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Comments by Tippleman

The Bull, Shepperton

See no update for years, that bad eh? Does anyone know if a certain couple from Hampton Hill have now taken this on? If it is true then sure things will change with them at the helm! Good luck A&T if it is you there and look forward to seeing you again. TM.

8 Jul 2014 16:44

The Jenny Lind, Hampton Hill

I heard the other night that the old landlords are now back in the game with a pub in Shepperton I think called The Bull. They were great so good luck to em, Ant and Tamy, if it is the case. Will take a bus over soon and see if it is true, gotta be better that HH High Street hasn't it?

8 Jul 2014 16:41

The Royal Oak, Hampton

Running out of options to find a new pub to call home. This is a nice enough place but if you are not a regular you feel out of place, very clicky!!!

6 Jul 2009 11:42

The Worlds End, Hampton

I am with you man on the ground, same experience.

6 Jul 2009 11:37

The Rising Sun, Hampton Hill

Perhaps too early to tell but not quite what the high street is looking for. Might get better, decorating a bit too bright for a boozer.

15 Jun 2009 13:40

The Jenny Lind, Hampton Hill

Hamptonboozer, fully agree with you. By the way tried the new look Rising Sun at weekend, won't be doing it againanytime soon.

15 Jun 2009 13:37

The Jenny Lind, Hampton Hill

Nick the fish and man on ground, not sure which High Street you have been going to but think you have the wrong view of this. We are in shock, just returned to the neighbourhood after a few months abroad and heard the news. Tragic... Those guys did everything they could to make it a great pub, and it was, more events than any other in the area, clean, fresh, crisps pint all the time, and the domebar was tasty and always in good condition, a friendly smkile and a laugh. Having run some of the other locals in the street I can tell you it has nothing to do with cost and break evens. The business just is not there, people don't spend money like they did AND if you are with a pub company they milk yopu for every penny, a no win game. They tried eveything but the more you make the more the pub owners take. Tammy and Ant sorry we missed you, pint on us if you are ever back in the area, good luck to you and the boys.

12 Jun 2009 11:34

The Jenny Lind, Hampton Hill


Have you got the right pub mate? Usually agree with your comments.... but The Jenny Lind souless could not disagree more. It is fast becoming the best pub in the High Street. Great crowd, regular music with some great acts, good atmosphere, welcome smile and some really cool novelty attractions. Huge improvement on what is was and a great place to chill or have some fun. Love it when there.

22 Jul 2008 17:27

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