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Comments by abaker34

The Quayside, Southampton

I went in the other day, no draught beers at all, had to have a warm bottle of Corona, had to wait ages for service and not even busy. not impressed

14 Apr 2008 20:27

London Hotel, Southampton

Nice and relaxed, normally serve Ringwood and Oddysey from the Hop Back Brewery, friendly staff, food ok.

14 Apr 2008 20:25

Goblets, Southampton

Good atmosphere even if it does get very loud and cramped, no chavs normally which is essential and often some good ales to try.

14 Apr 2008 20:23

The Giddy Bridge, Southampton

very hit and miss, had some amazing ales in there before, recently some shockers and clearly the staff don't have a clue how to actually poor a pint or look after the beer properly. Food waiting time can sometimes be a long time

14 Apr 2008 20:21

The Cricketers, Southampton

Good atmosphere, good ales, no chavs, one of the best pub in Southampton

14 Apr 2008 20:18

The Standing Order, Southampton

I never get a decent ale in this pub, they don't know how to look after ale. I now go to the Giddy Bridge up the other end of town, slightly better, the clientelle is a little more respectible and you don't have to sit in front of two 70 year olds going at it hammer and tong. Having said that the food is reasonable and waiting time is pretty good, just don't go there looking for a decent pint.

14 Apr 2008 20:16

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