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Comments by W_Lucy

The Bridge, Barnes

This pub is nice enough and well set out, but the food is not as good as I was hoping it would be, though I think it's reasonably priced. The service was nice enough, though reading some of the other reviews maybe I was lucky. The pub itself has a fair bit of seating and extends a little at the back beyond the bar, but it seemed a bit lacking in atmosphere to me and not many people were there despite the fact it was in the evening. I'd say it's a better bet to have a short walk over the bridge and head to one of the pubs on the Hammersmith side of the river.

23 Oct 2011 19:17

Rutland Arms, Hammersmith

Another pub with a great location on the riverside in Hammersmith. It's got more room for seating inside than the nearby Blue Anchor and also has a good selection of food and drink, but I prefer the Blue Anchor for the layout, decor and service (and the food is also quite a bit better if you're going for a meal as well as drinks). However with its setting, the Rutland is worth a visit if the Blue Anchor is packed, as it often is.

23 Oct 2011 19:10

The Blue Anchor, Hammersmith

One of many pubs fortunate to have a fantastic riverside location in Hammersmith (this is the first one you reach walking west from Hammersmith Bridge) but I think this is my favourite of them. The service is excellent as is the food and drink, and the atmosphere is always good. Popular unsurprisingly in the summer but also as the weather changes. It's always going to be on the more expensive side of things considering the location but I think it's worth paying for and not all that unreasonable!

23 Oct 2011 19:03

The Prince Albert, Notting Hill

The pub is alright (though nothing to really write home about) but it's ruined by the service. Inattentive, slow and not exactly charming, and reading the reviews this has been a problem for some time. It's a shame, as the pub has a pretty good location and could be improved a great deal with high class service, but thanks to the experiences I have had there, I won't be in a hurry to return to find out if it's changed for the better.

23 Oct 2011 18:59

The Old Swan, Notting Hill

Not a remarkable pub by any means. It's quite inoffensive but also quite soulless and without much of an atmosphere. We left after a drink as there was nothing about the place which makes you want to stay, so can't speak for the food, but can imagine it's of the same standard as the pub, which is well below average.

23 Oct 2011 18:57

The Churchill Arms, Kensington

Another very nice and well run Fuller's pub. Service is good as is the food which is very reasonably priced in my opinion. This is up there with another Fuller's pub, The Queen's Head, as one of my favourites around.

23 Oct 2011 18:56

The Hammersmith Ram, Hammersmith

Really nice pub and the staff are very good. Food is very nice and the selection of drinks is good. It's popular whatever the time of day and extends back a lot more than you'd think looking at it from King Street. Well worth a visit for a few drinks.

23 Oct 2011 18:54

The Hop Poles, Hammersmith

I think the rating for the Hop Poles is misleading as most of the votes will have been a while ago, before it was refurbished. It's quite nice now and much improved though I still think there are better places to go nearby.

23 Oct 2011 18:52

[email protected], Hammersmith

Nice and popular bar with friendly and efficient service. The cocktails are excellent and atmosphere great, but be prepared to shout to have a conversation later on at night if you haven't managed to get a seat nearer the front.

23 Oct 2011 18:50

The Brook Green Hotel, Hammersmith

I quite like The Brook Green Hotel and it benefits from its location on the west side of Brook Green. Service is good and it's well run at the moment. They also have a basement bar which hosts various events and can also be hired out. However with so many pubs to choose from nearby there are better ones within easy walking distance to spend time in, but it's nice for a drink or two.

23 Oct 2011 18:48

The Queens Head, Hammersmith

Lovely pub, I can't speak highly enough of it. It makes the most of being fortunate with the area; Brook Green is a lovely place. Being on the green the pub is lucky but the rest of what makes it so good are of their own making, that is friendly and attentive service, great selection of food and drink and a really well set out pub. The images of the green and other parts of Hammersmith on the walls are a nice touch too. It all obviously pays off as it's a really popular pub with local residents, visitors to the area and local businesses alike, whatever the time of day. I think you have to book for Sunday lunches or in the evenings for larger groups. Worth it though, one of my favourite pubs!

23 Oct 2011 18:44

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