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Hops!, Covent Garden

The venue itself isn't the best as it's bland. Having said that, the staff are usually very pleasant and happy hour is worth a visit for a very cheap drink. However, don't ask for a plaster unless you want to see a barmaid shrug and then run away in distress. It was a very small cut...

21 May 2009 20:28

The Bell And Compass, Charing Cross

As much as I welcome a clean pub, the overwhelming smell of bleach when you enter at lunch does make you wonder if someone vomited the night before. Don't bother with the sarnies. Friendly staff though.

21 May 2009 20:24

The Feathers, St James's

Popped in a few weeks ago and am glad to see that the mice are still entertaining.

21 May 2009 20:21

The Crown, Chislehurst

Who picked the interior? It's not an All Bar One. Fine ales though.

27 Dec 2007 12:24

The Bulls Head, Chislehurst

Popped in for a few at lunchtime on Christmas Eve, and all of the decent lagers (Peroni, Star etc) were off. I didn't mind too much as it serves a great Bombardier. Shame about the London prices though.

27 Dec 2007 12:23

The Cardinal, Victoria

Do NOT go anywhere near this pub. I like it too much, especially �1.99 for the lager formerly known as man in a box. If you do pop in, save me a seat.

19 Sep 2007 22:22

The White Horse and Bower, Westminster

You what? No fosters - how glad am I..? If you're after pub that isn't full of dross, this is worth a visit.

19 Sep 2007 22:16

The Sherlock Holmes, Charing Cross

Another refurb that doesn't appear to have made much difference, but i can't help liking this pub.

19 Sep 2007 22:10

The Ship and Shovell, Charing Cross

I don't really care one way or the other about the smoking ban, but it's made a huge difference to this pub. The Ferret tastes so much better. Looking forward to huddling around a table this autumn.

19 Sep 2007 22:09

The Red Lion, Westminster

One for the summer. Unless you're a civil servant who plans to forget their briefcase - before seeing it on breakfast news - I wouldn't venture here for a long night on the beer.

19 Sep 2007 22:07

St Stephens Tavern, Westminster

What a cracking boozer! There isn't much space, but you have to love the ales. Very friendly service. I'm a fan, what more can I say..?

19 Sep 2007 22:05

The Abbey, Westminster


19 Sep 2007 22:02

The Feathers, St James's

Yet another refurb that is unrecognisable, unless you count the number of disturbed mice. Heard a woman scream the other day as one scurried over her flip flop clad foot.

19 Sep 2007 22:01

The Old Star, Westminster

Still a favourite, but don't get caught out by the "imported" lagers on draught. You'll need a second mortgage to pay for them, so stick with the carling.

19 Sep 2007 21:59

The Litten Tree, Westminster

Had a reserved area near the front for a friend's leaving do a few weeks ago. It's vastly improved, and no longer has squaddies parading about. The service is still very poor, unless you're standing by a till.

19 Sep 2007 21:57

The Strutton Arms, Westminster

Popped in again the other day, despite the fact that I hate the "revamp". The entire pub smelt of the gents, and its blocked lav. Nice awning for smokers, but otherwise steer clear.

19 Sep 2007 21:55

The Ship and Shovell, Charing Cross

Never had a problem with service, although it's one of the busiest pubs in the area during warm periods. You can cut the air with a knife if you're in the small bar, so unless you smoke camels you're better off in the other one.

5 Mar 2005 13:19

The Tattershall Castle, Embankment

The refurb has helped a lot - there's no longer the smell of stale sweat. I can't think of many reasons to visit unless it's summer and you want to sit outside with the bbq. Although having said that, if you're a bit of a cynic, it'll make you laugh.

5 Mar 2005 13:16

Gordon's Wine Bar, Charing Cross

Well worth a visit. Great nibbles, top wine and a very pleasant port. Don't light your ciggies with the candles though - you get wax all over your trousers. Have a chilled white outside in summer and watch the looks of envy on passing commuters.

5 Mar 2005 13:12

All Bar One, Charing Cross

A place this size really needs another bar upstairs. Enjoy confusing your friends, and subsequently the staff by asking them to buy some of the olives that are displayed around the place. They're part of the decor, very bizarre.

5 Mar 2005 13:08

The Princess of Wales, Charing Cross

Not a bad boozer, although the big screen does seem to be in the wrong place. If you're watching it, you're bound to be in someone's way.

5 Mar 2005 13:03

The Theodore Bullfrog, Charing Cross

I like it. If you can get a table upstairs all the better. Cheap place to bring a lady, as it does 'deals' on the wine.

5 Mar 2005 13:01

The Bell And Compass, Charing Cross

Being shut can only be a good thing.

5 Mar 2005 13:00

Villiers Bar, Charing Cross

Now called the New Players Theatre following the restoration of the stage. The pool table has gone, and now that there are regular performances it gets fairly busy before and after the show. Wonderful place for shade in the summer months, and a very nice selection of tapas. However, I'm still waiting for the occasion when the kitchen is fully stocked.

5 Mar 2005 12:57

Champagne Charlie's, Charing Cross

One for winter. You can buy Old Whallop by the half gallon, and drink from tankards. Some of the best sausages money can buy, and the cheese board always goes well with a bottle of port.

5 Mar 2005 12:53

The Strutton Arms, Westminster

Does need better air con, but this pub will always have a place in my heart. Some of the nicest bar staff I've ever met, and although I don't visit as often as I used to, they still know my name. If you want a Guiness then this is certainly the place to come. Very friendly regulars too.

5 Mar 2005 12:45

The The Old Monk Exchange, Westminster

When Nick says slow, I assume he means the staff are asleep. They always seem to serve the person nearest to them, so try and stand next to a till. Otherwise you'll be there all day. I loved this bar when I found it many years ago. The nearest I get these days is the pub next door.

5 Mar 2005 12:40

The Old Star, Westminster

My favourite pub for a drink at lunchtime. Can get busy in the evening when the Home Office empties, and part time drinkers always get in your way on payday. However, if you're in the area pop in and see the lovely staff. It will be worth it, especially when the sun comes out.

5 Mar 2005 12:35

The Albert, St James's

Still full of tourists, and dust from the recent building work next door hasn't helped. One to avoid.

5 Mar 2005 12:29

Bunker, Covent Garden

Went there last night, and although some may deem it a bit expensive, it does have Steins! Nice selection of platters, but no sausages. And it's supposed to be German? Worth a visit, especially as it's full of women.

5 Mar 2005 12:24

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