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The White Horse, Forest Hill

Met here with some friends on Tuesday lunchtime before going on elsewhere. The place is lovely, the food excellent and extremely good value and the beer was kept in excellent condition. If passing will drop in again.

8 Jul 2010 19:23

't Brugs Beertje, Bruges

Was here last weekend, fabulous. Non smoking now, but that wasn't a problem - small , cosy and friendly. Daisy offered suggestions to my non beer drinking gf, and we stayed for 3 more. And came back the next day . Felt it was done for the love of beer rather than to make huge wads of cash. Best of the pubs I visited in Bruges.

13 Apr 2010 21:49

The Black Swan, Martyr's Green

Been a couple of times in its current incarnation - food is variable between good and great - , service was fine , nowt exceptional but OK (Saturday night ). Beer, now I used to go to the old 'Mucky Duck' and the beer was mostly fantastic, Ringwood Old Thumper and 49er. Didn't really see the real ale and plumped for Star .
Its more a restaurant now, but not a terrible one , maybe a little inconsistent.

15 Jul 2009 23:09

Old Plough, Stoke D'Abernon

Well I was there on Sunday, just dropped by before wandering home. Arrived and it wasn't too busy and had a pint of something I hadn't heard of which was OK, but by the time it was to go up and get another the whole place has just turned to complete chaos. My friend went to the loo and waited at the bar , for ages , easily 20 minutes before giving up as there seemed to be no organisation as it all fell apart. From what she said it wasn't that they were bad but somehow the management was lacking, which , from the comments about the previous landlord dying seem to hold up . Shame as it seemed a decent place and should have been better organised.

15 Jul 2009 22:58

The Running Mare, Cobham

Popped in on the way home on Sunday, saw it almost by accident and had a couple of drinks there , TEA was OK, not the best but not the worst ever. Outside restaurant thing was interesting (Lobster? ). Seemed very friendly although the bar staff looked knackered, more than anything. Generally thought it was good, will wander back when I'm next in the vicinity .

15 Jul 2009 22:22

Abaya, Weybridge

Its been renamed Noir. Can't say I've ever been in, but the comments here don't exactly make a must visit place.

13 May 2009 17:40

Corkys Wine Bar, Surbiton

Not been since it reopened , too scared by the rather frightening looking neonazi types that seem to live in it .

17 Jan 2009 19:34

The Lamb, Surbiton

Have to say this place is now one of the better places to go for a drink in Surbiton .
Nice and friendly staff , decent beer (and they've got the third pump and rotate it regularly ) and a great atmosphere - often absolutely rammed during weekend evenings , its a good place to come and enjoy yourself .

They have theme evenings and last monday of the month is Homage de Fromage , a cheese tasting evening . Get stuffed on cheese'n'bread'n'pickles for a tenner.

Plenty of other things going on and they even have a facebook page - they are that with it .....

Wish them well and will still be coming in for a pint or two.

17 Jan 2009 19:27

The Lamb, Surbiton

Very simply refurbed pub - paint job and a few changes of furniture .
Now does Cheese platters - which I'm not sure of the success of - but nice place to chill out of an evening.

The beer is OK - could do with some guidance for some more seasonal fair - Hobgoblin in the summer months ?

A tad pricey - but to be honest its going that way so they might as well get there early - not many of the old crowd there - and maybe that's not a bad thing, build a different clientelle and get a different rep .
Nice feel , certainly better than the rather strained last few months of Ian and June.

Wish them well, will certainly be popping in every now and again.

20 Jul 2007 20:07

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