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The Redfern Inn, Carlisle

Kentish - yes I guess it is, watch out for books relating to this sort of State Management architecture, of which this pub is a tribute to the leading architect of the scheme, Harry Redfern. There's a bowling green in use at the back too.

21 Dec 2006 22:19

The Monks Abbey, Lincoln

This has changed quite a bit being refurbished as a Parisian Bar mixed with a Thai Caff, who will go there again I wonder, no more blaring Kareoke I guess. I like pubs, this no longer is one, I guess the Crown and the Steam Hammer will be fuller than usual

21 Dec 2006 22:10

The Spread Eagle, Camden

Good staff make or break a medicre booze, last there in August and not keen to return, how difficult is it to pull a pint and count out change? Not quite even the nasty grubby atmosphere that raving right wing Youngs like to promote, not cosy not nothing really, bye...

23 Oct 2006 19:15

The Cobden Arms, Camden

Free live irish folk music - not amplifed from the stage, if you hit the right evening. If this is what Irish pubs are like I finally see the attraction. Someone runs this place, not a comittee.

23 Oct 2006 19:02

Tommy Flynn's, Camden

Loudish, not a place for a regular relax. But late drinks. There's an accomodating irish bar across the street who get live irish musicians regularly.
Both serve Guiness

23 Oct 2006 18:56

The Bell House, Camden

Well, I liked it and I will go again.
This customer is always right but the other ones maybe are a littel wayward at times.
Rude is what short stay Oz staff in paddington do at 10:59pm, the previous correspondent my just have suffered from Culcher. Gedit? Love to everyone and beer all round.
I will try the country music once or maybe more.

23 Oct 2006 18:53

Britannia, Euston Station

Picture says it all, out of keeping in architecture from the rest of the station foyer cos they only have one style in the catalogue.
I wouldn't force it to close thought, as the aparachic punters would spill out to the Head of Steam and dilute the trainspotting goth club which rules that roost.

23 Oct 2006 18:48

The Worlds End, Camden

You wouldn't want there not to be one of these in your area, just you don't quite get comfortable anywhere, but free bands and a chance at least of reasonable ale, thanks, mines a plnt

23 Oct 2006 18:44

Crown and Goose, Camden

Interesting, well worn in and carefully not over polished, usually only London Pride for Aleheads, but worth a visit.
Air of georgian interior is given due to nowhere with light you can read by, bare boards flooring, and utility seating, wooden tables. so Owls are welcome, torches are not. Yes you can get wine and candles, but the candles are without candellabras, which is nice.

23 Oct 2006 18:41

The Crescent, Mornington Crescent

Almost minimalist, this with its extreme aircon chill, makes this a soulless place unless lots of nice people turn up.
Beer - not really, with a blue moon you may get ale, otherwise its frozen guiness and lager joint.
For a better boozer, see White House in Carlisle, formmerly also know as 'The Crescent'.

23 Oct 2006 18:33

The Victoria, Camden

Nice place with a mix of experiences, depending what day and time you go.

Lots of office workers during the week, sometimes the
trannie set may appear (in all sorts of attire) quiet at times. In all cases its a welcoming environment, nice outdoors spaces.

23 Oct 2006 18:28

The Corby Bridge Inn, Great Corby

What happened! aargh!
Was formerly happily run down and homely, now looks like a twee B&B. Everything is new, and I hope in 50 years will be fully worn in, worn out, and human again.
This is an example of how to turn a country boozer into a clone house.
horrific garish new and rectilinear.
so very sad to have lost another bolt hole to the Ikea set. As the previous management were more to my taste - I wish them well and ta for the good times.
I will need an anaesthetic before going back again.
There were as I recall a set of ducks who wandered the from lawn - now its slabbed over wiht naff and stylinstically misfit lamps. Never Never leave architecture to builders or saless staff at B&Q! Builder are good at their thing, its not atmosphere.No doubt the new owners will get a payback, I will have to hunt again for respite from rural suburbia. GASP!

3 Mar 2006 02:22

The Brownswood Park Tavern, Finsbury Park

The largest indoor bicycle rack in London, many with anxious owners looking on each time the stack is disturbed - the reason is ths boozer mixes the locals with the indoor climbers from the Castle climbing centre across the road. Beer -well the is ale in good nick usually Pride, Deuchars, and one other if your'e lucky, still its a good spot despite the smokers fud. The Alsatian has no hint of its Germanic roots being a little soft and not too bothered by the errant brits/others mix....

28 Feb 2006 01:29

The Tap and Spile, Lincoln

No sign of giong downhill to me - lots of ale all in good nick and music and and and...

28 Feb 2006 01:21

The Kylesku Hotel, Kylesku

Despite any ratings score, you will not find an alternative bar for some miles!

9 Jun 2005 14:27

The Kylesku Hotel, Kylesku

Bar with bar meals and a separate restaurant. not close to any other bars!

30 May 2005 00:58

Woodrow Wilsons, Carlisle

"traditional interior"?! this was a shell of a building sureley - no references to State Management architecture - just one more JDW 'outlet'.
But one day when I was in Botchergate it pissed down and I took shelter there- which was nice.

10 May 2005 00:35

Pippins, Carlisle

!I think this was the in place to go when my mum was young"!? maybe you're right. I was there too.
This was the Appletree, and has really nice room on the first floor which was part of its State Management heritage, not open any more due to .. fire regulations, corporate management policy etc.. anyway it did have its day when I was a lad EH!?

10 May 2005 00:33

The Cumberland Inn, Carlisle

Piece of history - has a room upstairs which is unusual but not in use.. part of the State Management History with decor from that era.. last time I looked.

10 May 2005 00:23

Beehive, Carlisle


10 May 2005 00:20

The Jolly Brewer, Lincoln

Back on the map! Loud in a nice way, good beer and a gothish crowd.

27 Mar 2005 14:35

The Bricklayers Arms, Shoreditch

Rammed with uber-trendy victims?
I used to use this pub before Hoxton was Hoxton. Then we had one-to-one service in a near empty pub, including bar billiards.
Ugly person density now makes this a no-no.
Arty types? Comment on 'nice stripped floorboards' is more out of date makeover talk.
One day we'll get a boozer back.

16 Jan 2005 02:44

The Barley Mow, Shoreditch

Another bleedin makeover! Authentic is not sufficiently profitable clearly..

16 Jan 2005 02:38

The Hoxton Distillery, Hoxton

Recent Make-over and rebranded from 'The Macbeth' (due to an impressive original tiled frieze of scenes from the play)

16 Jan 2005 02:34

The Bank of Friendship, Highbury

A fine boozer to meet and chat, darts and garden.
If I had a local like this I'd be chuffed. No crap kuke box domination, no trouble, lots of approachable folk, and a bar that understands its role as a meeting place. Staff seem to like working there, which helps. No pretensions, and a bit smokey, but worth tolerating that.
If only they had bar billiards ....

16 Jan 2005 02:28

The Royal Standard, Shoreditch

Once was a Youngs pub. Either it has a lot of publicans or I have lived here too long.. never was able to get an atmosphere.

16 Jan 2005 02:20

The Fountains Abbey, Paddington

I am a group of one medical informatics professional. This is a smokey hole of some benefit but not staffed by professional water trades persons, more like ill trained passing through cheap labour with no interest (not been there for a couple of months now) Try the Victoria for a realish pub nearby

30 Jun 2004 00:48

The Exmouth Arms, Euston

Smokey but we have nostalgia for when it was a nice spot to meet. Not the best around, but a good place to tune into interesting conversations (can I say that?).

30 Jun 2004 00:42

The Doric Arch, Euston

Interesting and welcome. Mildly quirky mix with occasional Goths guest appearances, a mix of railway fans, railway professionals (drunk managers?) and weary travellers. Watch the world go by from the top tier windows or spend all evening trying to guess the combination on the loo door. One entrance persistently stinks of piss. Service is good old fashioned 'when I'm ready mate' yet the beer is nice nice nice. Try also the Exmouth Arms nearby.
If you are leaving London by sleeper train get a head of steam up here.

30 Jun 2004 00:37

The Euston Flyer, Euston

Very reminiscent of the cleanliness without character of a pub chain created makeover. Nothing of note here, try head of steam instead if you can mix with railway memorobilia and goths

30 Jun 2004 00:31

The George, London Bridge

A gem, a real gem, especially when city types are not dominant.
We had our wedding reception there in 1998, the then landlord did us a special deal.
A galleried coaching inn in a courtyard just off Borough High Street
Its worth a 50 mile detour once in your life.

30 Jun 2004 00:21

The Rosemary Branch, Islington

Theatre pub, with lateish license, which first got really really profitable in the 1980s and has maintained a semi full feel ever since a dip during the 90s. Usually no fewer than 2 reasonale real ales.
Food - pricey but OK for the Hoxton arts set maybe.
Art on the walls etc, some for sale which is 'of variable quality'
Bitch points = they spray the tables to make you sterile and leave. Pour real ale with one hand like usikng a bilge pump.

30 Jun 2004 00:12

The Victoria, Lincoln

Great beer but not a lot of seats, or space for that matter, its where the ol farts real ale lot converge with the crowding fetish of the 19 year olds in city centre pubs. Should never go bankrupt, give it a whir. See also Tap & Spile and Dog & Bone

29 Jun 2004 23:56

The Morning Star, Lincoln

A great boozer for us ol gits, complete with piano for sing songs - real proper sing songs - ave age 75 and lively still.
Has a stones and gravel outdoor area which is good for a warm night. Good range of nice real ales and a cosy cosy feel. Like it.

29 Jun 2004 23:51

The Jolly Brewer, Lincoln

Sadly they turned the art school building into a hairdressing and beauty college in 2003 so the clientelle have mostly pissed off, so little ale of any note.
John is not the happiest landlord in the world, thats his business though

29 Jun 2004 23:48

The Tap and Spile, Lincoln

Nice pub any day -good real ales, regular landlord and lady, real close to city centre centre.
Live Blues or rock pub band or local celeb regulars most Friday evenings.

29 Jun 2004 23:43

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