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The North London Tavern, Kilburn

The bar area gets really crowded and lively of an evening, but in a very friend;y way. I like this place, it's not far from where I work and have had many a good evening there with colleagues. There's a vast, stylish dining room area separated from the bar area by a partition wall. Usually they have some uncommon ales or ciders on tap, always a couple of fine real ales as well as a selection of lagers and wines that always please my friends.

Not cheap by any standards, but it has character and I enjoy going there.

7 Dec 2012 14:42

The Ox and Gate, Neasden

Been coming here on and off for over a decade as I work nearby. Yep there's no real ale the nearest you will get is John Smiths, but there is usually an atmosphere which is lively without feeling uncomfy. Prices are average for the area, the pub is large and a fair place to go with friends. As mentioned, large TVs with various sports on and music often played. Not a quiet haven, quite a buzzing place. Better for lager and wine drinkers than ale afficionados but they do a good Guinness.

7 Dec 2012 14:39

Wigmore Arms, Luton

My wife and I used to eat hear a lot on a Saturday after braving nearby Asda. Hadn't been for a few years but popped in with a couple of mates in November 2012, as one of them was about to fly out of Luton Airport.

Pub was busy but staff very friendly, the regulars were polite. As it was a Saturday and they now do live music, a band was setting up. Plenty of nice looking real ales and the usual lagers etc. Quite comfy seating, buzzing but in no way threatening atmosphere.

7 Dec 2012 14:26

The Colonnade, Letchworth

This was one of the first true pubs in Letchworth, which was founded along Quaker values and was something of a 'dry town' until as late as the 1990's. The Arena Tavern opened in the early 90's and then the Hog's Head. When it first opened, it was a nice friendly place with good ale and food. Now its rather like any chain pub. Not exactly bad but not exactly good either.

7 Nov 2012 14:13

Yates's, Luton

This is where the winos and other pond life of Luton gather in the day, drunk out of their minds by lunchtime and are often still there in the evening. The staff try their best to be friendly and the beer is OK but the clientele really let it down. Not my first, second or third choice.

7 Nov 2012 13:50

The Jolly Topers, Luton

Nice, friendly pub in the round green area so not near the town centre. Tends to be quieter than the Round Green Tavern just down the road, this is more orientated around enjoying a meal and a drink rather than sports viewing.

7 Nov 2012 13:48

The Heights, Luton

Not a bad pub in the evening, can be a bit quiet. Watch out for the daytime winos who haven't worked out that their proper home is Yates' around the corner. Nice food, usually a couple of quaffable ales on tap. Prices are OK. Fairly spacious pub with a nice beer garden as long as it's not full of smokers.

7 Nov 2012 13:46

The Penderel's Oak, Holborn

Staff turnover seems high, and the staff often indifferent. However this is a large pub with plenty of seating areas and pleasant lighting. It can get busy later in the evening while some people pop in for a quiet meal around 5pm. Choice of real ale is usually very good. Prices are higher than you'd expect from this chain but still under the London average.

7 Nov 2012 13:43

The Bricklayers Arms, Luton

A proper local's pub, but by and large the staff and locals are friendly. You will get decent beer here and it's close to the railway station in the area of Luton known as "high town". Known also as a pub for Luton Town football supporters.

7 Nov 2012 13:41

The White House, Luton

While the White House is still not bad, it used to be better when it was branded Wetherspoons rather than Lloyds. Today it is rather loud, if dimly lit. But there is a fair selection of beer and it is a large pub. You're likely to find a seat and be able to enjoy a meal quickly.

The real pond life of Luton congregate in yates' at the other end of the town centre so the White House is relatively civilised. Staff turnover seems quite high.

7 Nov 2012 13:39

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