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BITE user comments - Zaphod

Comments by Zaphod

The Penny Farthing, Crayford

Well done. Its now the Bexley CAMRA pub of the year for 2016. 2 years running and well deserved.

15 Mar 2016 10:53

Golden Lion, Rochester

Obviously recently renovated. Clean bright interior. Didn't have any food but the beers were in perfect condition. The one thing that really sets this place apart is the beer fridge. La Chouffe, Kwak, Chimay?? Belgians in a Whetherspoons? As well as those, they had a very broad selection of craft and international beers. Flying Dog, Sierra Nevada, Einstock, Little Creatures. The list goes on. After the other comments here, this place was a pleasant surprise.

21 Feb 2016 12:31

The New Cross Turnpike, Welling

Rebuilt and reopened. 'spoons obviously spent a whack of insurance cash on the place. It looks great but very disappointing. A couple of visits now and a few things have become obvious.

1: beer selection and condition has gone down the pan. Once they had a good range of all types, cask, keg, and bottle. Now its the bare minimum corporate set of beers. On each visit only around 1/2 to 2/3 of the 12 hand pumps were on. What was on was in very poor condition. The bottle selection too is now minimal. Gone is the Flying Dog, Rogue, etc.

2: the layout of the bar area is idiotic. Too many tables stuffed up by the bar. Its not actually possible for someone in a wheel chair to get to the bar, disabled toilet, or the disabled lift. Most of these tables are of the high with stool variety. Again useless for a disabled person to use. Despite many complaints on their Facebook page, nothing has been done about it. "will let the architect know". Seriously, the manager can't move a couple of bloody tables around to make a clear passage.

3: staff. All new. All training. Massively slow queues for the bar. Little product knowledge. Not a clue as to serve in what order. An intelligent manager would have ensured at least 1 or 2 experienced staff would be kept around to bring the rookies up to speed, but no. Leave half a dozen kids with no experience and no manager behind the bar on a busy Thursday night. I really felt for those kids. In my case he messed up my change. It took him the best part of 5 minutes to find someone to override the till. That is unacceptable.

In the time it took to get served I could have walked down to the Plow & Harrow, ordered, drank, then stopped for a takeaway curry on the way back to the Turnpike with the bloke in front of me still trying to get served.

4: food. Usual 'spoons fare but with the bar not being able to handle the amount of customers, my last 2 meals had obviously sat under the heat lamp for quite some time. The curry developing a skin.

The most telling thing is that after 8 years I didn't recognise anyone in the bar last Thursday night. None of the old regulars have returned. They're all drinking down in the Furze Wren or the Wrong 'un, where many of the old Turnpike staff ended up.

Doubt it will make the next edition of the good beer guide.

21 Feb 2016 12:06

The Penny Farthing, Crayford

Quite simply the best of the SE London Micros. Between 4-6 beers on. A couple of ciders too. Comfy and inviting, which is strange when you realise its a converted shop front. Well worth the trip through Bexleyheath on a bouncy 96 bus to visit. The luddites in Bexley CAMRA seem to agree and voted it as the best pub in the region for 2015.

18 Dec 2015 16:09

The Taproom, Woolwich

Right, its a tap room not a pub. Be prepared for the minimalist surroundings. That said, it is bloody brilliant. Around 20 lines of keg and cask. It is Hop Stuff's tap so their beers get the well deserved priority. They also stock a good range of local London brewers, both on tap and in bottle. Their pizzas are as good if not better than the ones Brewdog in Camden used to do. The biggest surprise is it ain't over priced like the Dial Arch & Equitable. Well worth the visit.

18 Dec 2015 16:04

Woolwich Equitable, Woolwich

Decent boozer. One of Antic's better efforts. Let down by a shocking lack of beer. 6 cask lines but rarely more than 2 or 3 on. Usually Vom which is Antic's house brewery, and one of the ubiquitous beers like Doom or Pride. They had far better selection when they first opened. Last 3 visits have also seen most of the keg lines out of service too. Also charging almost double for a Doom Bar compared to the 'spoons across the square is a bit ott.

18 Dec 2015 16:01

The Star Inn, Plumstead

Loads of politics and bun fighting going on between the manager and the locals. What started off good with the refurb seems to have turned a bit sour. Shame as it is a good pub, decent beer (now), good food, and rather pleasant. Hopefully the silly arguments will go away and things will settle down.

18 Dec 2015 15:56

The Door Hinge, Welling

The first micro inside the M25 when it opened. Good bar, good beers, good friendly atmosphere. However, a note of caution. The landlord does have a tendency to get lazy when trying to get his beers to drop. He will sometimes add finings to the cask to speed things up. If you get the end of a barrel where this has been done, prepare thyself for a night on the throne.

18 Dec 2015 15:50

The New Cross Turnpike, Welling

Burnt out but indications are it will reopen in Feb 2016. Just prior to the fire it was in the CAMRA guide to London's best beer pubs for 2015 as one of the top 5 'spoons in London. Pretty good accolade for what used to be a run of the mill 'spoons. At the end of August it had simply the best selection of real ales and craft beers of any pub in Bexley, or Greenwich.

18 Dec 2015 15:47

The Anglesea Arms, Woolwich

Second visit while waiting for a non existent bus. Different person behind bar. Not pleasant. Knuckle dragger central. Avoid like the plague, unless you are related to Jane Goodall and like gorillas in your midst.

23 Apr 2012 11:25

The Duchess Of Edinburgh, Welling

I must have the power of doom when it comes to crap pubs. Looking back, 4-5 of my lowest rated pubs are now closed, dead, and buried. This one now makes it 5-5. Closed and boarded up. Flats to come?

29 Mar 2012 09:11

Infernos, Welling

Now a Tesco's Metro with the upper floors being converted to flats. Probably the kindest thing that could be done to the place.

Interesting that my previous post about the cause of its demise and loss of license has been removed.

19 Mar 2012 14:04

The Catford Bridge Tavern, Catford

If you build it they will come. Catford has long needed a decent pub for decent people. The old Copperfield is dead and buried. Amen! The Catford Bridge Tavern is open for business.

A good mixture of cask and craft keg beers without any of the usual kiddy fizz training lagers. Kitchen yet to open but if the bar snacks are anything to go by its going to be good. Rammed on opening night which just goes to show that people want to go out to good destination pubs and won't put up with the filth, dross, and indifference served up in so many SE London boozers.

5 Mar 2012 12:43

The Dog and Bell, Deptford

This is an awful place. Stay away. I mean it stay away.

Right now that the goldfish attention span masses have left. Lean in a bit and I'll tell you a secret.

This pub is bloody fantastic. Quiet, no screaming children. No chavs. No loud music. Just a classic pub with an excellent and well kept range of beers. Friendly, cozy, and everything a great pub should be. Don't tell anyone its a secret.

24 Jan 2012 16:33

The Duchess Of Edinburgh, Welling

Another coat of paint just proves you can't polish a turd. Don't get me wrong. The pub itself isn't that bad. Its the punters that need culling. If you are into mass produced fizzy near frozen cat urine this is the place. On the other hand if you enjoy actually drinking beer that you can taste. Avoid like the plague. The regular clientele look like they are straight out of a National Front recruiting poster. Inbred Pikey central.

13 Jan 2012 18:35

The Lord Northbrook, Lee

Someone said it had been totally reborn. We had to check it out. What a difference. No chavs, no scum, no dirt. Just a nice gastro pub. Perhaps just a bit too twee and Laura Ashleyesque, but a very comfortable and welcoming change. Compared to the mouldy cockroach infested toilet it used to be, its got to be a contender for most improved pub in London 2011. Beers in excellent condition. Good range of bottles as well. I'm not a wine fan so can't really comment on the large selection of fermented grape juice. My only question is why the f**k didn't someone do this when I still lived in walking distance.

For those who liked drinking in the old Northbrook, may I suggest the Edmund Halley, or The Tiger's head, or perhaps the bus shelter in front of Sakib.

29 Dec 2011 13:36

Boadicea, Charing Cross Station

Was the worst station pub in the UK. The refurb is nice, clean, and inviting. Twas rammed right up to last orders, which is a good sign. Beer pricy but that keeps out the tramps. A nice varied range of world beers and not the usual CAMRA approved 1970's cask blandness, nor the usual chemical laden chav's cat piss. Obviously an attempt to spread their net wide to see what sells and what doesn't. I can see the beer list being tweaked over the coming months. Hopefully some of the smaller breweries will showcase. SWB, Waen, etc.

22 Dec 2011 09:04

The Anglesea Arms, Woolwich

Rough as a badger's behind. Old style working class sarf lundun (innit) boozer.
No real beer. Just the usual assortment of chav wee on tap. Lovely happy staff and a cheery atmosphere compensates. Worth a fast Guinness if you (like I was) are trapped in the Sh!t hole that is Woolwich.

3 Nov 2011 14:55

The Foresters Arms, Welling

Management change again. Still improving. They now have real ale in good shape. Just Pride & Masterbrew but its a good start.

6 Mar 2011 14:54

De Hems, Soho

This place is a text book example of how to ruin a good bar. Food: a pale shadow of its former self. Beer: ???WTF If I want German beer I'll go to the Katzenjammer. Dutch bar should be about Dutch beer. Sorry Nicholsons you've f**ked up a great boozer. This place is about as Dutch as a plastic tulip with 'Made in China' stamped on it. I'll be going to Belgo or the Lowlander for my continental beer fix from now on.

6 Mar 2011 14:52

The New Cross Turnpike, Welling

Improved a lot over the past 2 years that I've been living in the area. It now ranks as one of the better 'spoons in SE London. My last few pints there have lived up to Cask Marque standards. The staff seem to actually like their jobs. Smiles, friendly service, what ever is happening.

27 Jul 2010 14:02

The Foresters Arms, Welling

As I've said before Welling is well known for it's lack of decent pubs. This one is the exception that proves the rule.

The Forester's Arms is a listed building dating from 1890. A comfy little community boozer with a very clean and welcoming atmosphere. No real ale as of yet but I've been assured it is coming soon. Ian & Linda the managers are working hard to build a proper neighbourhood local. They are succeeding in creating a place where couples and real people are welcome. A chav free respite for sure. For darts players the board and playing area has to be one of the best in terms of space and lighting I've seen in a long time.

22 Jul 2010 15:49

The Cecil Arms, Saltash

This was a great pub many many moons ago. Long before BITE existed. It was worth crossing the river for. Good luck the new owners.

To other landlords, MartinandBev's postings are the right way to draw attention. No fake reviews, no "bigging up", just a simple introduction and invitation. I look forward to test driving the Cecil again next time I'm way out west.

20 Oct 2009 16:41

One, Lewisham

Mostly Harmless.

Not nearly as bad as some of the reviews but certainly not the magic palace of wonder that some of the fake reviewers would have us believe. The phrase 'Mutton dressed up as MDF lamb' comes to mind. Beer, the usual nitro-gas kiddy fizz. Nothing special or exotic about 1664. Real ale: nil pointe. Food, can't comment as we didn't try any. However, in my first visit there when it was still the White Horse, the barmaid did a run across the street to the chippie for any customer that wanted food. If you are stuck in the hell hole of Lewisham its as good as it gets. Otherwise not worth making an effort to visit.

13 Oct 2009 10:47

Old Moseley Arms, Balsall Heath

Birmingham. Why????? After having work commitments there on and off for the best part of 2 years. I finally discovered something worthwhile in England's so called 'second city'. A pub in the classic sense of the word. The beers were in excellent shape. Locals friendly. Food is limited to pub grub, but its great pub grub and not overpriced. Their Tue and Thur night curries are better than some restaurants I've been to. All in all a pleasant oasis of real ale. As Klaude_Martner mentioned 'well worth seeking out'!

1 Oct 2009 12:56

Ryans Bar, Blackfriars

Poor. As in poor beer selection, poorly kept beer when there is anything actually on. Poor atmosphere, just poor in general. There are far too many better pubs in the area. Don't bother with this one.

7 Sep 2009 09:31

The Ring, Southwark

Getting better. No longer a Punch Tavern. Less nitro-gas and now 4 real ales on tap. DoomBar, Pride, and a pair of Brakespears today, and a promise of more rotation. All were in good condition even if they are slightly too cold. The only downside is the loss of the Leffe.

3 Sep 2009 15:58

Boadicea, Charing Cross Station

Rather than sit in the Boadicea, grab a tin from the Whistlestop, douse your shoes in tramp's pee, then go sit in the toilets. Far cheaper, better service, and a better class of clientelle. Not a pub to be recommended under any circumstances.

If you've got more than 15 mins, head down the stairs next to platform 1 and to one of the pubs along Villiers.

25 Aug 2009 15:48

The Princess of Wales, Charing Cross

Decent enough Nicholsons pub. Its much better than drinking in the depressing broom closet in Charing Cross station called the Boadicea. Decent variety of ale regularly rotated and well kept. My only complaint is why oh why do they keep the music at 'Deep Purple' volume 12? Its not pleasant inside at all as everyone has to yell like barrow boys to be heard over the distorted din. Far better to take your pint and people watch along Villiers. Turn down the tunes and it would be a half decent place to sit and fortify yourself prior to the train home.

25 Aug 2009 15:42

Doggetts Coat and Badge, Southwark

First time back in the place for nearly 18 months. Not my choice of venue either. It still gets my vote as Nicholson's worst pub. Its like drinking in a multi-story carpark but without the atmosphere. Indifferent beer, poor almost non-existent service, and calling the muck on my plate 'food' is stretching the definition of the word to its limit. Three thumbs down!

3 Jul 2009 11:23

The Angel, Rotherhithe

Call me old fashioned but I love pubs that are divided into small rooms. There is just something about them that makes a place more like a public house, and less like a communal boozer. The silly duck under doors just add to the fun. They are a good sobriety test.

Good pub, decent service and beer in good shape. Its Sam Smiths which is the Marmite of brewers (love em or hate em) so the selection as mentioned is limited. Beautiful river views for the tourists. My only complaint was we had intended on having a meal. Sandwich board out front was advertising food, the menus were out, the condiment station was stocked. When we went to order, "no food today".

1 Jul 2009 10:12

The Mayflower, Rotherhithe

Where to start.... Beautiful pub, fantastic location, great atmosphere. The food was good. Pricey but not extreme, and for the size of the portions actually decent value for money. The landlord on the other hand it has to be said is very eccentric. You really do get the feeling he would prefer people to just push money through the letter slot instead of sitting in the pub. Having said that, the quirkiness actually adds to the atmosphere of the place. He did smile and say thankyou as we left though. Brilliant pub that just needs a bit of customer service training or people management skills.

1 Jul 2009 10:05

The Rake, London Bridge

northman, I wholly agree such behaviour is totally unacceptable. There is no excuse for it at all. Just gives me another reason to head to the Wheatsheaf or over to De Hems instead.

Its trendy in so much as every wnkr that wants to be seen as a beer connoisseur after reading about the place in Time Out or the 'Sub Standard' has now descended on the place. Usually they are stuffed by the selection and end up drinking Veltins (the closest they get to Fosters) and the women all drink wine.

25 Jun 2009 14:28

The Rake, London Bridge

I used to love the Rake but sadly too many things outside of their control have conspired to ruin the place. First don't even bother going after 6pm on a Thurs or Fri. Rammed with idiots and knobbers. This is a result of its media exposure, and now its the 'trendy' place to be. Next, the plastic nimbys in the flats opposite whinged to the council about the noise. There goes the street drinking and the result is everyone gets rammed into the micro-bar at 10:30 when the patio closes. The construction around the market hasn't helped either with the waste bins seemingly moving ever closer to the patio.

The staff and Utobeer management are an acquired taste, and really could and should do better at customer service. However having seen first hand on many occasions the type of f*ckwits they have to deal with I can understand why their manners and friendliness have been eroded to nothing short of abrupt.

24 Jun 2009 15:32

The New Inn, Amesbury

Damn and blast. A recent return visit was disappointing to say the least. Gone is the friendly landlord, gone is the Sunday roast, gone is atmosphere. In its place an empty depressing half darkened boozer masquerading as a creche.

20 May 2009 16:37

The Antelope, Upavon

Stopped enroute home for a quick pint. What a mistake. Its not possible to have a quick pint in there. Took us over 3 hours to get out of the place. What a great pub. The landlord knows his ale and keeps it in top notch condition. Super friendly staff and locals. What a proper pub should be. Only my second ever 10 rating. Yes it was that good. If not for work in the morning we'd still be there.

17 May 2009 22:43

The Old Mill, Plumstead

THANK YOU VINNIE !!!!!!! Finally made it to the Old Mill. What a great local boozer. 6 beers on, all in excellent shape. The Caledonian Raspberry is a nice change from the usual. Sunday Jazz. (first Sun of the month) Very very friendly. At last a pub that's not quite in walking distance, but not a 40 min drive either.

5 Apr 2009 17:45

The Park Tavern, Eltham

Possibly the nicest pub in Eltham. That doesn't say much I know. Excellent beers in well kept condition. Cleaner than clean pub. Now that's its only problem. Too clean, and too sterile. It looks like someone went wild with a Laura Ashley catalogue. Its like sitting in your nanny's front room. Its a twee wine bar that serves excellent beer. Its not a pub in the classic sense of the word. Couldn't even get a packet of peanuts.

5 Apr 2009 17:40

The Wheatsheaf, Borough

alan_latchley, just to confirm your posting.......

Sign outside the pub last night (April 2). Danny and co reopening in the old Hop Cellar location. That kills off the rumour of Utobeer taking over that venue. Still, its a great relief for all the fans of the Wheatsheaf.

3 Apr 2009 11:40

The Dacre Arms, Lee

D'oh. That noise you hear is my head banging against the wall in frustration. For 2 1/2 years I lived in walking distance but for some bizarre reason never made it to the Dacre. After having our ears assaulted to the point of bleeding at the Duke of Edinburgh's St. Paddy's karaoke we wandered up to the Dacre. It was like stepping out of a tardis and into a pub that time forgot. Quiet, clean, pleasant, everything a local should be. The Harvey's was in perfect shape. The locals were friendly and relaxed. No chavs, no hard plastic gangstas, just down to earth people enjoying each others company.

19 Mar 2009 11:53

The Sun Inn, North Waltham

Spent a couple of days in Basingstoke. Had this place recommended as something close and reasonable. Its a nice, clean roadside pub next to a garden centre. Their 3 beers the first evening were in good shape and well cared for. On the Sunday all that was left was Hobgoblin, again in well cared shape. The food was good. Never Michelin star but still decent quality at a good price. The staff and locals were friendly and welcoming. All in all a good place to visit for a few jars, couple of games of darts, or pool.

17 Mar 2009 12:57

The Fox, North Waltham

More of a destination restaurant for the residents of Basingstoke than a classic country pub. However, all of the beers we tried were in near perfect condition and the food was excellent. Good value for money. Friendly staff and a relaxing atmosphere. We plan on popping back for their Oyster Festival next month. (April 25)

17 Mar 2009 12:50

The Charles Dickens, Southwark

Decent little pub. Good range of guest beers. Have yet to try the food. Worth the slight detour off the main roads for a jar or 2. I will say the service is usually quite abrupt.

12 Mar 2009 16:47

The Rose and Crown, Southwark

An excellent place, just yards from my office. Too close and too tempting far too often in fact. Our company had their Christmas lunch there, best one we've had in years. Food was fantastic. Perhaps the portions were a bit too big. Beer always in fine form. Its a great place to escape to as its off the beaten path. Nice quiet garden in the summer time to recharge with a mid-day pint and spot of lunch.

Last thing: Suited lager losers please stay away. This is a place for real people drinking real beer and having real conversation. Not a place for plastics.

6 Jan 2009 10:41

The Orange Tree, Havering Atte Bower

Like DavidWaspnest I smell a rat. Nothing for a year on this place then all of a sudden 4 very similar posts all 'bigging up' the new management. All made by new members that joined, posted exactly 1 review, then disappeared. Apart from pedro of course that got upset for being found out.

Sorry Pedro, sock postings like yours are as obvious as a f*rt in a phone box. Now run along.

5 Dec 2008 10:09

The Hawley Arms, Camden

Much better than I had been expecting. Friendly staff, beer in good shape. A real fire burning on a rather cold day was very welcome. The mugs were a nice touch and I managed to use the same one for the whole session. A few media-knobber types hanging about but overall a good Camden pub. Why is it these wannabe Herberts all look like they use the same optician as Brains from Thunderbirds?

26 Nov 2008 10:05

The Ring, Southwark

Maybe its just my charm and stylish wit (as if) , but I've always had good service here. Then again I'm in the place on an almost daily basis. So much so that my beer us usually being poured before I reach the bar. I've found that most Eastern European bar staff are like mirrors. Approach the bar with a scowl and miserable demeanor and you get the same in return. Order with a smile, manners, and a 'hello' and they will respond in kind.

Talltorquil, I was there the night of the French tv crew. The staff had no choice in the matter and were very pissed off as well as the rest of the regulars. I was tempted at one point to insert that bloody tripod where le sun doesn't shine.

18 Nov 2008 19:04

Ye Olde Punch Bowl Inn, Marton-cum-Grafton

Oh how I wanted to love this place. I drove all the way to York for work instead of taking the much faster train, just to try this place following the programme on telly. The Mo-Fo beer is very good. Not as good as the product from the York brewery or Black Sheep, but still very drinkable. Trouble is the pub itself. Its sterile and devoid of any pubby comfort. As said previously its a restaurant that serves beer. Rule 1: never ever ever ever let a restauranteur remodel a pub. They will ruin it. Everything that makes a pub a pub has been purged from this place. I feel sorry for the village locals.

18 Nov 2008 18:56

The Plough and Harrow, Welling

Thanks Boswell. I've pretty much given up finding a boozer within walking distance of home.

I will offer a partial retraction of my previous posting of the Plow. I will usually call a sh*t pit a Sh*t pit. I'm also happy to give credit where its due.

Walking past last evening it was clear it had been recently renovated. We were just waiting for a pizza takeaway and decided to have a look. More for a laugh than anything as SWMBO couldn't believe how bad I said it was.

What a difference. Its now clean and bright. Perhaps a bit too bright. Almost hospital operating theatre bright. Still a far cry from what it was. We just tried a quick half of the Courage but it was spot on. Again the exact opposite of the previous visit. The atmosphere too had changed. It felt a lot friendlier. The chavs seen previously were absent and a couple of suited and booted gents were present. Even as we left the landlord said 'thanks' and 'see you again'. This is now definitely a different pub than the one I visited in May. It may never appear in a CAMRA guide but its now worth stopping in for the odd pint.

18 Sep 2008 16:41

Coopers, York

Advertises cask ale. Does it have cask ale? Does it bollocks!! They have the handles but they looked like they last saw duty many many moons ago. Still they look decorative and provide homes for the spiders that have created webs on them. Another crap over-priced station bar. You'd be better off grabbing a tin of wife beater and sitting in the bog on platform 1. If you have the time, just escape the station and walk for 3 minutes to the Maltings up the road, as Mountainman previously suggested.

1 Sep 2008 15:41

The Maltings, York

One of those spit & sawdust type of pubs. All the better for it. Warm friendly, excellent beer. For the apple-heads there are 4 different ciders on gravity. My only complaint was that by 5:00 on a Friday it was rammed beyond belief.

1 Sep 2008 15:35

Brigantes Bar and Brasserie, York

Another fantastic York pub. More like a brasserie than the classic pub but with expertly kept beer. An oasis of civilisation on the lager swamp known as Micklegate. Service can be a bit slow but only because they take care when pulling a pint. The food was excellent as well. Quite possibly the BEST steak & ale pie I've ever had. I take that back. It was the best steak & ale pie I've ever had.

1 Sep 2008 15:30

The Yorkshire Terrier Inn, York

Finally found a pub worthy of a 10 rating. What a fantastic bastion of real ale. Ooop noorf for a week's work and this became my home away from home. Ale absolutely perfect, every pint. Very very friendly. Not just the staff but the locals as well. As noted before Guzzling Guzzlers is the way to go. The Terrier is also a fine beer. I really recommend starting with the selection tray and finding your own favourite. Carried as many mixed cartons of bottles as I could handle back with me. All in all what a pub should be.

1 Sep 2008 15:25

The Sussex, Brighton

Very well kept beer, excellent pub food. Sadly the kitchen got bogged down on our last visit and the puddings took forever. Some pubs would have just shrugged their shoulders and said 'oh well'. Not the ladies behind the bar at the Sussex. They were genuinely upset and kept apologising. The sign of a really good business is not just when things go smoothly, but how they cope and correct when things go off the rails. The Sussex is well worth a visit.

1 Sep 2008 09:28

Chequers, Alresford

Good roadside country pubs are becoming as rare as rocking horse sh*t these days. This is a real shame as pubs like the chequers deserve to succeed. Stopped in for a jar and lunch. Hog's Back T.E.A. in excellent shape. The pub is clean and has a 'higglety pigglety' feel to it. Different place settings at different tables, that sort of thing. Its like sitting in someone's home, albeit a big home. A very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Staff very friendly, and the food excellent and reasonably priced. (I have a weakness for potato skins) Highly recommended as a stopping point when chasing trains on the Watercress Line. Its the kind of pub I wish I had as a local.

21 Jul 2008 09:06

The Heart and Hand, Brighton

"mods with jump the gun shopping bags and old geezers" Oi. I resemble that remark.

IMHO, its still the best boozer in the area. I'd rather have a slightly 'not quite mint' pint here, than the most perfect pint in some sterile gastro-box. Atmosphere really does make a big difference.

17 Jul 2008 15:36

The Legion, Guildford

Was in there about 6 months ago. Wasn't really worth a review or a rating until I read the fakes below.

Bland, vanilla, beige. All the heart and soul of Terminal 3. To quote the Hitchhiker's Guide. "Mostly Harmless".

16 Jul 2008 10:35

The Devonshire Arms, Camden

dark, dirty, foreboding. Loved it! Hobgoblin in good shape. No bloody tourists. Wonderful.

3 Jul 2008 10:10

The Duchess Of Edinburgh, Welling

Seems to have had a clean and clearout of the dead wood. Staff very friendly. No real ale but Whitbread on a fizz tap that was actually drinkable. Still a rough and ready pub, but a far cry from the sh*t pit it was 6 months ago.

1 Jul 2008 11:11

The Rose, Bexleyheath

Small, clean, friendly. Walked in for the first time on Sunday. The beer was in excellent shape. Harvey's generally doesn't travel well, but this pub knows how to look after it. Bar staff excellent. This has to be the best pub in Bexleyheath. It certainly blows away the urine serving sh*t pits of Welling.

1 Jun 2008 21:01

The Plough and Harrow, Welling

How one small area like Welling can have so many sh*t pubs is worthy of a Torchwood investigation. The plow & harrow is another in a growing list of places to avoid like the plague. Despite the previous comments I decided to check it out. Depressing miserable type of pub. If you've ever wondered where old chavs go to retire, its this place. I did make the cardinal sin of not checking my change and ended up paying 4.20 for a pint of rancid Courage. I should have clued in when the barmaid had handed it to me with the coins all wrapped in the notes, then promptly vanished out the back.

I'm beginning to think someone in Welling is forging Cask Marque plaques and flogging them to the local pubs for 2 a go. I can't believe that anyone could have accredited that pint of sewage. This is the 4th pub in the area with a plaque that I've had an 'off' pint in, in the last 2 months. At this rate, I may go teatotal.

As Marshall said 'had one drink and left ever to return again'. All in all a 'harrowing' experience.

13 May 2008 10:01

The New Inn, Amesbury

We've all done it. Dragged or been dragged around Stonehenge that is. After doing the obligatory tour guide routine a few weeks ago, and freezing in the process we went on a hunt for a decent pub for lunch and a couple of jars. Good olde satnav pointed us to the New Inn in Amesbury. What a great little pub. To start with, its firmly stuck in the 70's complete with a disco setup that looks like some teenager raided a Maplin catalogue. That aside the landlord is friendly and inviting. To me a sign of a great pub is when you are looking over the taps and the landlord pours you a sample or 2 to help you decide. On the day there were 3 local real ales, all were in excellent shape. A fantastic Sunday roast. This wasn't your typical microwaved mush, but a proper massive plate of freshly prepared food.

7 Apr 2008 14:07

The New Inn, Amesbury

We've all done it. Dragged or been dragged around Stonehenge that is. After doing the obligatory tour guide routine a few weeks ago, and freezing in the process we went on a hunt for a decent pub for lunch and a couple of jars. Good olde satnav pointed us to the New Inn in Amesbury. What a great little pub. To start with, its firmly stuck in the 70's complete with a disco setup that looks like some teenager raided a Maplin catalogue. That aside the landlord is friendly and inviting. To me a sign of a great pub is when you are looking over the taps and the landlord pours you a sample or 2 to help you decide. On the day there were 3 local real ales, all were in excellent shape. A fantastic Sunday roast. This wasn't your typical microwaved mush, but a proper massive plate of freshly prepared food.

7 Apr 2008 14:06

The Pilot Inn, North Greenwich

Disappointment. The one word that pretty much sums up the Pilot Inn these days. After having been a quasi-regular for the past 4 years, last night's visit will be the last. The beer is still in reasonably good shape but the food and service has gone down hill faster than the olympic bob sleigh team. Not just the once but over the past 4 or 5 visits things have got progressively worse. Gone is the old menu, gone is the seafood slanted menu board, gone is any semblance of service, and sadly gone is the atmosphere the place had. In its place dire sub-pub food trying to masquerade as gastro, indifferent bar staff, noisy TVs showing football, and a pub that now resembles most other pub-in-a-box boozers. Fancy sliced lemons don't make up for a tasteless and under cooked fish & chips. As for the burger, I'd have been better off with a hockey puck. At least they dropped the so called 'pie' from the menu. It was basically tinned stew in a bowl topped by a bullet proof pastry.

Pilot Inn, RIP.

4 Apr 2008 10:15

The Famous Swan of Lee, Lee

Closed, dead and buried.

7 Mar 2008 11:02

Williamson's Tavern, Mansion House

Stopped in for a couple while waiting for SWMBO. First pint of Landlord was in good shape. Shame the same couldn't be said about the Tribute. 3 of the other ales had signs stating they were being cleaned. Is it just me or has Cask Marquee started to become meaningless. Far too many pubs displaying the sign as of late have not been living up to the standard.

28 Feb 2008 10:24

Doggetts Coat and Badge, Southwark

Oh dear. What has happened to Nicholsons as of late. They used to be the least crap of the major chains.
This is the third one of their 'Cask Marquee' pubs I've been in lately where the beer was filthy. (Blackfriar & Williamson's Tavern being the other 2) Both the 'Dirty Tackle' and 'Landlord' were undrinkable. Too much water in the lines perhaps. As for lunch... The 'warm chicken & bacon salad' was cold slimy bacon and 4 day old cardboard chicken on a bed of composting vegetable matter.

28 Feb 2008 10:16

The New Cross Turnpike, Welling

How the hell does this place rate a cask marquee????? Typical 'spoons, but of the 4 ales I tried all were more akin to swamp water than real ale. I don't think the lines have been cleaned since the last ice age.

6 Feb 2008 11:40

The Nags Head, Welling

Sterile pub in-a-box. Sadly its about as good as it gets in Welling. This area is crying out for a decent boozer. Its a sad state of affairs when the only 2 tolerable pubs in an area are the Greene King, and Wetherspoons.

6 Feb 2008 11:34

The Fanny On The Hill, Welling

Trying to think of something positive. mmm. About the best I can come up with is that its not the Duchess of Edinburgh. At least its clean. A regulars pub with no welcome mat for visitors. No real ale just the usual nitro-gas-kiddy-fiz.

6 Feb 2008 11:28

De Hems, Soho

Tried De Hems for the first time. What an excellent way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Good and varied range of beers. Beautiful pub. Great atmosphere. Friendly and attentive staff who went out of their way when on a couple of rounds I just asked them to 'suprise me'. Really addictive food, their bitterballen are near perfect but you will want more and more and more..... The same can be said about the beers.

5 Feb 2008 18:30

Pitchers Sports Bar, Lewisham

Thank the mighty Zarquon this place is dead. It was the kind of bar where you counted your fingers when leaving. If it had been used as a movie set for some gangsta film it would have been too OTT and unbelievable. Plastic scum central. Trouble is when places like this close down the cockroaches that inhabited it seek new homes. I think many of them have scuttled down the road to Hot Shots in Catford.

13 Nov 2007 14:40

The Market Porter, Borough

Excellent range of beers all very well kept. Shame its been found by the tourists. A recent visit made me think I was in South Dakota not Southwark. Still well worth a visit. Bring a spare liver with you as there are far too many beers on tap to get through them all in a single session otherwise. My only real complaint is the beers run out and are rotated too quickly sometimes. By 8pm last Friday there were at least 5 taps that had run out.

12 Nov 2007 16:10

The Prince William Henry, Southwark

Youngs err, Wells pretty much ruined the asmosphere of the place with its last makeover. JohnBonser hit the nail on the head with his observation of 'sanitized'. However I've found this to be a nice welcoming daytime pub. The food is good and reasonably priced, the Youngs and Bombadier are always well kept. The staff are friendly and efficient. Its a good "lunch & 2 pints" kind of place. For the black lung brigade they've created a pair of heated and sheltered spaces on the front patio.

12 Nov 2007 15:14

The Rake, London Bridge

Really suprised by the comments. I've never had anything but excellent service and excellent beer. The bar staff have gone out of their way to make suggestions and provide samples of what is on tap.

12 Nov 2007 09:56

The Duke of Edinburgh, Lee

Sounds boring, but I too agree with the previous reviews. This is a wonderful pub. Real ale isn't its forte but it gets my vote as the 3rd best pint of Guinness I've ever been served. (Sackville in Dublin, James Joyce in Calgary are the best 2)

A welcoming and friendly place in a neighbourhood devoid of decent boozers.

8 Nov 2007 17:16

The Lord Northbrook, Lee

2 years ago when I moved into the area it was a half decent pub. Not the best but tolerable. Since then, I don't think any part of it has seen a hoover or a duster. The word 'filthy' comes to mind. I'd want rabies and tetanus jabs before setting foot in there again.

8 Nov 2007 10:24

The Duchess Of Edinburgh, Welling

Oh dear.
Rearrange the following
"badger's" "a" "rough" "behind" "as", and you will get the idea. No real ale. Peeling wallpaper. Dirty. Not the kind of place you would want to take anybody you actually liked to.

30 Oct 2007 15:39

The Bulls Head, Pratt's Bottom

Their second annual beer festival last weekend. (Oct 19-21) A bit disorganised early on Saturday afternoon but a great time was still had. We had brought some tourists with us and if not for them having another commitment later in the day, we'd still be there. (the following Thursday) Beer in very good condition even having been outdoor autumn night chilled, the landlord manning the BBQ. Very welcoming and an excellent pub.

Our conclusion: The Pig Swill ale was the best followed by the Whitstable IPA.

The landlord has done a fantastic job of turning this place into the heart of the village. Many other village pubs should take note of what has been done here.

25 Oct 2007 14:24

The Intrepid Fox, St Giles

I used to love the old Intrepid Fox. It had everything you could ask for. Sadly v2.0 seems to have shed all of the quirkiness that appealed to me. Once upon a time you would never see a suit jacket, or football colours in the place. Last tuesday it was alternative as a Starbuck's in Chelesa.

15 Oct 2007 09:14

The Chandos, Trafalgar Square

I've walked past this place hundreds of times expecting it to be full of tacky tourists. Finally tried it out Sunday evening. (Sept 30) Was pleasantly suprised. Sam Smiths, so you know its going to be all their product. This makes for a nice change from all the mass produced crap along side the real ales. Not a 'Stella stooge' in site. Comfy, relaxing and a nice place for a couple of jars before heading to Charing Cross to catch a train. A much better option than the Station's pub.

1 Oct 2007 16:33

The Porcupine, Leicester Square

A decent enough bar in the middle of tourist hell. Good beer, nice lunch, good friendly service. Just about everything you could ask for. It does seem to be lacking any atmosphere though. A good place for a quick pint and and lunch. Not a pub for an evening's session.

1 Oct 2007 16:29

The Heart and Hand, Brighton

My respite when SWMBO is let loose shopping in the Laines. Real ale is generally not in the best of shape so I stick with the Leffe. (better than Carlsberg) The jukebox as has been mentioned is amazing. However it seems to be possessed by strange demons and will on ocassion spit out a random song that is completly different from what you have selected. I mean, where else can you select Bowie and end up with 'See Emily Play' by Pink Floyd on a jukebox.

27 Sep 2007 11:10

The London and Brighton, Peckham

Dragged in a while back by a mate. Why, I have no idea. I guess it was to see just how bad some places really are.
Dark, dirty, dump. Bits of broken furniture piled up on one wall. Toilets that would have been condemned in most 3rd world countries. Plastic gangsta chav central. Gets my vote as the worst pub in London. Quite possibly the worst pint of guinness I'd ever had too.

20 Sep 2007 10:36

The Mad Hatter Hotel, Southwark

I've always had good food and well kept ale here. The service has also been nothing less than excellent. However, it seems to lack something. There is no atmosphere and no 'pubby' feel to it. What should be a flagship pub for Fuller's is more like an airport bar.

7 Aug 2007 15:53

The Windmill Tavern, Waterloo

Currently closed and gutted. Signage removed from the outside. Refurb or relaunch???

7 Aug 2007 15:43

Duke of York, Whitby

I was a bit concerned after reading the previous reviews on the ale quality. I had the Timothy Taylor's Golden Best and have to say it was in perfect condition.

20 Jul 2007 14:21

The Board Inn, Whitby

Not bad, not great. Just an average run of the mill bar. The words 'bland' and 'sterile' sums it up. I do give it a 7 just for the quality of the Theakstons.

20 Jul 2007 14:16

The Black Horse Vaults, Whitby

Excellent little pub. Sadly most of the ales were off during my visit. What was on offer was in excellent condition and complimented the Yorkshire cheese plate wonderfully. To use a cliche, its a gem.

20 Jul 2007 14:13

The Railway, Blackheath

After vowing never to return, I found myself bursting at Blackheath station and the loo closed. I ended up in the Railway and feeling slightly guilty had a quick pint. I nearly had a heart attack... Good service from someone that could speak English. Shock horror! The pub still suffers from crap staff but there is at least one competent person behind the bar. The beer was suprisingly in good condition as well. Maybe management is finally starting to replace the plastic preening princesses with some real staff.

10 Jul 2007 17:10

Britannia Bar Cafe, Rochester

Rochester high street right at the border with Chatham isn't exactly the 'high rent' district. However the Britannia is a pub/cafe/bistro that makes a visit worthwhile. I don't know why I haven't commented on this place before but in several visits in the past year or so this place has never disappointed. The beer is always in excellent condition. I recommend the Goachers. Although they do rotate their beers on a regular basis. The food is great and good value. The staff are wonderful and welcoming. If you are visiting Rochester or Chatham's dockyards, a detour to the Britannia won't disappoint.

19 Jun 2007 14:28

Zero Degrees, Blackheath

Mike, either head will do. Please re-read what I said again. I never used the word 'bland'. I said 'thin'. Big difference. 'Thin' as in there is little aftertaste to the beers and they aren't overpowering. This is a trait of most American style micro-brews. I should know, I've sampled from over 100 of them. :-)Everyone has different tastes. Personally if it came to a choice between the beers of Zero Degrees and Greenwich Meantime, I prefer Meantime's product. On a hot day though I will take a 5 litre keg of their pale ale before considering any mass produced nitro-fizzed kiddie pee.

6 May 2007 15:12

The Cherry Tree Inn, Faygate

Stumbled across this pub by accident on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon. Excellent food, massive portions. Maybe slightly too big. The Badger ales were all in excellent condition. This is the type of country pub that is far too rare these days. Well worth a Sunday drive for.

16 Apr 2007 15:13

The Old Globe, Stepney

Sadly this place has gone to the dogs. Guest ales were noticable by their absence. The only thing on was the usual mass produced nitro-fizz kiddie lagers. As far as I can gather they have changed landlords twice in the past year. Pete has gone and took the buzz and atmosphere this pub had with him. Now its just another souless bar in a city full of souless bars. This just proves that so much of what makes a pub great is down to the landlord and the customers. Lose that and all you are left with is an empty space.

12 Apr 2007 13:10

The Ring, Southwark

I'm suprised at Razorlaugh's experience. I've been popping in for a fast half before my train home most afternoons for the past month, and on and off for the past 3 years. The staff aren't the best but I've never had anything other than 'polite' service. Its a decent boozer but as said previously the ale selection is poor. They haven't rotated the Greene King out for over a year now. Prior to that they had a different 'guest' every few weeks. Overall, not a bad place to grab a quick drink or to meet up before heading off to another pub. Until the smoking ban, it's not a session pub for me due to the poor ventilation.

13 Mar 2007 16:10

Zero Degrees, Blackheath

Excellent pizza. I find most of their beers a bit thin on taste and too fizzy. It seems to be a common thread with American style brew pubs. No doubt some would call the flavours 'subtle'. I find them a bit weak. Similar in quality to the Canadian Brewsters brew pubs, and the Seattle Pike Place Brewery.

19 Feb 2007 15:30

The Princess of Wales, Blackheath

I've had some great evenings in the POW. Food is good but a bit pricey. To be expected in Blackheath. The beers are well kept. Never had a problem with the staff or service. Its a nice place to go for a Sunday afternoon meal, or for a couple of jars in the evening.

19 Feb 2007 15:22

The Royal Oak, Borough

I've always enjoyed my visits. Beer has never been anything less than excellently cared for. The food is an excellent value for money. The staff have always been genuinely friendly. Its the sort of place that is as comfortable as sitting in my own front room.

16 Feb 2007 16:42

The Edmund Halley, Lee

Walked past on Sunday (21/01) Needed a laugh and decided to poke my head through the door. It was a bit cleaner than last time. Then again it couldn't have become any worse. Sadly out of the 3 beers I tried, all were off. The Dick Turpin was more like Dick Turpentine. To be fair the barman did offer a sample first. My own stupidity for turning it down. The Thin Ice was also off, as was the Rosey Nosey. Its gone from a 0/10 to a 3/10, that that's only for the friendly barman, who happily exchanged the bad beers. In the end I had a tolerable Adnams. Still to be avoided like the plague, but I hope the chap behind the bar ends up in a decent pub.

22 Jan 2007 09:53

The Star Inn, Alfriston

A decent enough sort of place. We stopped in for lunch on New Year's day. Food quite good and reasonably priced. Sadly the service from the kitchen was very slow. Staff very friendly and welcoming. Barman was happy to suggest the different ales and provided a small sample of each. All of the ales I tried were in good order. The way a pub should be.

11 Jan 2007 13:04

The Crooked Billet, Leigh on Sea

A gem of a pub, but as mentioned before a victim of its own success. Been there a few times and always enjoyed well cared for ales. Never managed the food as its been rammed to the gunwales each time. The only downside is the lack of ventilation. Roll on the smoking ban.

3 Jan 2007 08:49

The Railway, Blackheath

I'd like to be able to say we had a great night in the Railway last night. I'd like to be able to say we enjoyed several well cared for pints of various Belgian origins and some pre-Christmas champagne and dinner. I'd like to be able to say the service was excellent and the staff friendly.

Sadly I can say none of the above. After waiting for ages with only 2 of the 7 or so people behind the bar actually serving, and only 3 people waiting to be served it was my turn. What happened? Well one person serving decided to wander off, the other made a bee-line for her mate that had just walked up to the bar, and served him instead of the rest of us.

Instead of having a nice evening at the Railway, our group of 6 walked out and up the road to the Princess of Wales had a great evening, and dropped 300+ there instead.

None of us will be back. Pascal's review was dead accurate. Self absorbed zoolander staff, more interested in pouting and socialising with their mates than actually working.

21 Dec 2006 10:10

The John Logie Baird, Hastings

To the pair of anons. Instead of trying to insult our intelligence with the obvious fake postings, why not just come out with the truth. If there is new management and they are working to improve things, just say so. Trying to 'big up' the place in such a way makes you look like a: fools, and b: desparate.

24 Nov 2006 10:44

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

Oh woe is me. At one time a lovely pub and a great place for lunch. What the hell happened?? The same manager is there, most of the staff are the same. Why oh why has this wonderful pub been left to decay in a pool of stale urine, and vomit?

16 Nov 2006 13:32

The Polar Bear, Leicester Square

Closed and boarded up last time I went past. (03/11/06) No signage or notice of renovation.

16 Nov 2006 13:28

The Old Tiger's Head, Lee

Recently repainted and cleaned up. Decent enough boozer during the day. Landlord is a friendly sort, with nibbles on the bar on Sundays. No real beer but it really caters to the working class locals, so lager is the tipple of choice. There are a lot worse pubs in the area. Their karaoke night is worth a laugh as some of the regulars could shatter Tupperware with their 'singing'. Bring ear plugs and try not to laugh too hard.

2 Oct 2006 11:25

The Bulls Head, Pratt's Bottom

Strange place. On one hand its like being in a small village pub, on the other its like a city back street boozer, then again you could argue that its like a gastro-pub. Any way you interpret it, its a great place and very welcoming. Excellent food and service. Well kept ales, colourful locals, and a landlord that goes out of his way to make people feel at home.

5 Apr 2006 17:34

The Maple Leaf, Covent Garden

Nice to see canuck30 and canadian_animal perpetuating the Ontario controlled media stereotypes of Western Canadians and Quebecers. The reality is very much different. Try travelling in Canada instead of reading the glob&fail. That's one of the reasons I left.

As for the pub, its just an ordinary watering hole that is extremely tacky in its effort to look Canadian. The food is good and priced about what you would expect in tourist central. Imported beer is always going to be expensive. Its fun and good for when one is homesick or wanting to watch hockey. Thank God for the Sleemans. The second best beer for a hot day. (Gimmee Big Rock any day). Oh and for really homesick Canadians, Clacket Lane services on the M25, has Tim Horton's. (-:

5 Apr 2006 17:26

The Prince William Henry, Southwark

Yet another follow up. There is a new landlord again. Some minor tweaking of the furnishings and a major cleanup of the beer lines have taken place. The menu has been simplified with a small core of dishes supplemented by daily specials. Its getting more of the neighbourhood pub atmosphere back. Worth another visit, if you've been turned off before.

6 Mar 2006 13:14

The Pilot Inn, North Greenwich

Have always enjoyed our evenings there. Good well kept beers, decent food, and massive portions. Recently purchased by Fuller's. Fortunatly the only changes have been minor tweaks and an improvement to the menu. Excellent service from a great staff, and worth the trip off the beaten path to get there.

3 Mar 2006 17:04

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

Just confirmed with the manager. Its been smoke free since Nov 2004. Give it another try.

12 Jan 2006 14:45

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

Stonch & anonymous (jan 3) may actually want to visit the pub before commenting on it. Its been smoke free with no ashtrays for over a year now.

10 Jan 2006 15:51

The Railway, Blackheath

Crawled here on Friday after hitting O'Neils. Another good busy atmosphere. Too bad you need a second mortgage for a pint of Frulii. Overall a good place for people spotting.

14 Nov 2005 12:20

O'Neills, Blackheath

Decided to try it out on a Friday night. The place was busy but not totally rammed. Guinness in good shape, friendly door staff, noisy and smoky but that's to be expected. The atmosphere was very good and even with so many people it didn't feel manic. The bog troll had a great singing voice so it was worth going in to splash your boots just to hear a song. Normally not my kind of pub but a good time was had.

14 Nov 2005 12:17

The Edmund Halley, Lee

What a complete disgrace. Wetherspoon's should just board it up and take a wrecking ball to it. (with staff still inside) Basically its a smoking room for all the Sainsbury staff and other workers nearby. Never attempted the food, both ales I tried were beyond rancid. The miserable staff served familiar faces first, regardless of how long others had been waiting. The list goes on. Perhaps this pub is the 'rug' that Wetherspoon's sweeps all their staff dregs under.

10 Nov 2005 15:12

The Crown, Lee

As previously commented, A Youngs pub which are generally overpriced, but that tends to filter out the chavs. I've had a couple of visits recently and both were excellent. Good food, well kept ale, friendly staff, and good natured regulars. What more could you ask for in a neighbourhood pub???

10 Nov 2005 15:03

The Lord Northbrook, Lee

A decent neighbourhood boozer. Friendly staff, clean and well looked after, and now my closest watering hole. I only wish it had real ales and wasn't so smokey.

10 Nov 2005 14:42

The Prince William Henry, Southwark

A follow up from April. I've been in a few times. Still hate the decorating but I usually sit outside so its not as off putting. If the pub ever shakes its old reputation it should be a winner. The beer is well kept, and I've always had good service from the staff. The food is always good and decent sized portions for a reasonable price. I just wish they were more consistent with the BBQ. Visited a couple of times and it wasn't setup for lunch. Overall a vast improvement and worth a couple of hours on the deck for lunch and a few pints.

19 Sep 2005 11:42

The Bear Cross, Kinson

Chav infested hell hole. Just about sums it up. Watched 2 couples trying to enjoy a meal with herds of chav children running rampant through the restaurant area. Their mother's reaction was to yell obcenities through the bar at all and sundry. If you want to drink in a dole scum creche this is the pub for you.

16 Jun 2005 14:42

The Prince William Henry, Southwark

Newly reopened after a refurb / change of Landlord. The Youngs beer was as good as ever but the decorating looks like a poor Changing Rooms effort, with mismatched, grotty furniture supplied by Del-Boy. Its got to be a contender for the 'ugliest pub interior in London'. Still, a decent pub to sit outside on a nice day.

15 Apr 2005 10:15

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

Fantastic that one can enjoy a pint without smelling like a dirty ashtray afterwards. Good ale, good food. Getting really busy at lunch times now. An upside to the smoke free policy.

17 Mar 2005 14:23

The Old Globe, Stepney

This has to be my favourite pub in the country. Beer always in good shape. A good rotation of real ales. Interesting locals. A DJ playing decent old time rock & roll with some 80's thrown in for good measure. Best of all no bloody chavs.

16 Mar 2005 16:48

The Three Greyhounds, Soho

As mentioned before by others its hit and miss. Sometimes welcoming with ales in good condition and the typical decent pub food. Other times I've had some of the worst ale and service in the west end.

24 Feb 2005 17:24

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