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The Bull Inn, Linton

I was taken here for Sunday lunch, and it was of the best I ever had. So the reviews below really shocked me...and after looking at the reviewers it seems there's more than meets the eye as this is the only pub they've reviewed.

It's Shepherd Neame, so the beer's not great, but the staff were friendly and cheeky, the menu was mouth watering andthe food was seriously top quality.

But by far the best thing about this pub is the view from out back...feels like you can see half of Kent, and the decking, sunshades, etc compliment it beautifully. There not many better places to sit on a gloriously sunny afternoon.

5 Jul 2010 02:24

The Man of Kent Ale House, Rochester

Hadn't been in here for a while, and was the last stop on a mini pub crawl, but is still Medway's finest.

Seemed busier than expected for a Thursday night (probably due to there being a band on), and there was waits for drinks due to not enough staff, but apart from that I can't really fault it.

Even though they were busy the barman offered tasters of the 11 (I think) ales as he wanted to be sure I got the right one...he didn't do the same for the whiskies when I asked later though!

Still tatty as hell inside, but the garden out back is much improved, and a lovely touch is the huge flagpole, painted with brewery signs.

Genuinely one of my favourite places.

5 Jul 2010 02:16

The Two Brewers, Rochester

Went there on a Thursday night, and ony two things stop this being a cracking little pub.

Firstly there was a very drunk woman trying to ponce cigarettes and drinks off of me and my colleagues, and the staff didn't seem that bothered about stopping her, even though she'd obviously had one too many.

Secondly...the beer. I'm not a fan of Shepherd Neame, but I think the barrels are delivered here with signs saying "Please serve me badly". Was hideous, so didn't finish it.

Pub itself is stupidly tiny inside which I really liked, and much cleaner and tidier than just about any other pub in the area.

5 Jul 2010 02:06

Golden Lion, Rochester

Is handily placed on the High Street if you need a wee between other pubs I found out the other day.

Apart from that...its a Wetherspoons, so what do you expect?

5 Jul 2010 01:59

Britannia Bar Cafe, Rochester

Went in here after a bad experience at another pub nearby and it couldn't have been more different.

Lovely inside, with some beautifully, giggly, tipsy locals who were welcoming and funny.

Really good barman who seemed proud to work there.

Seriously recommended for a swift half or two.

5 Jul 2010 01:56

The North Foreland, Rochester

I very rarely get uncomfortable in pubs, but genuinely didn't like the atmosphere here...

Popped in with some colleagues during the week and it felt like we'd walked into a wedding reception after the uncles had been fighting. The landlord seemed almost annoyed we were there and was mildly threatening, as were a couple of the drinkers inside.

Maybe we caught it on a bad day, but for six o'clock on a Thursday afternoon it just felt oppressive and grim.

Having read other reviews I know understand the miliatary memorabelia on the walls though, which at the time felt a little threatening too.

5 Jul 2010 01:50

The Canopus, Rochester

I don't really know how to rate this's just a pub, no more no less...

There's probably far too many loud shouty blokes in football shirts, but they had three decent ales on which were kept well.

There was a good pool table, but annoying juke box.

Lots to like but lots not to like...nothing scary, but nothing awesome either sadly.

5 Jul 2010 01:35

Stone Horse, Higham

Went here for the first time today and fell in love with the place.

It's a proper old fashioned country pub, with two bars and a (somewhat shabby but welcoming) beer garden. Had a couple of pints of Harveys that were perfect and a lovely chatty barmaid who reflected the feel good atmosphere in the pub.

Be warned though...the quiz on a Sunday night seemed impossibly tough.

Will definitely be going back there.

5 Jul 2010 01:32

The Who'd Ha Thought It, Rochester

I quite like this place.

Not a great choice of ales, but they did a superb pint of 6X and aparently they turn them over quite fast.

Was there with mates early on a Friday night, and as the place filled up just about everybody in there said hello...a genuinely friendly place.

Special mention to the barmaid, who was almost orchestrating the laughter in there...every pub should have someone like her!

Oh...and a wierd many level garden with a great fish pond.

12 Aug 2009 15:13

The Riverside Tavern, Strood

This is probably the best pub in Strood.

While it's nominally a gay pub, I had no issues going there as a single straight man, and the whole place just felt welcoming and friendly.

Grotty location, but the place is immaculate inside and out, with a cracking outside area overlooking the river.

No decent beers, which is the only thing that drags it down in my eyes.

12 Aug 2009 15:04

The Bulls Head, Strood

As of yesterday all the windows and doors have been boarded up, so sadly seems closed.

12 Aug 2009 15:00

Britannia Bar Cafe, Rochester

Nice little pub in a place I really didn't expect to find one. It's in a pretty run down area, but someone told me they do good ales, and they weren't lying.

Looks a bit like a Paris cafe inside, and was quite busy for a Tuesday afternoon, with some obvious locals chatting in a jolly way.

Had three ale pumps and all three were very drinkable, especially the Goachers Fine Light, which was stunning.

12 Aug 2009 14:58

Ye Arrow, Rochester

I was quite shocked reading some of the comments below, before noticing they're all quite old.

So a newer (unbiased, unlike some I feel) review.

When you sit in the beer garden you can see Rochester castle and cathedral...what more do you need? Well, beer and stuff, obviously...and they had a couple of nicely kept guest ales, served by a lovely woman.

I wasn't intimidated, robbed or anything...maybe things have changed since the previous reviews?

6 Jul 2009 11:36

The Coopers Arms, Rochester

One of the best looking pubs I've been in for AGES...genuinely lovely both inside and out, with a lovely little beer garden.

Had a bit of a feel of a working mens club about it, with lots of in jokes being thrown around, but the staff were friendly enough to make up for it.

Not a great selection of beers but the Guiness was fine, and is well worth going back to.

6 Jul 2009 11:31

Eagle Tavern, Rochester

According to the barman this has just been done up inside, but on a sunny day you want to sit in the pretty good beer garden anyway...which is probably the best I've found in Rochester.

While they seem quite proud of their choice of ales none were particularly inviting, with only 3 pumps. And there's wine pumps on the bar, which is a bit wierd if you ask me.

Odd selection of customers from an arguing family to women on lunch breaks and a couple of old geezers. Apparently it's one of the best places to see live Jazz in Kent. Which means I'll definitely avoid it on Sunday lunchtimes.

Rating it a 6, mainly because of the beer garden.

30 Jun 2009 14:50

City Wall Wine Bar, Rochester

Just had a lunchtime pint in there on a hot day, and the best thing about it is that you can sit outside(!).

Staff were ok, the interior is frankly hideous, choice of drinks is fine if you want mass produced nonsense or alcho-pops...but other than that not a lot going for it really.

Good place to sit outside and people watch...but other than that not a lot to say sadly.

30 Jun 2009 14:45

The Stile Bridge Inn, Marden

There's a big positive here before the bad part...the beers are kept well and there's a good selection. The staff were cheeky and fun and it looks awesome inside and out...BUT...

I took my mum here for Sunday lunch, which was a big mistake. Everything tasted rancidly bad, like it had just come out of a deep fat frier which hadn't had the oil changed since 1976. It actually made me sick. When I told the landlord this he seemed largely indifferent, yet still eager to take my money.

I'd definitely have a pint there, but could never ever recommend it as a place to eat.

29 Jun 2009 17:38

The Crown, Rochester

Went there to watch the rugby over the weekend and it was an excellent atmosphere, lively, loud and totally non-threatening despite size of the crowd upstairs there

Good staff...they got through the rushes quickly and without fuss.

Beer selection was pretty standard sadly, although the Guiness was kept well.

29 Jun 2009 17:27

The Granville Arms, Rochester

Good looking exterior, but other than that not too much to say...

It's a pub. Locals were ok, beer was ok, decor was ok...average in every way really.

29 Jun 2009 17:20

The Man of Kent Ale House, Rochester

Have been spending some time in Rochester recently, saw this place in the Good Beer Guide so popped in last Sunday afternoon.

And was very impressed. The decor's pretty shabby, but the people in there were very friendly, the barman was chatty and knowledgeable and the ales were superb. A good variety, obviously well looked after and I'd quite happily have tried one of each, but was warned off that.

Good little beer garden too, and from the posters up they have some cracking bands playing there.

Only downside is the look of the place really. And there were two pumps with nothing on, although apparently that's because they get through barrels so quickly and they'd not had time to clean the lines. Which I guess is a good sign actually.

Great little drinking pub, for people who like good beer.

29 Jun 2009 16:49

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