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The Jolly Brewers, Bishop's Stortford

tried this pub on friday night for the first time, felt relaxed and comfortable, didnt notice it to be clicky. the lager wasnt great, abit dead, tried a few that they had all tasted the same, but the Guiness and Smiths drinkers amongst our crowd were very happy with theres, i would use this pub again but maybe on the black stuff next time.

19 Apr 2010 10:21

Bishop's Stortford WM Club, Bishops Stortford

cheap beer :-)

8 Apr 2010 12:46

The Archers, Bishop's Stortford

ive gone from using this pub every weekend to not going in for the last 3 weeks. nuff said

5 Jan 2010 10:08

The Marne Inn, Thorley

this is a proper pub, does exactlty what its meant to. welcomes you in and serves good beer. by far the best guiness in stortford. even a good pint of plain old fosters, pool table, good duke box, great for football. ive not been in on a live band night yet but will soon.

5 Jan 2010 10:04

The Half Moon, Bishop's Stortford

im with fugglehops on this one, tried the pub out last sat, what a dump, dirty un cleaned tables, plaster missing on the walls, no wine for the girls, no ice for shorts, toilets stunk. will never set foot inside again,even if the beer was free

5 Jan 2010 09:52

The Three Tuns, Bishops Stortford

went here a couple of weeks ago, very bored with my local. very clean and well decorated, large tv screens all around the place so always a good view of the sports they show. only drinking lager but best pint ive had in stortford, and my mate said the same of the Guiness. although i liked this pub it never had the feel of a local but just a pub where people meet before moving on, or just a quick one after the train . i would use it again.

22 Dec 2009 15:04

The Archers, Bishop's Stortford

the new landlord starts soon, lets see if she can pump some life back into this pub, i hope so...

26 Nov 2009 15:42

The Archers, Bishop's Stortford

large friendly pub. massive beer garden very family orientated.
two pool tables, very good duke box, live music or disco most weekends, and a good food menu.

7 Aug 2009 13:51

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