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Comments by Water_Into_Wine

Ye Hole in Ye Wall, Liverpool

Forget to mention, and should mention, that the service is excellent. You should get served fairly quickly and efficiently by friendly staff and there's lots of nooks and crannies to enjoy a pint in a convivial atmosphere.

18 Oct 2011 17:20

The Liverpool, Liverpool

Fantastic atmosphere. Wonderful mixed clientele. Friendly and fun. Good service. Clean and plentiful toilet facilities. Excellent live entertainment. This place has it all !

10 Oct 2011 21:49

Thomas Rigby's, Liverpool

Whenever I've been there, the staff don't look too happy but I have been served in a prompt and timely manner. I had dinner there once and the poor bar guy kept tripping and dropped a condiment tray. There were sachets everywhere. It's very spartan. It's all hard wooden stairs, floors and tables. No-one ever smiles.
You can get away from the tormented staff by going into Rigby's beer garden. It's quite a magical experience, as suddenly you notice there are two other pubs sharing the same space.
Overall, it feels a bit like a train station but the garden makes up for it. Nowhere to escape to in winter though.

10 Oct 2011 21:38

Ye Hole in Ye Wall, Liverpool

The only drawback is, the ladies is upstairs. The entry way is via a small passageway through the bar which barflys tend to plug up. When you try to pass and say excuse me, they suddenly go deaf. So then you have to squeeze past them and there's a lot of smug smiling, none of it coming from me. Apart from that it's a great pub.

10 Oct 2011 20:51

The Poste House, Liverpool

I used to go here a great deal when I was a lot younger. I revisited just recently. The toilets are disgraceful now. A young gay guy tried to chat up my husband last time I was there. I don't know whether he was desperate or I'm just a lucky lady.

10 Oct 2011 20:28

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

I agree with some of the comments here about regulars being served more quickly. I think it's a trait of the pub. It's been going on for twenty years. Despite this, I find it a friendly and atmospheric pub that is genuinely enthusiastic about its beers. It's true, the clientele have changed, especially during the weekend. Gone are the days where there would be a chess or backgammon game going on in any given corner, along with dungeons & dragons and intense intellectual discussions about the current political situation. Now people just discuss the ABV.
On a more trivial point, it gets unbearable in the lounge area in the summer. During the recent unseasonably warm weather, it was like a sauna and I ended up in Rigsby's beer garden, but that's another story.

10 Oct 2011 20:10

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