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Comments by Woza

Dee View Inn, Heswall

Last time I visited this pub it smelt like a pensioners flat. Sprouts

28 Jan 2015 01:46

Brass Balance, Birkenhead

The staff are rude. The food is terrible and the Carling tastes like dish water. I'd recommend anyone to stay away from this god awful place

28 Jan 2015 01:36

Hornblowers, Birkenhead

Moody in there

20 Jan 2015 18:51

Cleveland Hotel, Birkenhead

It was a decent boozer in its day. Sad to see it gone

20 Jan 2015 18:47

The Bluebell Hotel, Birkenhead

This pub is absolutely fantastic. Great beer sold by really friendly bar staff. The clientele are great people friendly, funny and genuine. It's a typical old fashioned boozer which should be cherished as I find pubs like this few and far between. The landlady Hayley Barry is always friendly and very welcoming everytime you visit. All round amazing boozer is the Bluebell. 10/10

20 Jan 2015 16:32

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