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Comments by Uncle_Gareth

The Sun and Doves, Camberwell

Now reopened as The Sun and serving some of the shortest measure pints I have ever seen

23 Feb 2014 20:22

Swan, Stafford

Called in here when boating on the Shropshire Union canal.
Cracking pub. Five real ales. I tried three and they were all good. No food but hey ho - there is a good Indian called the Curry Inn down the road.

16 Feb 2014 21:22

Lion Hotel, Stafford

Now a nice looking hotel with public bar and food.
Three real ales.
Kitchen closed by 8pm on Sunday though which must be a pain if you're staying there

16 Feb 2014 20:26

The Hermits Cave, Camberwell

There are some truly moany reviews below this one.
Best pub by a mile in the area. Clientele matches the mixed nature of the area - students and professional boozers mixing happily.
Would be good if they could make the beer quality a bit more consistent though. My pint of Shrimpers two weeks ago was possibly the best pint of my life. Tonight a bit flat and a tiny bit sour.
But always the first choice for me locally.

2 Nov 2013 22:43

The Greenwich Union, Greenwich

Other reviews say it all.
Pricey. Poncey. Fizzy.
Kicked out of the CAMRA guide and quite right too.
Mind you they do give you your beer in a glass, unlike the Richard I which fobbed us off with a plastic glass because it was "a bit busy".

2 Nov 2013 22:31

Richard I, Greenwich

Plastic glasses.
It's Saturday night and a bit busy. So they're giving out plastic glasses. Because otherwise "it would take time to get them back in and wash them".
Well dearie me. What next - "it's a bit full, you can't come in"? Probably not, but you will have to drink your beer from a plastic glass.

2 Nov 2013 22:25

The Bear Free House, Camberwell

Absolute cracker of a pub.
Great food and great beer. Usually 3 real ales.
Building up a real following after a slow-ish start.

1 Mar 2008 10:01

Hoopers Bar, Camberwell

What an outstanding moaner the last poster is. No wonder he thinks there's no atmosphere if its full of him and his mates trying to get out of date offers from old posters after they've paid the price written on the pump..
There are two beers at all times, and they are both nice. I usually have a couple of each, and if I don't like them there are nice bottles available too.
And the barman is always very amiable, chatting with customers who wn to chat and leavng people alone if they don;t.
As I said before, such a change from the old Ivanhoe and an asset to the area.

1 Mar 2008 09:59

The Somerstown Coffee House, Euston

Utterly top pub. Ignore the critics. Great service by a range of genuinely French types, good food in the bar and in the proper restaurant area, pretty good beer and a good range of wine. I'm in at least once a week and I've never had anything to complain abot. Vive la France!

29 May 2007 11:13

Hoopers Bar, Camberwell

Here's hoping this place takes off. The Ivanhoe was indeed a scary place - the new Hoopers Bar retains the lovely wood panelling, adds some comfy soafs and a range of great drinks. Anyone for another Ashbourne Brewery English fruit beer? I've been in a few times now - the real ale is always well kept and the welcome is genuine. No need to go all the way to the Gowlett now. Pass it on!

9 May 2007 01:17

The Dartmouth Arms, Dartmouth Park

Boring my a**e. Footy on the telly in the big front room, superb quiz and food in the back room, excellent beer from Adnams, Archers and others. Congratulations to Nick and all concerned. I wish it was in Camberwell though!

25 Feb 2005 10:25

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