after completing the West Highland Way. Maybe it was the miles I had tramped to build up a thirst or the relief that my feet were finally getting a chance to stop carrying my weight, but the An Teallach beer that I had was nectar.

The next few I had were pretty good as well.

The pub is very small and compact which helps with the atmosphere, but don't always expect to get a seat. I'm sure they would sell more food if there were more tables, but there is always the restaurant upstairs (which I didn't try).

7 Oct 2010 13:56

Esquire House, Anniesland

A Wetherspoons! It was pretty busy on the Wednesday afternoon when I visited, but I had no problem getting served. This is good - my usual gripe about Wetherspoons is the length of time service takes - no such problems this time.

A nice pint of Cocker Hoop. It's a bit of a barn of a pub, but very handy for transport links into Glasgow.

7 Oct 2010 13:48

Kirky Puffer, Kirkintilloch

It's a Wetherspoons and everything good and bad which goes with that.

Maybe it's a bit better than average. The beers I tried were from Houston and Fyne Ales. I tried the Puffer Ale house beer. All good, served well and with no fuss.

It's a very large pub - I don't expect you would find too many problems getting a seat and a table most times. I returned early the following day and enjoyed a coffee and bacon roll for �1.49 - that can't be bad!

7 Oct 2010 13:44

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Falkirk

I sought out this pub because of its Good Beer Guide listing. I was glad I found it after taking a soaking while walking part the Forth & Clyde canal. The canal runs from Bowling on the West coast and ends just to the East of Falkirk. Falkirk is also the start of teh Union canal running into Rdinburgh - so The Wheatsheaf is ideally placed for a drink if you are walking/ cycling or boating on the canals.

It is a delightful pub. Some might call it a backstreet boozer or a basic boozer - I suppose it is both of these, but it is not basic when it comes to beer. I had a beer from Red Fox and one from Itchen Valley. You don't find these very often in this neck of the woods, but the landlord clearly has an enterprising beer selection policy. I believe he gets some rare (for the area) beers through the local Tryst brewery operating a cask swap with other breweries.

The beer was in good nick and the barman even prepared me some food despite none being on offer at the time. I was very sorry to leave, but had to get back to Glasgow. I will certainly be back some time when I can stay a while longer.

7 Oct 2010 13:40

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

I made a long anticipated visit to this pub to take in the Norfolk/ Suffolk festival being run. What a lovely pub. The interior is long and narrow, but good use is made of the space and there are various areas with differing characteristics to sit or stand and enjoy the beer.

The patio and beer garden outside were good with teh patio largely taken up with teh stillage for the festival. I was impressed that a pub of this size could put on upwards of 40 ales. I didn't get round them all, but I sampled enough to know they were in good condition.

I will certainly pay a return visit when the festival isn't on to see what it is like in its "normal" state. I'm sure I won't be disappointed. I'll probably steer clear of match days though!

7 Oct 2010 13:30

The Horse and Groom, Merrow

Passed by this pub this morning. There is a fence all round it, portacabins outside and lots of men in hard hats. You'll struggle to get a lunch time pint there today!

Anyone know if this is a permanent closure? I'd heard it was turning into a Harvester.

7 Oct 2010 13:14

Church Inn, Chelmorton

Excellent pub. I arrived having walked up the Pennine Bridleway from Matlock. I was thirsty when I got there and wasn't disappointed.

This is an old country pub at the top end of an interesting village. The village of Chelmorten is unlike any other I have seen being built around a very long main street with detached houses at the foot of old "enclosure" style fields. The pub itself is opposite the old church and churchyard. Although a bit of a foody pub, as most country pubs are now, there is an ample drinking area in front of the bar and to one side. 3 real ales offering plenty choice.

I also sampled the food and some wine and stayed overnight. No complaints whatsoever. Quite the opposite - I was thoroughly satisfied with everything. The room I had even had a bath - all to often nowadays you only have the choice of a shower. After a long walk I like a soak.

Breakfast was good and set me up for my next long stint on the Pennine Bridleway.

13 Sep 2010 19:42

The Church Inn, Uppermill

This should be a great pub. It has a fantastic setting in a hollow next to the glorious Saddleworth Church and has views across the valley. It is spacious and looks like a country pub should with a wood bar and various seating areas with nice windows. And it has its own micro brewery.

But it is a terrible place.

I went in to try the Saddleworth beers. I tries 4 out of the 10 or so which were available. Without fail they were tired and stale. There may have been taste and conditioning there once, but there certainly wasn't when I was there.

The food was uninspiring. Edible, just, but not the country pub experience by a long way.

And while I was there there was an obstreperous customer who was thumping his fists on the bar, shouting and swearing at the bar staff and making threatening remarks to them. Yet noone was taking command - either to find out his grievance and resolve it or to tell jim to sling his hook.

This is a pub which looks like noone is in charge, noone putting their authority on it and making it theirs.

It's a real pity, because this could be a gem.

13 Sep 2010 19:34

The Bree Louise, Euston

I dropped in here at lunch time on Thursday on my way out to Heathrow. Had an excellent ale and a pie. It was so good I nearly missed my flight!

I'll be back when I have more time to enjoy the range of ales on offer. The one I had was good so I'll be keen to find out if they are all as good.

23 Aug 2010 16:04

The Blackfriars, Glasgow

This pub sustains its beer quality and atmosphere. Quite simply a superb pub. There is plenty of real ale and it rings the changes.

I try to visit at least once whenever I'm in Glasgow - it just wouldn't be the same without a session in Blackfriars.

Bar staff are friendly too.

23 Aug 2010 15:51

The Standing Order, Edinburgh

A better than usual Wetherspoons. It was packed when I was in, but I was served a pint of Bitter & Twisted quickly enough. Beer was good.

23 Aug 2010 15:46

The Halfway House, Edinburgh

This pub started off my festival/ pub tour of Edinburgh. And a mighty good choice. Just after 12 on a Friday I thought I might have difficulty getting in - this is a very small pub, but it was OK with a table available. It got busy later.

The Strathaven Claverhouse EPA was so good a stayed for a second. Food was good and reasonably priced. I had a very substantial Lasagne and my companion had sausage and mash. No complaints from either of us.

This pub used to do a 50p discount on the first ale for CAMRA members. Unfortunately they have been stopped by the Edinburgh licencing authorities.

23 Aug 2010 15:39

The Auld Hoose, Edinburgh

Visited after seeing a Fringe theatre production nearby. It was afternoon and the pub was virtually empty. Perhaps fortunate for me, because it looks as though the pub caters for a clientele of a different age and musical taste than me.

What it obviously also caters for is a clientele with the same taste in beer as I have, because the Brewdog ale on offer was excellent. Wychwood Hobgoblin was also available, but I only had time for one.

23 Aug 2010 15:30

The Three Judges, Partick Cross

I visited this pub again over the past weekend. It is excellent. There seemed to be a Northern theme to the beers available and I enjoyed a brew from Sheffield brewery, 1 from Durham Ales and the impressive Abbeydale Black Mass (at 6.66%).

The beers are kept in tip top condition without fail.

The pub itself is a basic boozer, but comfortable at that.

A must visit pub if you're in that part of Glasgow.

23 Aug 2010 15:27

The Three Pigeons, Guildford

I've been going into this pub fairly infrequently over the past 18 years. It certainly has its ups and downs.

I was delighted when it made it into the Good Beeer Guide (2008 I think), but was immediately deleted when it became Farriers restaurant.

It's a pub again! And the ale range is wide and and in good condition. I had a lovely pint of Proper Job. The buy 4 get the fifth free pint promotion might be well used by me.

It still does food, but the downstairs bar is a welcoming place to just stop for a drink.

13 Aug 2010 14:33

The Betjeman Arms, St Pancras International Station

I'm not usually a fan of station pubs - they don't have to try and are often pretty dire places. I came to this pub because I was meeting people and expected to move on.

But what a pleasant surprise. A good range of ales. I had a very respectable Sambrooks Wandle. I didn't have any food, but what I saw on other tables looked appetising.

I ended up staying for the evening and the party I was meeting enjoyed the atmosphere under the beer garden style awnings in the courtyard near the Eurostar platforms. The "outside" bar is a useful idea.

This is my number one station bar - but the competition is pretty weak.

13 Aug 2010 14:18

The Queens Arms, Pimlico

I went to this pub in search of Cotswold Lager which the Cotswold brewery site suggested I would find here. The lager wasn't on, but I had a very nice, although pricey, pint of Cotswold Wheat Beer at �4.65.

This pub clearly goes for food customers. It was before 6pm, but most tables were either full or reserved and there is limited space to stand and just have a drink. Occupying the bar is discouraged and there really isn't anywhere else.

If you want to eat this might be somewhere to go, but despite having a good drinks selection it isn't really welcoming if you just want a drink and a chinwag with friends.

13 Aug 2010 14:11

The Rowbarge, Guildford

I have been in here a few times since my last comment. Very pleased to say it is still just as good. The Ascot Ales are a permanent fixture and are very good. The guest is always worth a try.

Well done Mark & Chrissie, it's always really pleasing when a pub gets pulled back from the brink. Far too many go the other way.

10 Nov 2009 19:55

The Rowbarge, Guildford

This is a pub which is well worth visiting. I had always had this one on my "avoid at all costs" list, but a friend told me it had changed hands and was now worth a visit.

I've been in about 6 times now over a space of a few months. Beer (mainly from Ascot Ales) is excellent - 4 taps are on. It's a friendly atmosphere with a larger than life landlord. I had a meal and can vouch for the food as well.

There is still a long way to go, but this place is on the up. Put it back on your Guildford "must visit" list. I have.

3 Aug 2009 15:38

The White Horse, Oxford

This a very small and cramped pub, but for all that it is well worth a visit. I had a very nice pint of White Horse Wayland Smithy. The pub has loads of atmosphere and has none of the artificiality of pubs which try too hard. This is a genuine old style pub and does it well.

22 Nov 2008 17:53

The Red Lion, Cricklade

This pub has a great range of well kept real ales including there own brewed ale. The barmaid said it was currently brewed at Wadworth, but they were building a micobrewery on the premises to bring it in house.

There was extensive work going on in the kitchen which meant I had to go elsewhere to get a meal, but I returned as quickly as I could to continue sampling the ales.

It has quite a small bar area, but it is laid out well. A very comfortable place to have abeer and a chat.

22 Nov 2008 17:47

The Lamb and Flag, Oxford

What a fabulous pub! I was only going to have one pint, but stayed for two. I wish I could have stayed longer. A fine selection of real ales. A pub which although it has changed a bit over the years looks unspoilt. An ancient Oxford building attached to (and owned and run by) St Johns College.

The Betty Stoggs was superb.

22 Nov 2008 17:42

The Trout Inn, Wolvercote

I arrived at this pub having walked 20 miles of the Thames Path. I was expecting an old fashioned riverside pub with character where I could rest my weary feet and have a few ales in celebration.

Boy was I disappointed. On entering the place it wasn't at all clear whether it was a pub at all - you had to search to find the bar and if you didn't intend to eat there was very little of a welcome.

The one ale I had was OK, but nothing special. Certainly there was nothing to persuade me to stay.

22 Nov 2008 17:38

The Trout Inn, Buckland Marsh

I stayed here earlier in the week. Rooms were very comfortable. Meals excellent and some good ales. Although it seems to set out to be a gastro pub it still takes care of those who just want to drink. There were a couple of reasonably priced real ales and a good atmosphere in the bar.

22 Nov 2008 17:34

Slug and Lettuce, Guildford

I have been in here twice on a Monday lunch time. No drink taken, but a coffee and some food. They have a half price food promotion on a Monday!

A soulless place, but not the worst in Guildford.

11 Nov 2008 14:22

The Keep, Guildford

I went in on Hallowe'en night. Looked as though there was a party on, but it was near closing time so I had no problem just staying for a drink.

This pub is very pleasant, has a well kept real ale and friendly staff. I realy don't understand why it is not busier. Have real ale drinkers just accepted that Guildford is a desert? This pub should go onto the admittedly short real ale itinerary in Guildford.

11 Nov 2008 14:14

Rogues Wine Bar, Guildford

I was a frequent visitor to the old Sanford Arms and didn't like the conversion to a wine bar, particular as the real ale disappeared. But it seems to have a new lease of life. It is a comfortable friendly bar with a good landlord and have Deuchar's IPA as a real ale. Live music some nights. I saw Serve Chilled play there and was knocked out. Impressive band in an increasingly impressive pub. I might have to resume my frequent visits!

19 Oct 2008 14:51

The Prince of Wales, Farnborough

I thoroughly enjoyed the beer festival there last weekend. Even without the festival this pub has a good range of well kept ales. I have been here a number of times over the years and it is consistently good.

14 Oct 2008 14:24

The Shepherd and Flock, Farnham

Beer is certainly not up to the quality it used to be. Maybe that is why the Cask Marque has gone. Not so long ago this was a pub worth going out of your way for, but alas no longer.

8 Oct 2008 18:10

The Fire Station, Waterloo

Only good thing about this pub is that it is next to Waterloo. There is certainly no other reason to go in here. Expensive beer which is poorly kept served by staff who are helpful enough, but are usually too few in number to maintain efficient service.

7 Oct 2008 14:50

University Arms, Sheffield

What a splendid pub. Was in one evening close to closing time and had time for 2 well kept real ales. Delightful and attentive bar staff were undergoing training while I was in.

This is the way a pub should be.

7 Oct 2008 14:45

The Clockwork Beer Co., Glasgow

Whether their own beers are real or not is a highly technical question which I understand revolves around whether reusing gas naturally produced from the brewing process to preserve the beer counts as being "real" or not.

For me the only question is whether I like the beer - and I do!

29 Sep 2008 11:34

The Bath Hotel, Sheffield

Superb pub. Old fashioned interior, good service and well kept ales. Don't bother searching for a decent place in West Street - just come in here.

29 Sep 2008 11:26

The New Inn, Send

I tried to get a beer here last Sunday. Queued for ages and then just as I was getting to the front the bar staff disappeared.

So while it looks like a nice pub in a nice setting I can't comment on the ales. service is shocking!

29 Sep 2008 11:20

The Wellington, Sheffield

I have been frequenting this pub reasonably regularly since coming to Sheffield in May. Finally got to sample their home produced Ale. I had the No 3 which was very palatable.

There is always an interesting selection of ales here.

29 Sep 2008 11:13

The Rawson Spring, Hillsborough

This is a Wetherspoons, but don't let that put you off. Service is good, staff are knowledgeable and the ales are well kept and change frequently. But don't tell Wetherspoon's head office, because they have clearly made a mistake when they set up this pub.

I was in one night night and asked for a stout. The person serving asked if I liked dark beers - I do - so she gave me a sample of another one they had which was just on. Made my choice of next beer pretty simple.

Unfortunately my time in Sheffield is coming to an end. A pity I only discovered this pub a few weeks ago.

29 Sep 2008 11:11

The Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield

This an excellent pub. Well worth the short tram trip out from the Centre. The ever changing guest beers sit nicely next to the excellent home produced ales. Food is excellent value as well.

Coming from the South East I appreciate the pricing policy. Not many places left where you can get a pint for under �2.

29 Sep 2008 11:03

The Ship Tavern, Holborn

I like this pub. I went in on Wednesday 9th April. A reasonably busy pub, but no problem getting served with good ale by pleasant bar staff.

This pub has a regularly changing range of ales. There is bound to be something worth drinking.

My only complaint is that it sometimes gets extremely busy, but a good quality london centre pub is always going to have that problem!

11 Apr 2008 13:24

The Freemasons Arms, Covent Garden

I hadn't been in this bar for years. but gave it a try last week. Pub was good - attentive service and nice decor - but shocked at being charged more than �7 for two pints of Early Bird. The bar maid explained this as being due to the budget increases! Covent Garden is expensive, but this seemed excessive.

7 Apr 2008 18:16

The Knott Bar, Deansgate

This is an excellent bar and one I always try to visit when I am in manchester.

The range of real ales is good and they are always well kept. Service is friendly. I haven't had a reason to eat there, but the menu looks good.

Excellent musical tates as well.

7 Apr 2008 18:12

The Jolly Farmer, Bramley

Good selection of beers and I have always found them well kept. They get some unusual ones, but you have to be quick as a barrel doesn't seem to last very long.

Great position if you are walking, but you shouldn't be late if you want to eat at lunch time.

7 Apr 2008 17:46

The Robin Hood, Guildford

The Friday night bands are good. I went in during the easter weekend and enjoyed the experience. The beer was good and staff friendly.

7 Apr 2008 17:40

The Princess Louise, Holborn

Called in on a Friday night. Lovely old pub looking back to its best. Full marks for the refurb. Sam's OBB was good, but not my favourite ale at the best of times - good prices though.

Only complaint is that it was so busy, but that is hardly their fault! Might try again, but not on a Friday night. Having said that even with it being busy didn't mean having to wait too long to get served.

8 Feb 2008 18:49

The Keep, Guildford

I had heard about this pub and went in on 6th Feb at about 10pm. Very quiet - a max of 3 other customers. Surrey Hills ales tasted a bit tired, but with this level of custom they wouldn't get through enough to keep it in good condition. Seemed a pub with potential especially if it gets more custom. I'll be back to try it again.

8 Feb 2008 18:40

The Beer Cafe, Glasgow

Wandered in one afternoon to see what it was like. Wandered out again completely underwhelmed by the speed of service.

3 Jan 2008 18:41

The State Bar, Glasgow

A lovely pub with god real ales and a good selection from mainly Scottish breweries.

3 Jan 2008 18:39

The Old House At Home, Dorking

Had a pleasant pint of Youngs served by a pleasant barmaid. Not many customers for a Saturday afternoon. No trouble finding space to watch the football on the big screen.

3 Jan 2008 18:38

The Kings Arms, Dorking

A nice looking pub and a good selection of ales. That is if you can get hold of one. I came in off West Street and stood at the bar near the entrance... and stood and stood while the barmaid was chatting to friends in the lower bar. Eventually got a nice pint, but didn't fancy the long wait for the next one.

3 Jan 2008 18:35

The Prince Of Wales, Westcott

A large roadside tavern. No trouble getting a seat when I was in as there was only me and a local standing at the bar.

An OK pint of Fullers, but not the best. With so few customers it had maybe been sitting in the pipes for too long. Wasn't tempted to try another.

3 Jan 2008 18:31

The Bon Accord, Glasgow

Have visited this pub pretty frequently during the tail end of 2007. Beer quality was consistently good with a range hard to beat.

A regular stop on my intinery and will continue to be so.

3 Jan 2008 18:29

The Clockwork Beer Co., Glasgow

This pub is not as good as it used to be, but it had a lot to live up to. It is still one of the best pubs in Glasgow. I remember it before Robin took it over and then it was dire!

The new owners seem to be putting some effort into their food. I had an enjoyable sirloin steak last time I was in. Beer quality is still good.

3 Jan 2008 18:26

The Anchor and Horseshoes, Burpham

I went into this pub before New Year which was the first time in ages. Very disappointing. Had a poor pint. Pub was pretty empty. I won't hurry back.

3 Jan 2008 18:21

The Horse and Groom, Merrow

Not a bad pub, but I wouldn't seek it out if I wasn't a local. A good selection of real ale which is usually in good condition. Would like to see some less well known real ales selected.

3 Jan 2008 18:18

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