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BITE user comments - Will95

Comments by Will95

The Badgers Wood, Baughurst

The best pub in the area, 3 well kept ales (Doom Bar, Good Old Boy and a rotating guest ale) and a friendly atmosphere. Highly recommend and very glad to call my regular pub.

11 Jul 2015 10:56

The Pineapple, Brimpton Common

Lovely pub, great food, decent ales. Very out the way to go to just for a drink, but it's worth a visit.

6 Jul 2015 21:10

The Swan, Sherborne St John

Not really a pub, typical Greene King restaurant pub, poorly kept beers, poor food. Would be a nice pub if not under Greene King ownership I would imagine as it's nice inside and out.

6 Jul 2015 21:02

The Mole, Monk Sherborne

Recently bought by the owner of some other pubs in the local area, expect it to reopen soon.

6 Jul 2015 20:58

Queens College Arms, Tadley

Nice food, but not a place to go just for a drink. Serves just Badger ales which I am not a fan of, but they are reasonably kept. Very nice, big beer garden.

6 Jul 2015 20:55

The New Inn, Tadley

Very friendly pub with 2 very well kept ales. Much better than it's old reputation and easily the best of the three Tadley pubs.

6 Jul 2015 20:50

The Falcon, Tadley

This pub is demolished.

6 Jul 2015 20:47

Fox & Hounds, Tadley

Rightfully has a poor reputation as on it's night there can be trouble, however it is not too bad a pub. Has two ale pumps, usually has one real cider and one ale on these pumps, however the ale is rarely actually available. Usually end up settling for a Guinness if I go here which is always a well poured pint. Don't avoid, but I wouldn't recommend this pub if you only head to one of the three pubs in Tadley, the New Inn is much better. Also, ignore the food signs, there is none.

6 Jul 2015 20:46

Broomsquire, Tadley

No longer a pub, now a restaurant with a bar.

6 Jul 2015 20:39

Pelican, Pamber Heath

Was a good pub, ran into the ground by the most recent owners. Just reopened under new owners so hopefully this will return to being the good pub it once was.

6 Jul 2015 20:38

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