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Comments by alchy

The Jolly Fenman, Blackfen

Recently had a minor facelift. Lick of paint on the walls, new carpet etc. The food iv had from there has been fine, but nothing special. Very mixed crowd, but friendly enough. Rarely get any trouble in there.

21 Nov 2009 20:05

Eltham GPO, Eltham

New manager. Sorting out the food menu and extending service hours, so in future should be able to get a decent bit of grub while watching the footy.
Bringing back sky sports. At the moment its dead, but hopefully the new manager will turn it round and keep the scum out.

24 Apr 2007 11:07

Lloyds No. 1, Bexleyheath

What are you talking about cafc, surely you manage a bar down the other end to come up with comments like that. This place got hardly any scum in at all.

29 Nov 2005 14:43

The Queens Head, Chislehurst

Decent drink to be had in here. Busy fri/sat with a varied crowd of young and older.
Decent service, and a nice pint.
Some very nice looking crumpet in here as well.
No hostillity, no idiots trying to be gangsters, overall a sound little pub.

19 Nov 2005 11:10

Lloyds No. 1, Bexleyheath

Iv never tasted the grub in here, and never been in there during the day, but for a an evening beer i like it. plenty of tasty birds, hardly any chavs, decent bouncers on the door wich is prob. why iv never seen any aggro in there.

Would reccomend the place

27 Oct 2005 17:34

Eltham GPO, Eltham

New guvnor at the postie now. Sound fella, has already got rid of most of the chavs.

Decent grub in there as well

27 Oct 2005 17:31

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