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Comments by WindsorLad

The Pig and Whistle, East Sheen

Went in here last night whilst waiting for a train back to Windsor. The barmaid was quite pleasant but the beer was a bit expensive. Also had the misfortune to sit near a couple of bald headed 50 year old would-be gangsters (what in Mortlake you ask?), who were
constantly swearing and talking of 'doing someone over'. Drank up and left, never to return. Avoid like
the plague.

3 Sep 2007 16:43

Lloyds No 1, Slough

I went to visit a friend in Slough a few months ago and had a couple of very nice pints in the Rose and Crown at the top of the High Street. I then made the schoolboy error of popping into this pub with my friend and i really wish i hadnt. There was a fight between some drunken local chav girl and one of the female barmaids. Most of the punters were too pissed
to give a toss anyway-and this was at 2PM on a Saturday. God knows what its like at 10PM!! Stay
well clear.

22 Aug 2007 16:55

The Christopher Hotel, Eton

Used to be good back in the 70s and 80s with live
music and a friendly crowd. Now just a hotel bar with
no atmosphere.

22 Aug 2007 16:45

The Happy Man, Englefield Green

Excellent pub with a good choice of four ales, which
are constantly changing. Good food too. Well worth a visit.

21 Aug 2007 15:10

The Royal Oak, Windsor

Avoid like the plague if you are a local (which I am).
Overpriced, bad beer and rude staff. God knows what
tourists must think of Windsor if this is their first
port of call.

21 Aug 2007 15:07

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