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The Muggleton Inn, Maidstone

Oh dear! what has happened to Wetherspoons principles?

When they first came about they had strict policies regarding age, clientele, beer quality and service!

Today I found myself surrounded by young lager drinkers all shouting a swearing and generally being a nuisance, on another table a women has her baby on the table while her other children are running amok, whilst in another corner 3 men are clearly drunk and looked like they have been there since last night, tables have not been cleared and the whole place feels grubby!

I am able to survey all this as I am waiting at the bar to be served, the bar is packed and there only seems to be 1 person serving, ridiculous!

I finally get served and all the Cask ales i ask for are off so have to plump for a 1/2 IPA (not by choice) Its off, the smell of vinegar hits you before you even get to taste it.

I don't even bother to question the bar staff about it and I decide to leave.


2 Nov 2009 12:34

The Hare and Hounds, Maidstone

Never been in here before, Ive heard a few things about it though, such as the last landlord trying to turn it into to an ale house but with no success, due to poor beer quality or no ale at all!!

new people have it now and I'm told still serve real ale!

I enter the pub and am greeted with 5 men all swearing and drinking lager, not a good start.

I browse the bar and find real ale pumps but all clips are turned round, I ask if ale is available and am told " No, we got smooth?" No thanks I say and decide to leave.

I cant see me going to The Hare And Hounds again even if they did have ale on, its not my sort of pub.

2 Nov 2009 12:19

The Flower Pot, Maidstone

My second visit to this newly award winning pub.

Its my first evening visit in a Maidstone pub and there a fair few in tonight quite a mix crowed but a nice friendly atmosphere with a band.

I remember from my last visit to go straight to the top bar as that is where the real beer is.

What a choice I have Darkstar Porter, its magnificent with strong chocolate flavours, then 2 pints of Gold Star from Goachers its perfect!

6 beers on tonight but there were a couple of changes so in total 8, lots of Real Ale being drunk which is fantastic.

If this is like this all the time I can see why all the other so called real ale pubs are empty.

Through my time in this pub tonight it does often feel like two pubs to be totally honest, with all the games and machines and lager down one end and the serious drinkers up the top end it sometimes feels strange and disjointed!

But apart from that I had an enjoyable evening.


23 Oct 2009 15:32

The Pilot, Maidstone

3rd time lucky???

No not really, the Landlord is still a miserable sod and the pub is still empty, i wonder why??

I have 1/2 of Harvey's Best its adequate, tastes fine but its just lifeless.

There are a few noticeable changes to the pub I did not see before mainly a new Jukebox and a fruit machine why? what next a pool table? a quiz machine? Karaoke?

I understand the pub is no longer in the good beer guide, that is because it is change of lease but, I cant ever see it getting in there again whilst its current tenants are running it or should that be ruining it???

23 Oct 2009 15:11

The Rifle Volunteers, Maidstone

I do worry about this little pub, Everytime I come to Maidstone i make a point of coming in here because it is so unique, but as I walk to the door each time I often wonder If it will be open, as I grasp the latch i would never be surprised for the door to be locked! and to find out that the pub had closed for good!

But luckily that is not the case today, I enter and as usual am the only customer, 'it often feels like the film Groundhog Day', as nothing changes, Ever!!!!

Alan nods (that's quite a good welcoming for him) I have fine Light.

I sit and read my paper and drink my lovely pint pf Goachers, as Alan walks round the bar and stares out the window. I admit that I have never really in all my times of using this pub have I really engaged in a deep conservation with Alan but, Surly that is his job????

I do love this pub the way it is but can it really continue?

23 Oct 2009 14:58

The Old House at Home, Maidstone

First time in this pub, I've passed it many times and have seen the real ale black boards outside but I've always been put off by all the lager drinkers smoking outside.

i decide to give it a try and it is exactly as i expected it to be, a very male orientated crowed all clad in football shirts with shaved heads drinking lager and swearing and talking very loudly even though the people they are talking to is standing right next to each other!

I try to ignore the clientele and the SKY sports, Its difficult! but i manage to order a pint of London Pride.

I am pleasently surprised as it is in good condition.

I will probably never go to this pub again but If your a Real Ale drinker who loves noisy pubs and Sport then your in luck!

But its not for me.

22 Oct 2009 16:25

Chiltern Hundreds, Maidstone

Typical multi chain food driven pub part of the Chef and Brewer chain...

Bog standard selection of cask ales nothing exciting YAWN!!!! served in adequate condition

Food wise its your usual multi chain food menu, microwaved or fried,served on your plate in accordance to the diagram in the kitchen to the national standard.

Think Brewers Fayer/Beefeater and you will get the picture.

full of office bods in suits talking "shop" all drinking soft drinks.

If your looking for a bite to eat in a clean typical foodie pub chain surroundings then this is fine.

If your looking for a proper traditional pud serving quality ales whilst in the company of pub locals engaging in bar conversation then don't bother.

20 Oct 2009 13:12

Eagle, Maidstone

Not much to say about this pub really!

Its just your normal rough lager/football pub full of lager drinking football fanatics!

No real ale
Not very friendly
Not very nice!!!

20 Oct 2009 12:44

The Flower Pot, Maidstone

Ive heard so much about this pub but could never find it!

After a long walk through some back streets i eventually come across it, as I walk in I'm faced with a pool table, fruit machines, Juke Box and some very large speakers jammed in a corner and some loud men clad in football shirts, have i got the right pub I wonder to myself?

I look along the bar and see no Ale only Fosters, Smooth and guinness, I ask the barmaid if they sell ale and she replies yes top bar with a smile.

I step up to the next bar and am greeted with not 1 not 2 but 6 pumps!!!

I'm in heaven what a choice I start with Gold Star from Goachers just sublime!!

Then I have Darkstar Hophead mmmmmm!!!!

I must say all the ales I tried were in perfect condition.

I later discover that the pub has won the local CAMRA pub of the year
award and I can see why.

One question though with so many pubs in the area that cater for the lager and smooth drinking brigade why would a Real Ale pub want to serve such rubbish as Fosters and Smooth and does the pub in anyway benifit with all those machines??

All in all though this pub seems to be doing really well, Well done!

29 Sep 2009 17:44

The Swan, Maidstone

A nice little pub that is ruined by a god awful wide screen t.v slap bang in the main bar why???

Talk about a conversation killer while i was there they had some sport playing then some truly awful music channel playing dance music, and of course all were transfixed by this and lets face you cant help but be drawn to the screen no matter how hard you try to fight it!

As for the beer I wanted to try the new beer produced in the new Shepherd Neame micro brewery but the pump clip was turned round, i was later informed by the barmen that it had not come up right so decided to take it off, to this i was very pleased to hear, well done!!

I opted for a pint of Masterbrew very nice if a little lacking in condition I later discovered that they serve all their ales through a sparkler! why???

All this does is give the Ale a massive head but in doing so destroys the flavour in the process, all the aroma and taste is pushed into the head.

I know without this my pint would have been in tip top form!

All in all a nice little pub slightly ruined by a couple of niggles i.e the TV and the sparkler on the pumps.

29 Sep 2009 17:29

Ye Olde Thirsty Pig, Maidstone

OH dear!!! I had high hopes for this quirky little pub after my last visit where i was pleasantly surprised to find Real Ale and Real Cider now available and in good condition as well, if a tad too warm!

But on this visit i was bitterly disappointed, OK, still has 4 ales on but the quality was well below average.

I had Masterbrew which was slightly hazy and warm but I did not let that put me off, it was the taste that i could not stand, I don't know how to describe it really other than it reminded me of rancid cheese, HORRID!!!!

next was a pint by the Nelson brewery, cant remember what it was called now but it looked like a pint of custard in my glass it was so cloudy and the taste was pure yeast!!

the guy who was serving did not seem to know what the problem was and was more interested in yawning and explaining that he only has 2 hours of his shift left!!!!

Food is now available but have not tried it.

As reported before, the whole place is in need of a good clean up I'm not sure if they have ever heard of a vacuum cleaner or polish!!

Please don't let your promising start into the world of real ale end up with the quality i had today???

26 Sep 2009 15:27

The Rifle Volunteers, Maidstone

In Maidstone again so hunting out my usual drinking haunts.

I have been slightly disappointed on my last few visits to this wonderful pub but i love the pub so much i have to pay it a visit.

As i open the door the landlord (I now know him to be called Alan) looks at me with daggers, he explains that he needs to take food to the elderly across the road so was going to shut but decides to serve me first then carry out his delivery!!

only 2 beers on Mild and Fine Light, Alan explains that he has dropped Silver Star as its too dry and not popular, but judging by the sheer lack of customers only 2 ales on is probably a good idea!!

I decide to have the Fine Light, OK! but still not up to the quality it use to be when i have visited this pub, condition wise it was fine but seemed sweeter than usual and far too warm.

Alan leaves the pub for what seems like ages to deliver his food parcel, I'm left waiting with an empty glass, I wait for him to return then leave!

such a strange way to run a pub but then that sums this pub up really, STRANGE!!!!

7 Sep 2009 18:11

The Pilot, Maidstone

In Maidstone again and thought id give The Pilot another chance seeing as it was always one of my favorite pubs in Maidstone!

But I am afraid to say that things have not improved since my last visit.

I was hoping that my last visit in this once splendid pub where i was so disappointed was a one off but, it was not to be, it was the same if not worse than before.

Again a Friday lunchtime visit with 1 other customer and he was drinking Lager which is not a good sign when you are in a Real Ale pub!

5 ales to choose from so i ordered Mild, i wished I hadn't it was sour and flat so I opted for the Harvey's Best as a sure fire bet, but it was also flat and very hard on the palate, very unpleasant with no hint of the usual sweet after taste I so love from Harvey's Best.

I asked if food was available but the landlord replied "No" and that was it, no explanation as to why there was not, very unfriendly!!

it saddens me how a once busy quality pub with excellent beer, great food and a lovely friendly atmosphere can change so drastically to what it has become now!

could this really be the same pub I discovered only 2 years ago???

7 Sep 2009 17:43

The Pilot, Maidstone

What has happened here??

I think the pub has new tenants as the pub was dead and this was a Friday lunchtime. I last came in here in winter, again a Friday and the pub was heaving! the beer was great, friendly staff, good food and a fantastic atmosphere!

today i was greeted by, I presume the landlord, with not even a hello! the beer was not good and the pub was empty!

Such a shame!

5 Aug 2009 21:22

The Rifle Volunteers, Maidstone

have used this pub many times when i come to maidstone,I love the pub as it is what it is, an old basic pub that has not been ruined.

I must say though the last few times I've been in the beer has not been up to scratch, the real mild was tart, the silver star was very hazy and the fine light although tasted OK it lacked condition, all 3 were also very warm.

I think the sever lack of customers does not help matters as my last 4 visits,all of them lunch times, I've been the only customer in there.

I dont think the landlord helps matters, it is if he does not really want you in there!

5 Aug 2009 21:15

Ye Olde Thirsty Pig, Maidstone

only been in here twice, was pleased to see real ale now available and a real cider, all were in good condition if a bit warm!

very cheap,could loose some of the video/games machines though

also needs a bit of a clean but all in all quite a nice little quirky out of town pub

no chavs in sight was a big plus point!

5 Aug 2009 20:37

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