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Comments by Thevicar

The Red Lion, Thorpe

Under new ownership as of Summer 2018.

13 Sep 2018 16:27

The Sun Inn, Englefield Green

Closed as at 13.9.18

13 Sep 2018 16:23

The Crown, Egham

6 real ales - 3 coming soon - 1 as flat as a witches
numerous staff, some of which serve, some of which have no idea on customer service, "I''m not serving" - said individual was stacking clean glasses on the shelf having just swept the floor and emptied the bin by hand - hand washing deemed optional...

3 Sep 2017 20:00

The Monkey's Forehead, Egham

Back as The Packhorse as of 2017''s-forehead-to-undergo-''packhorse''-transformation.aspx

26 Aug 2017 08:52

The Shepherd's Hut, Eton Wick


26 Aug 2017 08:49

The Almamata, Egham

now a Mexican restaurant ...

26 Jul 2016 05:13

Boundary, Staines

still closed

26 Jul 2016 05:10

Baroosh, Staines

No longer a bar called Baroosh...
revamped and appears to be Jamaican themed eatery...

26 Jul 2016 05:08

The Swan, Farnborough

drove past today - closed up :-(

1 May 2015 14:59

The Crown, Egham

Decor improved.
Staff plentifully
Price HIGH
Cleanliness ok until the staff sneezed and of course another just stuffed their fingers into the freshly washed glasses.
Oh, and if I want a cold lager can I have a at least a glass that's not fresh out of the dishwasher? ??
@ no clue

11 Oct 2014 00:39

The Red Lion, Thorpe

Hasn't changed. Not impressed with the beer quality. Picked up on mumblings about poor quality generally during visit...

9 Sep 2014 15:16

The Swan Hotel, Staines

Agree with Teejay's last post.

8 Feb 2013 20:46

The Red Lion, Thorpe

Still open.
Not much changed in 2 years, on reflection I'm not sure anything had changed in nearly two years...

8 Feb 2013 20:43

The Red Lion, Egham


8 Feb 2013 20:40

The Jolly Farmer, Staines

still closed :-(

9 Aug 2012 01:34

The Crown, Egham

Really taking the biscuit with prices 4.00 for a San Mic and 4.20 for a Pironio

9 Aug 2012 01:33

The Railway, Putney

agree with the above

9 Aug 2012 01:31

The Boathouse, Putney

Two pints of Ordinary which where just that how ever I thought the glasses where oversized, oh no we got a couple of serious short measures.
Voted with our feet

9 Aug 2012 01:29

The Jolly Farmer, Staines


12 Mar 2012 15:05

The Swan Inn, Staines

Closed and has been for years

12 Mar 2012 15:02

The Lord Nelson, Brentford

Big screen gone - number of larger flat screens in place.
Match day service sometimes not quite up with demand...

14 Sep 2011 14:57

The Red Lion, Thorpe

Continues to serve the locals in half the bar area with the rest being an eatery...Guinness now 3.50, Courage Best, Broadside and Doombar the real ales on offer.
Staff range from very good to OK but sometimes you wonder why your waiting when there's two or three bodies out and about fluffing table cloths and napkins.

18 Feb 2011 17:01

The Crown, Egham

had a bit of a refit recently and the front is now partly hiden by some waste of space wooden contraption...
inside much remains the same.
probably the best bet in town but still very little to oppose it

18 Feb 2011 16:55

The Lambeth Walk, Lambeth

Uploaded a picture (if you can use it) of the sad state of yet another one of OUR pubs ...

18 Feb 2011 16:53

Stag and Hounds, Virginia Water

It's a goner!
Freehold for sale - see Savilis.
Virginia Water to be renamed Virginia Plains

25 Jul 2010 23:17

The Crown, Egham

As a pub this please seems stuck in a rut, busy but not improving.
Staff range from the good to the bad to the darn right rude ... had the TV I was watching switched off with so much as a by your leave as the program the staff had been watching (not there to work then) had finished...

6 Oct 2009 13:20

The Swan Hotel, Staines

Not cheap but the atmosphere is OK (no riff raff onthe whole) and the service tends to be on the good side rather than average or very bad as per the rest of Staines.
No complaints about the quality of the beer.

6 Oct 2009 13:16

The Swan Inn, Staines

Pub closed - DO not confuse with the Swan (FST) at Staines Bridge.

6 Oct 2009 13:14

Mawson Arms/ Fox and Hounds, Chiswick

Did the Brewery tour recently and had a pint before and a few after with food.
Everything about the day can only be described as excellent!

6 Oct 2009 13:12

The Lord Nelson, Brentford

Beer expensive (where is it cheap in Brentford though).
Seems to have been dropped as a home fans pre-match haunt at the moment.
Appears this has been noted and there are some meal deals on match days ... perhaps this will drag a few back once they find out...

6 Oct 2009 13:10

The Red Lion, Thorpe

Some improvements since the last visit with the gents getting a make over.
Resturant doing a good trade.

6 Oct 2009 13:07

Iguana, Egham

Now a drive through Burger King

7 Sep 2009 15:58

The Sun, Richmond

On my numerious visits to this pub I've never really felt comfortable and this was true again on Saturday.
It might be me, but I'm the customer and I always feel I'm not truely welcomed.
Main gripe this time was short measures on the pints but at least a top up was provided but why should I have to ask?

7 Sep 2009 11:08

The Antigallican, Charlton

Here on Saturday for the early kick off between the Bees and Charlton ... I can only repeat the report from 9/5/07
Poor choice of beer but at anticipated prices, close to the station and ground.
Lots of staff and plastic (expected) glasses (sic.)
Beware the lose shelf to the right of the bar, people lean on it and the beer slides off!!!

7 Sep 2009 10:56

The Red Lion, Thorpe

Been a while since I clossed the threshold...
A few locals still using (keeping the PUB going).
Food ticking over.
A couple of very nice ladies serving.
Beer on the expensive side and inconsistant ( seems to be a norm in this area...)
It looks sad, is sad, perhaps it ought to be renamed The Sad Lion???

9 Aug 2009 01:13

Iguana, Egham

BK is not OK ...
Egham used to have more pubs than you coul get drunk in ...
Not any more

9 Aug 2009 01:07

The Crown, Egham

What should have been a great evening was down graded by my last pint of the evening...
It seems to be a regular situation with this pub ... you have a few pints of what you fancy but later in the evening what was a good pint becomes CRAP.
OK, I was only on the 1664 but this is not the first time this has happened, regardless of tipple...
Why should this happen?
Bog still a sh1thouse...
Music tonight ... Yellowhouse, three piece. Good first set, ok second.
There is NOTHING to match it in Egham, but is this realy a recomendation???

9 Aug 2009 01:05

Iguana, Egham

I cvan confirm that another British pub has bitten the dust and is to become a Burger King drive through ... deep joy

2 Jul 2009 09:52

The Crown Hotel, Chertsey

First vist in a few years.
Most expensive pint I've had to buy for a while, but I have to say it was in good order.
Food was well cooked but the portions seemed a little small for the price, that said I had sufficant.
Staff pleasant, pub tidy, landlord/manager on duty.
Not very busy but it was mid week, very warm and the tennis was on.
Marked down as I had to wait to be served initally and the cost of a pint.

2 Jul 2009 09:46

Iguana, Egham

Used to sell Xmas trees from this Christmas.
Planning application in place to convert to YET ANOTHER resturant ...

13 Jan 2009 13:43

The Almamata, Egham

Renamed and rebranded

13 Jan 2009 13:40

Princess Royal, Brentford

Packed pre-match.
Loads of staff on.
First pint was last out of the barrel but no problems getting it exchanged and the replacement was clear and in good order as was the next...

22 Nov 2008 22:08

The Lord Nelson, Brentford

It's under new management ...

22 Nov 2008 22:05

The Red Lion, Thorpe

Understand the chief is on his way at the end of the month.

22 Nov 2008 22:02

The Swan Inn, Staines

Believe this pub has closed!

22 Nov 2008 21:59

Iguana, Egham

Now Closed!

28 Mar 2008 15:42

The Swan Hotel, Staines

Beer - OK
Price - Top End
Staff - Mostly OK
Attmosphere - Not much
Food - didn't try but looked OK
Go back - worth another look

9 Mar 2008 13:17

The George, Staines

Servive .... well don't ask for anything out of the ordinary once you do get served and God forbid you want a short drink in an appropriate glass.
I think JD has two glass sizes - pints and halves (tumblers).
Oh well I guess I should be just happy with the prices and choice of ales...

9 Mar 2008 13:13

North Star, Staines

Used this pub in the past - handy for the station - therefore put up with the quirks ... stumbled in last week and it was dreadful.
Service poor.
Clientele rough.
Beer expensive.
Won't be rushing back; it's stay on the platform, the Red Lion or the Beehive next time...

9 Mar 2008 13:06

The Wheatsheaf and Pigeon, Staines

Tried this place the other night and was pleasently suprised.

26 Nov 2007 20:07

The Crown, Egham

Went in last week and the smell that hit you was awful
Agree with recent postings re speed of service with ONE exception.
No real competiton in town currently...

26 Nov 2007 20:00

The Red Lion, Thorpe

TV now available
Located AWAY from main dining area.

13 Sep 2007 22:55

The Red Lion, Thorpe

Food getting good reviews
Changes still ongoing inside and out (mostly for the better).
A work in progress ... but moving towards food and away from trad pub.

6 Aug 2007 16:20

The Red Lion, Thorpe

Under new management

28 Jun 2007 19:33

The Red Lion, Thorpe


14 Feb 2007 05:06

The Red Lion, Egham

once the bet pub in town, now just a pub in town (and there's a lot less to choose from)...
Do yourself a favour, go to the train station and head to Staines, Twickenham, Richmond, London or even Reading!

26 Nov 2006 21:19

The Foresters Arms, Egham

under going a refit ... but still open

26 Nov 2006 21:14

Jagz Bar, Ascot

Very expensive but then again the whole of ascot is!

7 Aug 2006 12:57

The Crown, Egham

Beer good.
Service mostly good.
Too many disturbances recently for my liking.
Gents are awful, wellies required some nights

15 Jul 2006 15:15

The Red Lion, Thorpe

Village Pub tucked out of the way.
Large car park (but don't leave your car over night).
A garden and childrens play area (although the litle so and so's feel free to run round the pub!)
Food on offer although I would stick to the crisps.
Beers on offer include Old Speckled Hen (norm v good), Courage best, Fosters, Stella, Carling.
Pool table and two larish flat screen TV's.
Downsides - too hot in summer, too cold in winter. Always too smokey. Service inconsistant, ranges from very good to very, very slow.
Area has members of the "travelling" community and they have been known to use the pub.

15 Jul 2006 15:13

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